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Red Welp

Well that didn’t go as we were assured it would go if we only VOATED MOAR HARDERER! It looks like at best the GOP will eke out a small majority in the House and maybe a one vote majority in the Senate. That is a far cry from what should have happened.

I’m going to do a couple of post-mortem posts on different topics this morning to get my thoughts on (virtual) paper. I want to get a look at some exit polls because I think they might tell an interesting story.


  1. Troy

    I knew there was going to be a steal. That a brain dead lurch like Fetterman can win should tell voting is a joke. But Normies are , if anything, fucking stupid. So to the idiots at Ace of Normies the thought voting more harder was gonna work……


    /Nelson Muntz

  2. Steve S6

    There was no real change or consequences to fix the fraud from 2020. Expected no change in fraud in 2022. Or 2024. As for PA, maybe they just didn’t want a Muslim so bad they’d vote for mental incompetent. Case of against, not for?

  3. saoirse

    Could it be that a lot of Republicunts are now former Republicunts and are finally turning their backs on the uniparty?
    Perhaps more of them are realizing that voting is futile and are sick and tired of being lied to and abandoned.
    Am I overly optimistic? Probably.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    It has taken over 12 hours, from around 9:30 last night to 10:00 this morning, for Arizona to go from 40% reporting to 66%. In a just world somebody would go to jail for that.

    Not even half a decade ago Florida was the swingiest of swing states. And a bellwether for the nation. Today it sees a 60/40 red wave that is evidently replicated nowhere else. At best, that’s very weird.

  5. Ken

    No surprises in my overwhelmingly democratic state, still mostly democratic after last night. Only race I was interested in was local, but the independent town council candidate who challenged the awful, commie, Democrat incumbent, unfortunately lost. Yeah, no more voting for me. I’d love to move to a freer state like Indiana, but stuck in Sodom and Gomorrah (southern New England) due to family ties.

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