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Jogger News Round-Up

None of these stories deserved their own post but I wanted to share them with you, the people.

Cedric Wins was apparently hired to run the Virginia Military Institute because of equity or something and under his brief tenure has seen what even the Washington Post refers to as “an alarming 25% drop in enrollment”. But Wins was hired because he is black to implement “diversity, equity and inclusion” so despite the drop in enrollment his annual bonus went from $25,000 to $100,000 (on top of his already steep $625,000 salary. Pretty good gig.). That his critics are mostly White is mentioned around a dozen times, specifically when referencing any of the critics by name (“So and so, who is White…). See, you can’t criticize black people no matter how shitty a job they are doing.

Then to Chicago: 2 dead, 11 injured in 8-car wrong-way crash on South Side

The names of the car thieves have not been released yet but it is a safe bet they were of the African persuasion. The guys in the stolen car both died and 11 others were injured including a number of children, one only 10 months old. Never fear though, Mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot knows what the real issue is: speeding.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she was sickened when she heard the toll and felt she had to visit the scene to warn residents to slow down on the roads.

“When you’re going at that high rate of speed, anyone that you hit, whether it’s a car or pedestrian, you significantly diminish their ability to survive,” Lightfoot told reporters at the scene. “People have to slow down. I am out and about all over the city, and I’m amazed at the level of traffic and the level of speed that people are driving. Just take your foot off the gas and obey the local speed limits.”

The problem is not that a couple of black kids stole a car, no the problem is that Chicagoans are driving too fast. Anything to deflect from the rampant black crime in the city she “leads” and is unwilling to do anything about.

Then a nearly perfect story as we near the close of 2022.

Minnesota teen Yaseen Johnson shot dead over Balenciaga sneakers

You can probably guess what “Yaseen” looks like….

And the fellas that shot him, Augustus Sirleaf and Hans Madave…

Hans and Augustus? Seriously? Both of them have some serious dead eyes going on.

The shooting involved a dispute over the sale of some definitely not stolen Balenciaga shoes. If that name sounds familiar it is because Balenciaga has been in the news of late after Tucker Carlson and others broke the story of a photo shoot for Balenciaga that included a toddler holding a teddy bear wearing bondage gear and the carefully placed papers that talked about a Supreme Court ruling that dealt with child pornography.

Tucker’s video is worth watching if you have a strong stomach.

A couple of blacks shoot another black over a pair of super expensive shoes from a fashion brand that promotes child sexualization. 2022 ladies and gentlemen!

Finally off to Los Angeles where a couple of British tourists got a lesson in the magic of American diversity…

Los Angeles identify suspect who allegedly shot British tourists in Venice

Guess who! One Brandon Manyo Dixon is the culprit. Talk about your dead eyes.

Here is how it went down…

The LAPD said Dixon and his friend got into an argument with two tourists from the United Kingdom outside a bar on July 30.

The argument then turned into a physical fight, police said. Dixon allegedly chased the victims with a gun and shot them. The victims survived.

Silly Brits, they thought they had a fair two on two fight like in jolly old England but here in America the fellas are always packing in case they get upset. Fortunately Brandon is a typical piss poor shot and both of the British guys are going to make it.

The shenanigans never end!


  1. Exile1981

    Its a shame about the sneaker kid, he was sbout to release a rap album and was planning on turning his life around and becoming a doctor.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    The Baliencaga ad is an overton window thing, thus the more attention it gets, the more people who “denounce” it, the more successful it has been

    There was a time in living memory when perpetrators of such would have been imprisoned for obscenity, but those days are long gone. Now, with no consequences other than people drawing attention to it by criticizing it, it will continue.

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