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Red Welp Part Deux

There is going to be blame and recriminations a’plenty following that debacle.

  • The usual suspects in the Republican establishment and other assorted hangers-on will be out in full force demanding a retreat from “MAGA” populism and back to milquetoast “conservatism” that basically means losing gracefully to the radical Left. Already I have read Alex Berenson, who does good work on “vaccines” and is awful on literally every other topic, blame overturning Roe v Wade for the GOP losses. I watched a “Bush speechwriter”, the very worst appeal to authority imaginable, on Fox News calling this election a disaster and demanding the GOP get away from “radical” candidates. The “solution” will be the same one we have heard for decades: pander to minorities, only select inoffensive lovable loser candidates and avoid any hint of “extremism”.
  • The Republican party is more of a joke than most people realize. You could have picked a random middle aged White guy off the street, ran him as a Republican, and defeated Fetterman. Instead “Dr. Oz” was the nominee, thanks in large part to Trump who continues his trend of being the worst judge of people in human history. Herschel Walker had all sorts of baggage and is dumb as a bag of hammers. There were some good people that lost but lots of clowns as well. I don’t see political ads because I don’t watch TV, have an ad blocker on my computer and live in a deep red state without competitive races but the GOP should have inundated the air waves tying every Democrat to Biden and inflation/crime.
  • Speaking of Orange Man Bad. The knives are out and he is getting the blame for this loss. The Babylon Bee’s “Not The Bee” news page ran this article: A red wave turned into a purple puddle, thanks to an orange man. Lots of normiecon Trump voter comments on Faceberg saying Trump is done and DeSantis is the standard bearer for 2024. Ron’s victory speech last night was 100% a stump speech making the case for him as the 2024 nominee. This could get ugly.
  • The voting system is irrevocably broken. Perhaps the longest and most significant impact of the “pandemic” is going to be the widespread embrace of voting by mail and early voting. The more you get away from the “show up and cast your ballot on election day” model, the easier it will be to manipulate the vote totals. When voting happens earlier and counting takes longer, it adds opportunity for shenanigans. How many of the undecided races as of Wednesday morning do you think will go GOP?
  • Without a looming midterm, the Dems are going to flex a bit. I expect lots of executive orders and perhaps even a vote to get rid of the filibuster if the Democrats hold control of both chambers of Congress. Even if the Republicans manage to take one or both chambers you can rely on them to give away the farm and get nothing in return in the name of “bi-partisanship”.
  • Demographics is destiny. The exit polls show what they always show. Mestizos, Asians and blacks all voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. Young people also voted around 2 to 1 for Democrats. Since younger people in general and those not quite old enough to vote in particular are less White with each passing year, that bodes ill for Republicans as their aging White voter base dies off and is replaced by more leftist non-White voters. Almost as if that is the plan. The gap narrowed some with mestizos but you aren’t going to win many elections when the fastest growing racial group votes 60% or more for one party while blacks never deviate from the Dems and the White vote is split. Exit poll data from CNN:

      Those are a few takeaways, you can expect a ton of post-mortem posts, blaming and recriminations in the next week. Control of the Senate may come down to a run-off between Herschel Walker and Warnock, and who wants to pin all of their hopes on one sub 80 IQ guy defeating a different sub 80 IQ guy?

      The time for voting our way out of this ended a long time ago. Our path forward is not going to go through a voting booth.


      1. Jeffrey Zoar

        The Republican party leadership didn’t want to win. It’s that simple. They may yet squeak out a one seat majority in the Senate anyway.

      2. saoirse

        Why does voluntary removal from a thoroughly corrupted system have to be so difficult?
        Why is clinging to the “lesser of two evils” still so prevalent amongst the people that have suffered continuously at the hands of the party they voted for?
        Becoming radically independent, self-sufficient and militantly defiant is the only door left to pass through.
        Leave the perennially delusional to their “civic duty”, “stay the course” and pious living wet dreams. They’ll provide great canon fodder.

      3. WJ

        Berenson is just another one of the specials. If he was good on Corona it was only because it’s some kind of money making angle. Otherwise, you could predict opinions as easily as reading a road map.

      4. Zorost

        The real take-away is if you lose an election due to fraud, and you don’t fix the fraud in time for the next round of elections, you’ll lose a bunch of elections to fraud. Anyone who looked into the issue knew the Left has been cheating for decades, yet Reps never do anything about it.

        I’m pretty sure DeS is a swamp creature like Trump, and will end up making similar intentional mistakes, even as the media shrieks hysterically about him being Trump Hitler but worse.

        The solution isn’t vote-free. We need to get organized locally and at the state level, politically and otherwise. Spontaneous uprisings rarely happen, and never successfully. There isn’t a Red Dawn victory scenario, either.

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      6. Alex Thrace

        It is way past time of starting to change our thinking. The USA is not one big blog of a nation but a loose federation of 50 smaller independent nations. The turd in this punchbowl is of course the Blob in DC, that is our real problem.
        Think of the DC cabal as a giant leech, a super-parasite with millions of sub parasite living off its crumbs.
        We need to encourage free stares like Florida, Texas, hopefully Arizona and a few others to start starving out the leech. It begins with nullification, start ignorning federal dictats that violate the federal and start constitutions. DeSantis did this already on Tuesday by forbidding DOJ “election monitors” from entering polling or counting facilities. He threatened to have the arrested if they tried.
        It’s a small move but it’s a start. The harder the fed push the harder we need to resist. I see exciting things the horizon. In many ways we need this GOP failure this year. Do yiu prefer a slow death where everyone goes back to sleep? That is exactly what wouldhae happened if the GOP swept, McConnell and McCarthy would change nothing and cooperate on the spirit of bipartisanship. No thanks. Lets Rumble.

      7. DeplorableGranny

        In my humble opinion the number one thing red states can do to remain red is to dissolve their participation in Federal welfare.

        The none workers will move to blue states.

        Declare English your official State language and stop providing interpreters and translations in other languages for all state letters, notifications or documents. Only provide this assistance at hospitals where communication is essential.

      8. FJQ

        “Even if the Republicans manage to take one or both chambers you can rely on them to give away the farm and get nothing in return”
        I am in the 50 to 64 age range, but I do not show up among the 55% Republican voters in that bottom chart. I do not vote. The above quote is why.
        It’s not new. It has been the case for at least two decades now, possibly much longer.
        I know that those within that 55% (as well as the other age groups of Republican voters) are lamenting the lack of Republican votes among the younger age groups.
        I’m not saying it’s the case, but it is possible that the Dem/Rep split among the young is not due to favoring Dem policies, but rather the awareness of the younger demographics that TINVOWOOT.
        Perhaps the fault lies not with the young, but with the old … clinging to the idea of a thing that has long since ceased to exist.

      9. anonymous

        Until someone better comes, I’ll vote Trump. Maybe he is sketchy, and clueless, I don’t know.

        I’d rather have DeSantis stay in Florida and keep representing.

        I want McConnell and “Lady Bugs” out of office.

        But politics is like the weather. I my see sunshine or I may see rain, but there ain’t a whole lot I can do to change it.

        • Anonymous

          Never could.
          Of course you know that.
          Addressed to everyone:
          Along with the usual preps of stocking lead, rice, beans, water, etc, everyone here should have their own library, multiple copies of digital too (in case of hardware failure). Digital means easily copyable and given to like-minded individuals and can spread similar to word-of-mouth. There’s all sorts of books to get ahold of and give to people, divemedic has a link to some, bigcountryexpat mentioned some in a recent post, and if you know how to look, there are plenty downloadable from like a collection of the old Paladin Press material (some out of date for reasons like technology changes or differences in how chemicals have been made in response to certain events).
          Another huge potential aid are historical books. Look at stuff like Bandit Country (IRA in the 70s) and the IRA’s Green Book and such, material written by General Grivas (who threw the brits off of Cyprus), or even a lot of the old communist stuff like mao’s guerrilla war, 150 questions to a guerilla, some other SA material. Not for their ideology, but methodology; keep what works and throw away the rest.
          This is not a comprehensive list.
          There’s enormous amounts of videos on YouTube and other sites that people should obtain and save and share as well.
          Be sure to get as much in print as you can too, make binders of these materials if you have to.
          Just be sure to also practice what you read, don’t just be a keyboard warrior or an armchair general.

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