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The Thing About Useful Idiots

They are idiots. It is right there in the name.

The current title holder for King Of The Useful Idiots is rapper and apparent future President Kanye West. That he is an idiot is pretty obvious but his usefulness comes from his willingness to break the rules, unspoken but very real, about who and what you can talk about. Unfortunately in line with my post from yesterday, Clown-Right, too many of /ourguys/ are desperately searching for someone to latch onto and in a weird twist Kanye is their latest savior.

West’s appearance on Tim Pool’s Timcast channel last night is the talk of social media, if you missed it (and I wouldn’t say I missed it but I didn’t watch it), apparently Kanye stormed off the set because Tim Pool (shocker) kept white knighting for Jews, interrupting Kanye and generally being a cuck.

Pool has managed to leverage being a mildly edgy left-libertarian who creates a ton of content into being a pretty successful entertainer. He has three channels on Youtube that I know of, each with well over a million subscribers, and generates views with click bait articles, often with “CIVIL WAR!” somewhere in the title. He wears a dumb hat in every video and has a supporting cast of weirdos. I sometimes watch a few minutes of his videos, normally he covers the pertinent information in the first few minutes and then he and his fruitcake co-hosts go off on some bizarre tangent.

The thing about Tim is that he is first and foremost an entertainer or “infotainer”, a modern day Youtube equivalent of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. His “job” is to generate clicks and build an audience that supports him by views, buying merch and direct support and thereby he avoids gainful employment. He does talk about important topics but often in a decidedly unserious way. He has to be loving this, I am sure he got an enormous number of views and already has two videos recapping the show from last night up this morning.

Back to Kanye.

The old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” saying is often sort of true but not always. While West is the most prominent voice in a generation calling Them out by name, he does so from a personal financial standpoint as well as out of racial solidarity. In other words, if Jews hadn’t (in his opinion) cheated him and his fellow black musicians out of money, would he care about Them? I very much doubt it. His problem is not with Them as a globalist cosmopolitan elite that is manipulating and undermining Western society, it is that his boyz had to pay more in fees on their rap albums than he thinks is fair.

That doesn’t mean he is without utility. He has made a lot of people ask some uncomfortable questions and raised some issues that people like me have been raising, but where I have an audience of maybe a few thousand, he has the ear of millions. But is he an ally, a partner, someone we can count on? Of course not.

Like Donald Trump and Elon Musk, Kanye is an agent of chaos. He rustles jimmies and causes the right sort of response from the worst people. For that alone he is useful while still being an idiot. Unfortunately there are people who think that because he names The Name, he is above reproach. Andrew Torba mentioned him walking off the set of Pool’s livestream last night and I replied that “Who could have anticipated something crazy from a mentally ill rapper?”. This led to several people giving me thumbs down reacts and replying back with copy-pasted walls of text explaining why Jews Are Bad. In response I pointed out “Naming the jews doesn’t obligate me to take Kanye West seriously.” but apparently for more than few people, it does so I slapped up a quick meme.

These people wouldn’t have given Kanye the time of day until he started talking about Them but now they think he is the bee’s knees. The kneejerk reactions remind me of what I usually get from Boomers when I push back on some standard normiecon narrative at places like Breitbart or Newsmax where some 60 something old White guy immediately accuses me of being a dadgummed lib’ral or socialist because I question the wisdom of sending billons of dollars to Our Greatest Ally or unthinking support for whatever dimwit has an “R” after their name.

In summary, Kanye West is a useful idiot but we can’t lose sight of the second word. He isn’t /ourguy/ just like Elon Musk isn’t. Stop looking for a famous person to save us, we are going to have to do that work for ourselves.


  1. Jay L

    For the life of me, I could never understand the appeal of Kanye… I remember when he first came about and EVERYONE was talking about what a “genius” he was. Then I heard his first single as a solo “artist”, absolutely horrid. Yet for some reason he’s been crammed down our throats for the last 15+ years, and his music has only regressed, which I didn’t think was possible. That he’s now being championed by “the Right” is freakin’ hilarious but how his fans have turned on him really brings home how shallow, uninformed and just plain stupid the vast majority of people are.

  2. Historic Coffee Czar

    The buck breaking will continue so he isn’t completely useless.
    Rap was over when the big money (triple brackets) came in around 95-96.
    Look up who all the producers and record company owners are.
    Every single time.

  3. LGC

    In the same way Trump was useful, he opens people’s eyes and he forces his (our?) enemies to make mistakes.
    Beyond that, no he’s not a leader and he’s not ours. But he can certainly be a useful ally for a while.

  4. saoirse

    I concur 100%. West’s “revelations” have been a cause celebre amongst conscious white people for as far back as you’re willing to start the clock. Nothing new here. Most of his acolytes are framing this as an attack on a subsection of whites (jews – who by their own admission, aren’t really white), despite him mugging with the “white lives matter” shirt. They’re rebelling against the jew whitey. This row is between certain nigs (most if his greedy quisling peers are denouncing him) and the jews.
    ‘Our side’ stands to capitalize somewhat on this matter (“see you normie fuck, we told you so!”) but in no way should any conscious white directly involve himself with this circus!

  5. Pastor Martin Lindstedt

    I’ve been in the Christian Identity section of the bowel movement for over thirty years and seen ZOGbots cum and go. Having three narcissistic ZOGlings such as Kanye, Milokikefagganopolous, Spic Fuentes and the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf sucking each other off is nothing new even though it is the same ZOGbottery put on for millions of ZOGling whigger ass-clowns in the open-air free-range Nuthouse known as ZOG-Babylon the Third & Final.

    What was of even grater interest is that ZOG treated its ZOG False-Fag Militia Moobmint no different than they treated Hal Turner who was also a ZOGbot and brought that up for his three trials. The entire [Bowel] Moobmint has always been full of ZOGbots since the Daze of George Lincoln Rockwell. Some ZOGling whigger tard wakes up to ZOG falling apart and wants to do something and sets about joining his .

    This is especially the case for the militia movement. Plenty of Ozark survivalist groups after the Ft. Smith Sedition Trial of 1987-88. But when the militia groups were built up just before Randy Weaver, Ruby Ridge and Waco it was decided to give whiggers something “non-racist” to join other than the local Klan or Christian Identity cell which was not open to the pub[l]ic anyways. So the myth of the “CONstipational milita” was made even though the CONstipation in Article 1, Section 8 did away with the local county and township militias. George I Washington and the rest of the Founding Felons understood that George III was rebelled against on April 19, 1775 by the Concord and Lexington militias, not the Massachusetts Royal Colony soldiery. In fact the lawyers and masons gathered to form a CONstipation because Daniel Shays led western Massachusetts local militias against the Boston merchants and banksters. And George I Washington had to lead ZOG troops against Pittsburg militia in the Whiskey Rebellion.

    As I pointed out in the July 4, 1997 Modern Militiaman article There Ain’t Any Such Thang as a CONstitutional Militia”, unless it is founded by the State government amenable to being federalized.

    The decline of the Militia Movement cum about when ordinary whiggers got over the entire point of forming paramilitary local organizations for purposes of White survival and resistance to the Satanic ZOG, like the First Ku Klux Klan. A Kansas City whigger militia in 1995 is amenable to being affiliated with rural white Klan militias but give them enough rope they will end up buying $150 Russian Simonov SKS’s for Troost Avenue negroes in order to show they “ain’t racist” and inviting the FBI to tell theys’ side of the story and by 1999 they are snitching out those “domestic terrorists of the SW Missouri militias who they allegedly “kicked out for ‘extremism’ and ‘racism.’ I disbanded what little was left of the two militias I formed back in 1997.

    Stewart Rhodes, ZOGbot ZOGclops, was working for ZOG like Hal Turner. So too were and are the Proud Mamzers and Red Mike Vanderboegh’s III-Percentards. ZOGbots who gathered together crops of ZOGling whigger ass-clown ZOGtards awaiting harvesting.

    Let’s NOT Play Z & Z (ZOGbots & ZOGtards)—No-ZnZ-360p:4

    Just as it was a convenient lie to tell the ZOGling whiggers that it was possible to form a CONstipational Militia as opposed to a local Klan cell out to do some ethnic cleansing when the time is right, so too do you “Whigger Whimperers” tell about how ZOG is falling apart. It is. But since the Mighty Evil ZOG/Babylonian Empire is falling, is falling and shows no sign of getting up, perhaps it is becoming time to realize that this current failed form of government — representative demonocracy — is going to be replaced by theocratic local military dictatorships — what I call The Ten Thousand Warlords rulingm over 20-30 million surviving feral ex-whiggers.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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