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Right On Cue

Midterms are over and the rampant cheating is starting to get noticed so here comes the ever reliable false flag to distract the sheep.

Russian missiles cross into NATO member Poland, kill 2: senior US intelligence official
Two killed in Poland after Russian missile strike crossing into NATO territor

Notice they take pains to mention not once but twice that Poland is a NATO member, thus raising the specter of an Article 5 escalation. The headline makes it sound like these are sentient missiles that decided to go into Poland to whack a couple of my people just for grins.

On the other hand, a nuclear exchange would speed up the depopulation of evil White countries.

Stay tuned.


  1. JJ

    I’m so fucking sick of these “unnamed senior officials speaking off the record” being reported as absolute truth.

    Faux News is barely better than Communist News Network these days.

  2. saoirse

    Got to keep the moronic pay-tree-ots a wavin’ their flags and barking for war.
    When describing how easy it is to manipulate the masses, Goering was one of those that said it best!

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Any hope I might have once had for my country (I can’t remember exactly when) is completely gone when I see how the average person around me views the Ukraine war. It appears most Americans have swallowed the regime propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

      • Leo

        It’s painful listening to their idiocy. And terrifying.

        When you hear guys who should know better talk about this like it’s NATO heading off the USSR….

        Add that the pointy heads flying the Ukrainian flag (who see the US flag as a banner of racism and hate) sure do hate Russia now. When it was the USSR, they fawned over it. If the USSR would have had a dick they’d have fought each other to get to suck it off first.

  3. Mike-SMO

    It’s a war so don’t expect any participant to supply information that might be useful to an opponent. The missile hit in Poland may have been from a Russian missile or it might have been from Polish antiaircraft antimissile defensive missile fired by Poland at an incoming Russian system. No one will tell the truth except in support of their narrative. Russia did strike a bunch of ” infrastructure” targets all over the Ukraine so, “Who knows?”.

    The Ukrainians have moved south across the Dnipro River. The neck of the Crimean peninsula will be at risk as well as the Russian supplies delivered via the coastal roads. The Russians may be able to supply a strong force at the neck of the peninsula, but the supply of the entire peninsula would be difficult. The major source of water is the canal from Kherson, which will probably be blocked. Shipping through Sevastopol can be held at risk by artillery rockets, drones and patrol boats. I doubt that any useful information will be made available.

    From there, the war in the Donbas will be a bloody grind. That area can theoretically be supplied across the Russian border but the Ukrainians are aggressive but aren’t stupid so there will probably be no relevant information for us to consider.

    I have moaned that Hollywood would have this resolved in a few hours with commercial breaks for snacks and potty runs. In real time, you get to guess. None of the players will reveal their strengths or plans. None will reveal what weapons they have or are willing to commit. Get used to the ambiguity and time scale.

  4. Bob Barker

    The Polish border is 500ish miles from the front. Does anyone really think Russian guidance is THAT bad? If it was, wouldn’t we have seen some other errant missiles landing in random places?

    Do people really think Russia is stupid enough to force NATO into an open war? No one will win that one.

  5. JackDup

    Sounds Like we are going to send another 50 billion to be laundered by Ukraine. I think people don’t really grasp the number of 1 billion anymore, after all it is a small number ….1. Now if we add in another 50 billion to the 50 billion already given, we get to 100 billion or 100,000 million dollars.

    So, if we were to pay this debt at 1 million dollars per day how long would it take you ask?

    274 years would be the answer.

    no compounding interest included

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