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Fire Up The Memory Hole! U of V Edition

The media loves them some shootings at schools, younger students preferred but older are OK too. School shootings tug the heartstrings. That is to say, they love school shootings just as long as everything about it follows The Narrative. That is why the live manhunt for a shooter that shot five people, at least three fatally, near the University of Virginia on Sunday night is getting such mixed coverage today.

Manhunt underway: Three dead, 2 hurt after shooting on University of Virginia campus

The alleged shooter is one Christopher Darnell Jones….

Seeing the problem yet? Jones apparently played football at UVA as a running back. No word yet what set him off.

The coverage is what you would expect. At around 10 AM, this is how Fox and CNN are covering the story…

It is the top story on the Fox News landing page. On CNN it gets tossed into the third column, below a story about Tom Brady and right above a story about Jeff Bezos giving a bunch of money away. Weird how that is so disparate. As an aside, Fox has zero about the FTX scandal and CNN has one small link well down the page.

If you blink you will miss this story, it is going to be flushed down the memory hole in a hurry but here at Dissident Thoughts, we make sure you see the stories the media tries to hide.


  1. Anonymous

    Manhunt underway for student

    Oh, my sides. Student, now, is it? Has that replaced ‘teen’ or ‘youth’ in the hide-the-negro lexicon? Why not just skip right to ‘scholar’ or even ‘saint’?

  2. saoirse

    Whites shoot or beat blacks/muds/jews/fags etc. (for any reason): Mass media hysteria and manipulation of evidence (i.e. Saint Treyvon); “annuda Natzee putsch”; “white soopremacisst waycists with uncontrolled priviledge”; “take away all their guns”; shrines and endless pity parties for the “victims”; riots; doubling down on “hate crime” prosecution and more mandatory anti-white/European curriculum for all schools K – college.

    Whites shoot or beat whites: Usually reported with moderate fanfare but hysterical if male on female, conservative on shitlib or large body count.

    Blacks shoot or beat blacks: Honorable mention (if at all) only if done outside the hood, with an emphasis on the victims. Disappears as fast as a TV in a “mostly peaceful” protest.

    Blacks/muds shoot or beat whites: Crickets, denial, obfuscation, whitewashing; victim instigated it; culprit is oppressed; short or no prison term. Anyone exposing it is met with derision and threatened with censorship for spreading “disinformation”.

    And the beat(down) goes on.

    If you be black you don’ts get no flak!!

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