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That Was Quick

A second mass shooting just a couple of days after the drag queen club shooting in Colorado, this one in Chesapeake, Virginia…

This one initially has the signs of a wind-up toy going off, allegedly there was at least one victim in the entrance. Details are sparse at 6 AM but more will follow no doubt.


  1. CJ

    Well, it’s convenient timing to be sure. The literal hour that the news breaks drag-bar shooter is a non-binary ‘they/them Mx Aldrich’, another shooter goes off. Bury one story now that the narrative is set, on to the next one.

  2. Skipperdaddy

    Huh? Cant be! Walmart is a gun free zone. I guess prices are not the only thing falling at Wally world.
    I carry in Walmart every time I go. Concealed. But then again thats every where I go. Only place I have ever been asked to leave was a doctors office. Never went back.

  3. LGC

    Story is already out. shooter was a black guy and the manager (or “a” manager more likely) killed fellow employees in the break room. Yeah, we already know the story without needing to know the story. (i was disrespected……………)

    Also the Colorado fag shooter official pronouns are “they/them”. He was one of them aka lover’s quarrel. Both stories will be disappeared nationally pretty quick.

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