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Get A Plunger

Between the angry “non-binary” freak and the jogger Walmart shooter, two prime mass shootings are wasted and now the memory hole is all plugged up.

Gonna need an Al Bundy level of plunging to get that shit all flushed.


  1. saoirse

    Hate to say it but a white FBI wind-up may be primed and ready to “steal the show”.
    Stoppage gets flushed real easy after that.

  2. Unity Hive Borg Collective

    Just about had a shootout with some NBA ballwasher with stickers and logo license plates a few minutes ago.
    It was fun to play chicken at 100mph and keep them from passing and I saw them reach for the glovebox as I flicked my safety off.
    Be careful out there.

  3. Xzebek

    Yes, lefties must be very upset over this turn of events. Like Saoirse, though, I’m concerned that something more aligned with their preferred narrative may be arranged.

  4. bear in Indy

    And no stories about Indianapolis Indiana’s murder rate; which per capita equals that of Chicago.
    The main takeaway is: the people DO NOT CARE, as the Democrat prosecutor won reelection by over 60 percent in the recent election.
    Bear in Indy

  5. Gryphon

    The tendency to claim that Every “mass shooter” happening is a “False Flag”, .gov-arranged “Incident” has become just as reliable as the (((media))) instantly calling it was a “White Supremacist with and Evil Black Rifle”. These two incidents show that in Fact, not every “Mass Shooting” has a political origin; the Gay-on-Queer shooting, and just another no-impulse-control Blaq holding a Glock Sideways are being over-hyped by pretty much Everyone.

    Sometimes a “Mass Shooting” is just a random Crime, and I’ve gotten too cynical to care how it ‘Plays’ in the media- (((media))) or alt-media/internet Blogs.

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