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Let My People Go!

Next week untold thousands (tens? hundreds? of thousands) of suspended accounts are being sprung from Twitter outer darkness.

Some of the big names on the dissident right are about to be restored, including hopefully my original account. It doesn’t seem like Alex Jones will be included but you can be sure that the screeching will be epic. Sharing dank memes is literal violence!


  1. Xzebek

    It is excellent news. There can be, and are, areas of agreement and overlap among people who would not agree on the majority of policy stances. Elon Musk is a strong proponent of free speech and its benefits. I agree with him on that and applaud his efforts in that regard. We can and should make common cause when we can.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Could have mattered a couple of years ago. Now that the regime has consolidated their control, it doesn’t matter as much anymore what gets said on twatter. Since you can’t vote your way out.

    I have believed for a long time, even moreso now, that the regime really likes people being on social media. It allows them to vent their political frustrations harmlessly, whereas in the old days they might have done something about them out in the real world.

    Guilty as charged

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