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Hosting Change In Progress

The domain registrar change is happening now, I have no idea what sort of downtime to expect and then I need to figure out how to use WordPress instead of Blogger so things might be a little squirrelly for a bit. 


  1. jl

    Not that this has anything to do with your post Arthur, but I have no other way to contact you… I just received word from Mr. Dakin's son. My worst fears have been realized. Our beloved Lord Bison shuffled off this mortal coil on May 5th of this year. Your blog gets waaaay more traffic than mine, and many of his readers come to "your house", so I thought I should let you know. I suspected it, but now that it's confirmed I'm overwhelmed with sadness….

  2. Anonymous

    Also off topic. With Halloween over, some farms are having mighty good quantity discounts on pumpkins. They keep well for months without refrigeration. Both the flesh and seeds are edible and nutritious. It can be a cheep way to lay in some extra survival food for the uncertain winter ahead.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for the update on Mr. Dakin. I began reading his blog about a year before it went offline, and I looked forward to his daily postings. When he switched to a snail-mailed DVD subscription format, I followed him, and have several months' worth of articles on DVD that I have not had time to read. I am glad I have something physical and tangible that he produced, and when I do get around to reading his writings, it will be a bittersweet experience.

  4. Anonymous

    I meant to add but posted too quickly that James Dakin was a hilarious fellow and a gifted writer. I was a paid subscriber and loved his articles. I emailed him over the summer and didn't hear back, so started to fear the worst. He will be missed–not just for his humor, but for his substantive advice on how to get ready for the worst on a minimal budget. RIP. NA

    • pdx r13

      Jim always said “Food First”. Still correct.
      Have some other preps, but go heavy on food.
      Rest in Peace, Brother.

      He mocked me for getting another car after 7 years of full-time pdx biking. In the 3 years I’ve been back behind the wheel, muscle tone has faded some, but the 3 rear-end Vaxxidents would have been fatal to me on two wheels of any kind.
      Car allows getting good deals on 50 pound sacks of grains locally, and staying off the SXDR Tuberculosis sharing Tri-Met public busses, infested with spike protein boosted shedders.

  5. BigCountryExpat

    Wow… kind of figgered. There was -nothing- out there vis-a-vis an Obit for -his- Area of Operations, but maybe wherever he was originally from? Too bad… guy was cool in his desert-hermit way… wonder what happened to that vaunted and extensive Lee Enfield collection he was always on about?

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