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Queen Of The N-Word Rigging

When you are self-employed and give up that regular, reliable corporate wage slave direct deposit you learn to “make do” and we are experts at seeing things as “good enough”. More on that later.

Anyway, yesterday around mid-morning the internet suddenly cut out. I called our ISP and they had a message about an outage, it seemed like it wasn’t around here but I don’t know their network so I figured we could just wait. Finally by the evening I called and talked to tech support and they said the tower was fine so the issue was something else. Everything inside looked OK so I went outside to look.

We get our internet via a wireless signal beamed from a tower to an antenna on the house. It isn’t great but we live out in the country so it is as good as we get. I would gladly pay more for fiber optic but no one has run it down our road yet, although they have been putting fiber optic down lots of roads near us that are 90+% Amish houses. There is a cable that runs outside of the house from the antenna down to the first floor where it is tucked under the siding and back up to our kitchen area, and that is where our router sits.

The problem is that where the cable comes down is inside the dog yard and one of our enterprising pooches, and I am pretty sure I know which one, got ahold of the cable, pulled it out of the siding and….

Mother effer.

I am not Mr. Fix-It so I was dreading having to call the ISP to send a crew out to fix the cable and being without internet for several days.

But I am married to the queen of nigger-rigging. She watched a Youtube video, went out in the cold with a pair of wire strippers and within about half an hour she had spliced the two ends together and we are back online. I didn’t even realize you could just splice internet lines like they were electrical wires but it makes sense I guess.

She is great about just jumping into something and trying it while I am more like “just call someone to fix it” but I sure am glad she has the skills and interest to fix stuff. Saves me a ton of money. It is a great idea to have someone in the house who can fix stuff when it breaks for all sorts of prepping reasons. For us I will do the cooking and she can do the fixin’. It’s all about the partnership.


  1. saoirse

    Could never figure out why they gave monkoids any credit for spontaneity.
    Niggers could never rig anything, too lazy and dependent on whitey.

  2. 4hawks

    My ol lady would say, ‘See honey, that’s the power of a good woman.’ Great partner when this shit-show slides sideways. A guitar player in a country band told me once not to have any jumper cables at a negro funeral.

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