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The Degradation Of Art And The Subversion Of The West

Another video upload from Vertigo Politix I wanted to share: 

I am not an artist. I cannot draw or paint or sculpt. Nor can I play a musical instrument or sing. I have some small talent with words but will never be a poet. Nevertheless I can recognize and appreciate true art. I can understand the difference between a painting that aims to uplift mankind and one that has a goal of degrading anyone that views it.

This video reminds me of something I have been hashing over. While my music of choice while driving or working out leans strongly toward the metal of the heavy kind, when I am reading or writing I choose classical music. One of my favorite pieces of music comes from a Czech composer by the name of Bedřich Smetana. His most famous piece is Má vlast, which translates to “My Fatherland” and the best known of the six parts is Vltava, or The Moldau. 

There are something like 60-70 people, all playing not just different instruments but different types of instruments.

It is an amazing feat. Or this performance of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen

Over an hour long performance that tells a story through music. 

Compare those masterpieces of music with what Rolling Stone declared to be the #1 “song” in their list of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time: “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five…..

It includes lyrics such as….

Broken glass everywhere

People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don’t care

I can’t take the smell, can’t take the noise

Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice

Rats in the front room, roaches in the back

Junkies in the alley with a baseball bat

I tried to get away, but I couldn’t get far

‘Cause a man with a tow truck repossessed my car

Wow. That is just poetry. The entire list of “greatest hip-hop songs” is made up of infantile, nihilistic “music” full of violent imagery and juvenile sexuality. For people who are so proud of their alleged sexual prowess, their understanding of human sexuality has never advanced past the first years of pre-adolescence. While Africans for a time managed to make music that was decent back in the Motown era by mimicking White music, for the last 40 years their music scene has been dominated by rap and hip-hop that has only become more grotesque as the decades passed. 

It is not just music of course. We see this difference in all forms of art, from literature to sculpting to painting to dance. It takes a depraved mind to compare a waltz or ballet with a corpulent water buffalo in spandex twerking on a police car.

European art explores the limits of human potential and achievement. 

African art wallows in the deepest sewers of human depravity. 

While Europeans are capable of dark and even vulgar music, we are also capable of the greatest achievements of human cultural expression. The difference is the range of expression that runs the gamut of human emotions and experience versus the permanently revolting darkness of the human spirit.

We are not the same and nothing will ever make us the same, unless….

Unless we are dragged down to the level of the lowest common denominator. Those that have most of the control over the popular culture have intentionally been driving our once magnificent culture toward the fetid swamps populated by people like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

People are a reflection of their culture and the people you see all around you today are a mirror image of the trash they consume in music and culture. Destroying our cultural heritage is one more tool in Their arsenal and one more unforgivable insult for which They will need to be held to account.


  1. 4hawks

    I saw this comment recently in a forum, and it’s one of those you don’t have to write down to retain; ‘ Give the whites a pile of bricks and they make a city, give the blacks a city and they make a pile of bricks.’ : )

  2. Xzebek

    The cultural PTB are trying to and largely succeeding, in doing what you say, bring the superior down to the lowest common denominator. It’s the same philosophy of the faux “equity” or “equality of outcome”. People at the LCD are easy to control and do not aspire to more (usually). But that which uplifts and expands capacity, such as beautiful art and music puts them at peril. The men of Western Civilization are the only hope of overthrowing the power mad nihilists and I’m not sure we are up to it.

  3. Jay L

    I’ve been a musician for 45 years now, and have a “need” for music in my life. While there is some good (even Great) music coming out these days, it’s getting harder and harder to find because you have to trudge through so much sewage to find the diamonds. There are multiple factors in this… When I was coming up, you spent YEARS learning your instrument before you dared step out and try to write songs and play with other people. Then, if you were lucky enough to find the right chemistry with other musicians and wanted to take it up a notch, you plunked down serious coin to go into a recording studio. Now instead of musicians who spent years honing their craft, you have “programmers” and “producers” making music that is basically a computer program, recorded into a computer. You can have a “recording studio” in your bedroom for less than the cost of a decent guitar these days. There are absolutely no barriers to entry, which seems like a good thing. But, simultaneously there is no craft anymore. There is no finesse or dynamics or SOUL in most “modern music”. Everybody just wants to be Insta-famous these days. Nobody cares about being a respected musician. They want prestige without actually earning it.

    That being said, I agree with Rolling Stone – The Message IS the best hip-hop song ever. And I like hip hop, I’m not saying that to be a dick. Taken out of context, it may not seem like much. But at the time? It was revolutionary. There was NOTHING like it on the airwaves. I was still a kid when it came out, but man it painted a picture in my head. A lot of people misunderstood it, it was not promoting the piss and the roaches, etc. They were just telling it like it was (and probably still is). Like it or not, that shit was innovative and it changed the course of popular music. Dont get me wrong, I could rip on horrible hip hop records/groups all day long and barely scratch the surface of that particular garbage heap, but I will give credit where credit is due.

    Will any of it ever reach the grandeur, the skill or intent of classical? Not by a long shot. But when is last time you went dancing to classical music?

  4. SirLawrence

    When I was in grade school in a dirt county outside a modest mid-market city, the whole school was taken to the symphony in the city every year. Undoubted this ended long ago. Even as a distracted, onery schoolboy who would always rather be outside getting dirty or playing army/baseball/BMX etc. I was moved by the music.

    Also related, the music program at school was massive. My whole gang of cub scout, church, baseball, soccer friends all played an instrument. So did the girls. Being a brass man, I was often jealous of the sax guys for their proximity to the flutes and clarinets and extra time when we split wind/brass days.

    I played several instruments as I moved up over the years into the HS symphony. Sadly, I quit when the band leader would no longer grant me exemptions from the marching band due to my own fall sport. NFW on the rain-soaked polyester and friday night band duty. I was already a boy scout and that was enough birth control.

    Anyhow, point being there was a multi-faceted infrastructure of effort, care, resources, and older people who made sure that our People’s culture and creations were a part of our lives. We were literally handed the tools and allotted the time to keep the spark alive.

    Years later, as an amateurish but passable artist in two very different fields, I ran headlong into the institutional headwind that is the prog death cult’s long march. All that infrastructure that brought young me the truth and beauty of our people had been co-opted, inverted, and weaponized against me and my people.

    Sh*t on canvas and every perversion possible from every subhuman possible. Slam poetry. Stories to kindle the blood libel on Whites and our culture and history. ALL OF IT. Gatekeeping lefty whites, prog goodwhites, and chosen “whites” worked hard to keep Heritage Americans like me out of the system. Monkey bang on paint bucket.

    Sure, the symphony still played the greats. The nutcracker every Chr[WINTER SEASON] sold out. But then three seasons of Hamilton and dancing faggots. I know despair is a sin. And maybe its not despair exactly. More like mourning loss. I hear the music and see the people counting their measures in wait for their one sound among many and I just can’t help but feel a great sorrow for not just what our people created, but also that the kids today have no idea what is possible beyond becoming an instagram influencer.

    Alas, there are pockets here and there. You can’t keep us down forever. And when I let go of the sorrow, I see that the spark is in all of us, in spite of the headwind. We are all Bradbury’s Book People now. Take up a treasure of our people that speaks to you and make it yours to share. See you in the field.

    • Arthur Sido

      Thankfully there is a lot of our greatest works preserved on media or in museums, but for how long? These “climate” activists vandalizing paintings is just the beginning.

  5. 3g4me

    A tour de force. This obviously comes from the heart – and you are utterly correct about the deliberate degradation of all aspects of our art and culture. One need not even look to the masters of western music and art to see the monumental chasm between our people and the others. Western folk music (Celtic, German, etc.), dance (Irish, English village) and even ‘primitive’ or popular folk art. Africa has nothing with which to compare. Everything they claim as ‘theirs’ here they built off of White people’s traditions – the musical instruments and country songs that they used for ‘the blues,’ their ‘foot stomping’ that is a far less talented permutation of flat-footing which – itself – descended from Irish and Scottish dance.

    And this is why I come down so hard on those who try to hold up the rare semi-civilized exception as an icon – for every Thomas Sowell or even Clarence Thomas there are dozens of brighter White minds that never got their opportunities or publicity. White children today are utterly ignorant of their immense and genuinely diverse cultural heritage – and every parent who willingly sends his offspring to public schools or allows them on social media is equally negligent and guilty of de-facto child abuse.

    • Arthur Sido

      Best comment on the new blog to date. The whole “White people have no culture” thing? Bitch your best music is derived from our music, using our instruments, so STFU.

  6. Razorback

    Botticelli produced his masterpieces in the late 15th century. The Cathedral at Notre Dame was completed in the 13th century. Galileo, Michelangelo, Edison, Einstein, Shockley, countless other brilliant white men throughout history created, beautified and revolutionized the world we know today. All the while, sub-Saharan Africa wallowed in its own filth, and to this day produces nothing but moronic cretins who live short, nasty, brutish lives, caring for nothing beyond their own immediate needs and impulsive desires.

    If I were one of the vaunted “talented tenth” I would die of shame for my embarrassingly unevolved brothers. It is certainly true that even Whites are de-evolving. There will never be another da Vinci or Shakespeare. But the black race was doomed right from the start. Absent misplaced white pity and charity, the negro would simply wither and die in the modern world, unable to adapt, contribute or even understand how truly primitive he is. If we are indeed moving toward an apocalyptic future, I know very well who is not going to survive.

    So be of good cheer, Arthur Sido. In the aftermath of the collapse about to come there will be no “rappers” to insult the ear or offend our moral sensibility.

  7. saoirse

    And who are the main financiers and promoters of this garbage?
    What parasitical ethnic group do nigs, mestizos and muds (as well as fags, dykes, trannies, feminists, liberals etc.) derive their superficial power from?
    Europe was able to keep the jews from destroying western culture by expelling them hundreds of times but the church and the greedy elites kept bringing them back – what a surprise.
    It all changed in 1945. They’re kept at bay no more. See the fruits of their labor all around you…. oh, and enjoy Wakanda Forever – the new reality for the children and grandchildren of those who won’t fight back!

    • Mike_C

      “It all changed in 1945.”

      Huh. Elsewhere (the next day, unaware of your comment here) I wrote:
      “after WWI a different kind of man began to come to power. WWII and its aftermath set us on the slow-motion path to inexorable disaster. Ironically, our now [current] overlords did not cement their vile grip on power as open conquerors, but rather by claiming the mantle of victim. This was a cynical exploitation of glitches in Western (and therefore Christian) neuroprogramming.”

  8. Brutus

    I’m reminded of how Remus used to open his weekly posting with a painting, often from the Hudson River School. I’d add to Vertigo Politix’ remarks by saying many great artworks also serve as powerful reminders of what the world used to be, and awaken a longing for what we’ve lost.

  9. Jeffrey Zoar

    When the Jerry Springer show became popular in the 1990s, even though I was only in my 20s, I think I did understand at the time that this was a representation of declining culture, but I still didn’t really wrap my mind around the longer term trends and implications.

    I don’t know much about art. But I know enough to know that some weirdo splashing a paint can on a canvas, and charging half a million for it, isn’t.

    • Arthur Sido

      Phil Donohue was the canary in the coal mine on this, before Springer he had weirdos on spilling their problems all over the airwaves and captivating White women who for some reason are empathetic about it.

  10. Mike Hendrix

    Actually, the boogs for many, many years were way out in front of us Whypeepo as far as the music goes. The Motown artists–and artists they were–didn’t steal from us, we stole from them. Unfortunately, blacks somehow went from incomparable bluesmen like Elmore James, Howlin’ Wolf, and the earliest pioneers of big-band swing and jazz in the 20s and 30 such as Fletcher Henderson, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington all the way down to Fitty Cent, Tupac, and their sorry ilk. I don’t think there’s ever been a decline so precipitous, so utterly ruinous, in all of music history.

    • Arthur Sido

      I would argue that Motown, jazz and blues all descended from European musical styles (not being a musician of any sort) and without our music to copy from they never would have developed any of that music

  11. Mike Hendrix

    Nah, trust me, it ain’t so. Jazz and blues in particular are generally regarded as being two uniquely American musical genres, independent from and unrelated to any European form I’m aware of. Elvis Presley was widely derided early on in his career for having melded blues (“nigra music,” or as it was known in the industry at the time, “race music”), gospel, and country music to create another distinctly American original style, rock and roll. I don’t claim to know everydamnedthing, mind, but after thirty years slaving away as a professional musician in the juke joints, roadhouses, dive bars, and other unsavory corners of the world, I DO know a little bit. 😉

    • 3g4me

      You’re dead wrong. While you may claim jazz/blues as distinctly “American,” that does not equal crediting their existence to blacks. No, I was never a ‘professional musician,’ but I did play an instrument and read music, and my clueless liberal father was a music librarian. Half of those who wrote the ‘lyrics’ for blacks were Jews. And even the leftists FDR sent into Appalachia and other rural areas under WPA auspices to record folk songs in the 1930s were surprised by the immense variety they found, albeit all with similar roots. They recorded numerous Scots/Irish ballads and lyrics – all about the working class, the difficulties and sorrows of life. Blacks were hardly unique and new in bemoaning their lives.

      Add in the instruments and very musical scale/tonalities that blacks never created on their own, and at best one could describe jazz/blues as fusion. And the larger part of that fusion, by far, was the history of cultural lament via songs/ballads, in the tones and tunes and via the instruments White Europeans created and/or refined and popularized.

      You are free to admire whatever music and whomever you wish, but that personal admiration does not equal falsely lionizing an alien people for music that has absolutely no roots in their cultural history. Without European ballads and instruments and western musical scales, blacks have nothing that can be called music.

    • Mike Hendrix

      Interesting question. I have to say, I doubt it. Don’t forget, white AMERICAN society. Those forms were the product of an entire culture, way of life, religion, and etc, I would say. After all, blues didn’t originate in Germany, Africa, Moldavia, or anywhere else. It was born here, and must inevitably bear the stamp of all its influences, whatever they might be.

  12. John Wilder

    VP produced excellent work. Understand what the work is meant to do – and how it’s meant to make you feel. Art has been stripped of meaning in many ways, and subverted in others. And who is pulling down the statues, and why?

  13. Jennifer Walker

    Sorry for late response. Needed to set aside time for video. You aren’t an artist, but I am. This post really resonated with me. Wholeheartedly agree with all of it. Some notes:

    Also, many of the pieces in the video of child rape and sexual abuse happen to be owned by Shrillary’s friend Podesta. Research his art collection sometime. It makes your skin crawl. It also made me realize that all of the wild accusations directed at that cabal, and dismissed as crazy, were actually spot on. As in horrific.

    Also, the artist who likes to show black people beheading white women in front of a backdrop of baroque wallpaper? It’s the same artist Obozo chose to do his presidential portrait. Imagine the outcry if the roles were reversed.

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