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The blackest News Story Ever?

A fella named Anvictor Butler was at a gas station in Indianapolis and decided to run in to grab some vittles. While he was in grabbing pork rinds and Colt 45, a guy named Dustin Phipps decided to take off with Anvictor’s White Chevy. Anvictor ran out of the gas station and shot into the car to dissuade the would-be car thief. Phipps crashed the car and later died from a center mass gunshot.

Apparently you aren’t supposed to shoot people stealing your car in Indiana. According to the USCCA, in Indiana you may only use deadly force in the defense of property if that force is “justified”.

That is kind of vague but it seems the po-leece decided Anvictor wasn’t justified in shooting Dustin. Here is Anvictor…

And here is Dustin Phipps, this surprised me….

The thing is, the car that Anvictor shot Phipps to protect….

Was already stolen, presumably by Anvictor or one of his bois. So now in addition to being arrested for murder, he is going to be likely charged for being in possession of a stolen car.

If you are already in a stolen car, maybe it is best to just let the guy steal it rather than shooting the secondary car thief and attracting the attention of the police?

Impulse control, how work?


  1. saoirse

    Geeez! Don’t waste electricity or ammo. Make gallows and guillotines great again!!
    And yes, I realize that Anvictah be gettin out early. If the roles were switched, the white yobo would have gotten death fo a hates crime!

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Just making a judgment of a person at a glance, as I do, I surmise that Dustin wanted to be black. Thus I conclude that he achieved his goal going out in this fashion.

  3. Don't Go In There

    Police are now stationed at grocery stores at night and during the weekend in the new East St. Louis or Indianapolis.
    It is CPUSA occupied territory and the blob is expanding outward in all directions with 50 miles out being the gateway to Pineland.

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