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Stop Watching Sports

Most middle aged White guys find much of their identity in their sportsball team. Grown men losing their shit when “their team” loses. Hell most of them didn’t even attend the college that they root for but they still spend gobs of cash on clothing and crap to show their “support”. 

At the same time, most of their favorite athletes that these guys scream for on the TV would be someone to avoid like the plague if they saw them on the street. These “scholar-athletes” are mostly low IQ thugs that just happened to have the physical talent to play a sport at the highest levels. Take away sports and most of these guys are armed robbers, carjackers, drive-by shooters or perhaps a sandwich artist at Subway if they catch a few lucky breaks. 
Last weekend after the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry game there was some pushing and shoving, something that seems to be happening with a lot more frequency, but this time it didn’t end there. A crowd of Michigan State players caught a couple of Michigan players in the tunnel and attacked them, outnumbering them maybe 10 to 2. One MSU player apparently swung his helmet as a weapon and another kicked one of the Michigan players while he was on the ground, something we see over and over in these kind of attacks. 
Four Spartan players involved were fairly quickly suspended and they all look like you would expect:
“…starting defensive back Angelo Grose, starting defensive end Zion Young, backup defensive end Itayvion “Tank” Brown and backup defensive back Khary Crump.”

Crump looks like a smart one. Four more players were suspended today
Freshman cornerback Malcolm Jones, redshirt junior cornerback Justin White, senior linebacker/defensive end Jacoby Windmon and senior defensive end Brandon Wright bring the total of MSU players suspended after Saturday’s events to eight.
Windmon is an important player for the Spartans….
Windmon, a three-time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week this season, was in the video released by ABC near Green and Crump. He has started all eight games between defensive end and linebacker and leads the nation with six forced fumbles and a team-high 5.5 sacks among his 49 tackles. Windmon also has an interception and a fumble recovery.
I noticed that both of the Michigan players attacked, Ja’Den McBurrows and Gemon Green, are defensive backs. Burrows is listed at 5’1″ and 206 lbs while Green is 6’2″ tall and 186 lbs. Green is also apparently a “graduate student” at the University of Michigan and is “Enrolled in the College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts, majoring in general studies”. How the hell is someone a “graduate student” in general studies? 
Meanwhile four of the eight MSU players suspended were defensive linemen so they are much larger than the outnumbered defensive backs they were attacking. Bigger guys attacking smaller guys who were outnumbered, kicking one while he was down. Gee, that doesn’t sound like typical behavior at all.
At least a few of the MSU players will likely be kicked off the team and face possible criminal charges as well. Fighting on the field is one thing but attacking another player off the field in the tunnel is going to probably bring assault charges. For these players their careers might be over, all because they couldn’t control themselves over a stupid football game, a game that was already over. 
You wouldn’t let these thugs in your home, why would you spend money and time watching them chase each other around a field or a court? Turn off the sports, you will quickly find that you don’t really miss them.


  1. Anonymous

    I am embarrassed to recall just how much in thrall I used to be with sports in general, and football in particular. What in hell was I thinking? Fortunately, I stopped short of painting my face on Saturday and Sunday and dressing up in a backwards ball cap and jersey with another man's name emblazoned across the shoulder blades. But I still work with a few who do, and they look like Justin Bieber fanbois to me now.

    I'd sooner wear a t-shirt advertising my preferred hemorrhoid remedy than the moniker of some gang of millionaire thugs who would otherwise be cooling their heels in prison if not for "professional" sportsball.

    It was great fun taking the subway as teens to go see a Mets game when I was growing up. It was relatively safe for unsupervised, underaged kids like we were to make an afternoon of it, and the cost was small. Nowadays fans can order beer and nachos delivered right to their seats as they cheer on their favorite felons, paying dearly for the experience.

    No, thanks. I'd rather watch paint dry.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It was once a nice distraction before political opponents were calling for us to be sent to camps. As long as team sports were politically neutral it was tolerable. Once cultural marxism and all the special interest pandering and knee bending for racist militants came along, it had to all be discarded by any serious man. I avoid all team sports and news about them and their participants. It was a pleasure to toss out the team logo ball caps and I now enjoy shocking normies with my lack of interest in the local teams and even my outright hostility toward the teams if pressed.

  2. jl

    Thankfully I didn't grow up in a household that had any interest in professional sports. As a kid I always felt like an outcast because I never "saw the game this weekend", didn't know any stats or players and couldn't understand the frothing at the mouth over a game.
    Now it's like a religion and I REALLY don't understand it.
    Every Monday morning I get to overhear my co-workers reliving the weekend games, and I feel stupider just hearing it. How adults can be so enamored of pro sports is completely beyond my comprehension. A couple of my coworkers were so incensed over the whole taking-a-knee thing a couple years back thst they were "NEVER WATCHING THE NFL AGAIN!"… now you find them every Monday morning gabbing with the other idiots about their weekend watching these fools. Like anon above me said, I'd rather watch paint dry.

  3. Greg

    Also in the "nooz" this morning is a story from Philadelphia about restaurants refusing to serve the Astros???? What has happened to civil manners? Don't answer that, it's just rhetorical.
    We were in our fifties when my wife finally articulated a principle that we've had but didn't spell out: If a sport involves a ball, we are not interested. We are not spectator sports people, we are participatory sports fans; running, biking, skiing, backpacking, etc.

  4. Cederq

    My dad was an Michigan State grad and like him, never followed sports. In high school I was a big farm boy and the football coach and my PE instructor wanted me on his team as a tackle, not interested I said, he tried making my life hell. I just stopped going to PE. I did play baseball and softball and wrestled though. I participated, like Greg above, could care less about watching.

  5. lgc

    People still into sportsball are a clear tell that they are not awake at all. It saves you time in identifying who's still just a normie (meat). I think it's very sad what THEY have taken from us. Sports used to be a way to bond and connect with others over a common area with people who looked and acted like you. Now it's run by <<>> and peopled by guys who hate you.

    and yet the normies follow like it's 1969 Packers. Between muh sportsball, back the blue, blm signs, and masks, it's pretty easy to identify quickly who's worth any effort.

  6. JackDup

    You will see more black coaches in the NFL now, they are giving 3rd round draft picks to teams who have black coaches that get picked up by other teams. So, the diversity BS continues, more punishment if you happen to be white. The NFL is 60% black, and they make up 13% of the population.

  7. Charlie E Hargrave

    I played football thru middle school and until a junior in high school. Don't regret a minute of it. Learned a lot about perseverance and teamwork.

    Never had any interest in pro ball in any shape or form even then. Seeing what it has become, perhaps what it always was, is just disgusting.

    Everytime I stumble into a sports discussion, I listen for a bit as they discuss minutia of each and every player, team, stats and such, then when a break opens I ask if anyone knows the name of the state representative. Crickets

  8. Anonymous

    ever look at the price of one of those "shirts" with some clowns name on them ?
    made is some sweatshop somewhere and sold for close to 100 bucks ?
    back in the 1980's my boss asked if I wanted to go to the "game" as he had tickets
    he was taken back a bit when I told him I rather watch my dog take a dump.
    these are the same clowns who might have a weeks worth of food at home too.
    but they all have the stupid shirts and the big screen boob tube.

  9. Jen

    There was some study awhile back that correlated antisocial behavior with the specific position played on a football team. I don't know anything about football, but apparently arrest records indicated that there was some position or other that low impulse control sociopaths particularly shone at.

  10. saoirse

    Nigs attacking nigs – who cares? Those shitbird players will be coddled wherever they go. I quit watching nig ball way back when the leagues were allowing women in as commentators.
    Nothing exemplifies a normie piece of shit more than a sports fan!
    Speaking of sports, get ready for the biggest display of wokeness since the Olympics – the World Cup. Make sure you cheer for the Merkans whose team is majority shitskins!

  11. Anonymous

    Growing up in St. Louis metro area, and being 60, I have fond memories of the Cardinals baseball team.
    I can remember the great career players, Brock, Gibson, McGee, Ozzie.
    When I had my kids we just didn't have the time or money to go to games or sit and watch TV.
    Though baseball is nice to listen to when doing something else, like painting the house or washing the car.
    Used to like hockey too.
    Sports just drifted away from us I guess.

  12. Anonymous

    I put watching college or pro sports in the same category as TV watching: big waste of time. And adults into this 'fantasy football' stuff is pathetic.

  13. Michael in nowhereland

    As soon as I graduated from college my Alma mates started hitting me up for m9ney, much of it for athletics. Pretty much quote watch supporting sports 30 years ago….rather spend my time and money on more important things

  14. Anonymous

    I played sports growing up and enjoyed them. I also used to be heavily wrapped up in watching them but not anymore. Many folks have made some kind of bizarre idol out of them. Living in SEC country, it’s easy to see that fans pride themselves on their zeal and fanaticism. It’s an arms race to see who can outdo the other in terms of supporting “their team”, which, for the most part is made up of 18-22 year old kids who you don’t know and they don’t know you. I’m supposed to base my mood and life on their performance in a game? Please. Most people are shitty spectators who conflate being a “good fan” with being a vulgar, hateful, obnoxious asshole that abuses (verbally and sometimes physically) opposing players, fans, and officials. The behavior I’ve witnessed at games and online is appalling and nothing of which to be proud. It’s also disheartening to see how far college athletics have strayed from their original model. It used to be that students attending a university for higher education formed teams for interscholastic athletic competition. The “student” part of student-athlete is largely missing today.

  15. Captain Coleman

    All the groids I worked with in/with the military were experts on every/all detail of every player and each team. It was truly amazing.

    Moving back into the world of what we were supposed to be doing for freedom and stuff…. not so much.

    Many of the non-groids were not much different.

    And as far as civics….. it was all about hate whitey.

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