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Other Than That

It is hard to believe that Mona Charen was once, decades ago, considered a stalwart and serious conservative writer.

So other than people being murdered (and fewer police departments reporting crime stats), things are great? There aren’t many, or really any, Jewish neocons that didn’t flip openly to the Left after Orange Man Bad. Turns out they were never on /ourside/ at all.


  1. TBC

    Yeah, and excluding deaths, people are living forever.

    When you are determined to see no evil, no evil will be seen. Problem solved.

    What, no more anonymous posting permitted on your site, Arthur? A name and email are required? Sorry, but I’ve got too much to lose. So I must say adios, amigo.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Didn’t LA, NY, and a few other places fail to report? And now the regime scribes are pointing to the made up numbers as proof of something. Right before election day of course.

  3. Nick Nolte's Mugshot

    Didn’t the BLM/ANTIFA riots occur during this time period? I remember endless videos of White people being beaten in the street and cities on flames from coast to coast. Also, haven’t crimes like car jackings gone through roof in many places. Remember that White lady in her 70s who had her arm ripped off as the car jackers dragged her down the street in New Orleans.

  4. Chris

    And the planes were holograms.
    Day is night, night is day
    Bidens Sane and The Vice Kneepad queen has sealed the border.
    Got it.

  5. George True

    Other than murder, huh?
    Sorta like, “Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?”

    In any case, I never considered Mona Charen to be a conservative or even conservative-leaning columnist, not even decades ago. And no, members of that particular tribe are not on the side of Trad Americans, and NEVER have been. Not even when Trads have expressed the sentiment that God loves those who support Israel. And not even when Trads sent their own sons to fight, bleed, and die for Israel in some Middle East shithole did that tribe give a shit about us, or about our God given Constitution and Bill of Rights which is what set this nation apart from all other nations in human history.

    As for the deliberate and intentional falsification of data and breathtaking level of sheer gaslighting, the Democrat praetorian guard media is simply taking its lead from the good ole FBI. Recall that just recently the Fibbies proclaimed “White Nationalists” to be the greatest threat this nation is facing.

    Never mind the dozens of murders, the literally thousands of police officers and other civilians injured, and billions of dollars of property destroyed by Blantifa (BLM+Antifa). And never mind the literally THOUSANDS of terrorist attacks committed here and abroad by Muslims over the last 20 years. And never you mind the fact that there has been not so much as even ONE act of violence or property damage committed in the name of “White Nationalism” in these here United States EVER.

    No sir, never mind any of that. Americans are immediately and henceforth to dismiss all of the above “misinformation” and replace it with the narrative that these elusive “White Nationalists” are the REAL threat we face.

    And we know who they really mean by “White Nationalists”, don’t we? Those of us who voted for Trump, and would do so again. Or those of us who actually believe in and honor the sacred oath that we swore to protect and defend the Constitution. And those pesky, problematic people who have antiquated ideas…..such as the Constitution is supposed to actually mean what it says.

    Just in recent days, it was discovered that the FBI has been actively and aggressively combing every archive and database, both public and private, going back several decades trying to find as many incidents as possible of any sort of violence, attack, or even mere ‘intimidation’ committed against individuals or groups who are pro-life. This is of course for the purpose of supporting the false narrative that this sort of ‘violence’ (no doubt committed by those pesky White Nationalists) is occurring with alarming frequency. In fact, the opposite is true, because even going back years and decades, the Fibbies are having a hard time coming up with ANY such cases.

    The reality is that just in the last several years the number of cases of violence committed against Pro-Life individuals and groups is TWENTY-TWO TIMES GREATER than the number of such cases committed against Pro-Abortion people and groups.

    But guess what? The FBI does not even keep any records or statistics of attacks against Pro-Lifers. They only keep records of attacks against Pro-Abortionists. Because by golly they’ve got a false narrative to create.
    Their willing and enthusiastic Marxist Media will no doubt do all they can to help the FBI create it.

    The FBI and their fellating media have richly earned our disgust and scorn. By their actions they both have demonstrated many times that they are truly the enemy of the American people.

    • saoirse

      Most of your rant is acceptable….. except for when it isn’t.
      The U.S. Constitooshun and Bill of Rights weren’t handed down or inspired by any god, including your brutal Abrahamic (i.e. jew) fiend!! Give the real authors the credit for fuck’s sake!
      Your savior Trump is a blatant toady of that “tribe” you’re afraid to mention by name! Go ahead and cast your self-righteous “trad” vote. The sooner the chaos arrives the faster things start to really change – maybe for the better.
      It’s going to take a lot more than a zionist goy con man and an invisible savior (and his equally invisible daddy) to turn the tide.
      Stop whining about our enemies killing their children and do something about them killing ours. Voting and praying don’t count.

      • James Sawyer

        Every time I read a Saoirse comment I get a deep cringe down my spine. Some on the right are almost as bad as those on the left. There’s no substitute for intelligence and class, and this country has lost it thanks to the corrupted public school system.

        -J. Sawyer

  6. Bear Claw

    There are lies, damned lies and statistics. I found it funny that our former school superintendent switched parties to run against our R business man goobernator. One commercial claimed our crime was higher than NY and a couple other states. Technically she was correct according to a fact checker who added that collection of statistics varies across states.

    Makes me want to believe the reported inflation rate. /sarc

    • Walter Jeffords

      I know voting doesn’t matter here but I will be happy to see that crooked hoe get put away today. She is about as fake as any pol around and she had tons of dark money helping her.

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