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People Still Think It Is Just A Conspiracy Theory

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s frightening for society.’ Thousands of convicted pedophiles in California are being released from prison in less than a year for horrific acts, including rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of kids under 14, investigation reveals

Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian told he was ‘shocked’ by the statistics and described them as ‘frightening for society’.

‘Statistics clearly show that pedophiles don’t get reformed. They’re going to come out and they’re going to commit again,’ Dordulian said.

‘Letting these people out early, we’re allowing for a lot more victimization. And that’s terrifying.’

It is generally understood that child molesters are the worst of the worst, perhaps even on par with generic murderers. Is a creepy old dude that diddles elementary school kids “better” than a black thug that shoots some other black thug over drug turf? Yet here we have thousands of them being released after serving at best a minimal sentence, returning back to the streets where they will offend again. Especially when they got away with it before with less than a year served in prison.

I am firmly in the camp that people that sexually abuse, molest, rape, what have you, children under the age of 14 should be executed. The more gruesome and public the execution, the better. Instead these people are being turned back out into society. How many of them register as required, and how many bolt to other states where they fall off the radar? The story reports that on average a pedophile in California serves less than 3 years in prison.

Turning violent criminals loose is an act of terror on the population of the state of California and the other states where pedophiles, rapists and even killers face a revolving door in prison. These animals have no place in society other than a shallow, unmarked grave.

Do you still think it is a conspiracy theory that we are ruled by a cabal of pedophiles?


  1. Xzebek

    If we actually want to do something about these offenders while maintaining Constitutional protections , then we must adjuge them insane and keep them civilly committed. This can, and should be, for life. Committment, especially for long terms, has fallen out of use and this is unfortunate- and wrong. As stated they do not get reformed. The compunction they have to do these evil acts will not abate. Civil commitment will provide the maximum protection to society’s vulnerable. It should brought back into use.

    • saoirse

      I believe that civil commitment laws and facilities for sex offenders exist in approximately 19 states. The problem with any law is the enforcement behind it. It can be anywhere from lax to draconian. Another problem is how wide a net the gubment casts as to the definition of ‘sex offender’. Floriduh lumps the “non-violent” (indecent exposure, internet child porn, underage consensual sex etc.) with the creeps above. Law and order groupies may sit around and say who cares but those self-righteous beer bellies suddenly crap themselves when their juvenile sons are prosecuted for sexting and put on a permanent registry. Same thing happens when sonny breaks up with the girlfriend and the bitch accuses him of raping her. They’ll even ring him up for patting bitchie’s ass. I had four friends that went through hell with variations of this shit!
      Another travesty is the for-profit prisons, many of which encompass the civil commitment facilities. The more ‘criminals’ the more profits. A proven slippery slope if there ever was one. It doesn’t take a legal genius to separate violent and non-violent sex crimes. Provided the accused gets a fair trial – another abominable failure of the legal system – the former should be exterminated and the latter given punishment commensurate with the crime.

  2. 3g4me

    I left a comment at Zman’s subscribe star post yesterday, indicating I had seen a YT channel I don’t generally watch/like, claiming Tractor Supply had sponsored a drag queen event for kids in Waco, Texas. No link or documented proof was provided, so I went looking for it. Both regular search engines and even Yandex had almost nothing. However, I eventually located an account charging Elon Musk’s SpaceX with supporting this same event (called “Out on the Brazos”), and a link to the official event sponsors was provided, and it most definitely DID include Tractor Supply. I then further checked Tractor Supply’s own website and learned they’re big supporters of DIE and have a high ESG score, and the CEO installed in 2020 came from Macys. Case closed.

    Except now everyone on YT is all atwitter because one homesteader I do sometimes watch (Patara in Tennessee) seemed to claim TS told her they were told only that they were supporting a ‘family-friendly’ event. The original blog that brought up the matter correctly called BS, because the Waco pride association specifically thanked TC for their sponsorship, and there is no such thing as a ‘family-friendly’ drag-queen event.

    So now Patara has gone ballistic over the perceived slight of being called a liar, and all her followers are insisting a woman (who heretofore has claimed to be strong and independent and capable) deserves more ‘respect’ from male YTers.

    And now it’s all tit for tat and totally lost is the original point – that every company – particularly ones the rubes like to think support ‘conservative values,’ support Globohomo.

    My ultimate point is in support of your post – this evil, satanic perversion is everywhere and being pushed by many evil people, and yet conservatards (a group including many homesteaders, unfortunately) are busy defending their individual virtue.

    Why I hate people reason 1,890,437.

  3. SD Plissken

    Comrade Lefty will let all criminals out eventually and they will be the United States Police Force.
    Use anarcho-tyranny to your advantage while you still can.
    Don’t waste time with normie dullard grill and chill boat anchors who can’t handle truth or reality.
    Those Bosnia x Rwanda worst case scenario predictions are wildly optimistic.

  4. Umglick Goyim

    It is not so difficult to stop this problem. Every single male who molests a child needs to publicly have a zip tie put around his testicles and zipped tight. Within an hour, the excruciating pain will render him temporarily unconscious, at which time a surgeon (or pissed parent) can cut off the nut sack and cauterize it. Never another erection, end of problem. And when this is publicly broadcast a few dozen times, it will stop. But WHO has the balls to do this?

    • Steve S6

      Too kind and they’re still alive to molest somehow. Kinetic lead to back of head. Heinlein settled this discussion in the book “Starship Troopers”. Won’t undo anything but will prevent repeat by that individual.

  5. wasp

    husband worked with a parole officer who said the parole officers’ nightmare is being assigned a rapist or child molester because it is only a matter of time before sex deviants commit the next rapery.
    they are not redeemable

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