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False Flag Warning

Woke up to this news….

Multiple dead, several others injured in shooting at Colorado Springs club

23 shot? Pretty poor kill/wounded ratio though.

Not just any club but a fudge packer hangout…

A shooting early Sunday morning in Colorado left at least five people dead and at least another 18 injured, according to police.

Colorado Springs Police responded to a shooting at around midnight local time. The incident occurred at Club Q, an LGBTQ+ club, on North Academy Blvd.

The suspected gunman was taken into custody. He was transported to the hospital to receive treatment.

A few weeks left before the House flips to the Republican party and a few weeks before the anticipated AR pistol brace ruling and some dude lights up a fag bar and is taken into custody?

Yeah, that is setting off the alarm bells. More to come as details are leaked out.


  1. Steve S6

    “The attack took place on Transgender Day of Remembrance, during which the victims of violence against transgender people are honored.” (RT) /gay day? wtf?/

  2. saoirse

    Apparently the shooter was subdued by two club patrons. Probably ran out of ammo and got “man handled”.
    The news media slime is already bleating the requisite “hate crime” bullshit and pointing at white soopremacissts – while conveniently failing to mention that the big fag bar shootup in Orlando was done by an ISIS lover.
    So who wants to place bets?
    FBI wind-up toy or scorned demented freak.

  3. LGC

    Colorado Springs is a military town (couple bases) and one of the more “conservative’ places left in Colorado. They’ll probably try to blame it on that until it comes out that the shooter was a tossed over fag doing some love life issue. (i.e a “domestic”)

  4. Chris

    Nothing…can be believed as Fact or Thruth anymore by Conglomerate Media.

    Journalism isn’t.
    What is Journalism today….
    Cackling ol’hens and roosters gossiping and Opining driving a Gov’t Agenda.

    A Govt agenda you say.
    Well how good poster is that.

    Conglomerate Media can not be…
    ………without The FCC.

    And who is the FCC?

    Anymore Gov’t RAIDS Today.
    Area51 man who wasn’t a alien believer Found Out.

    More To Come.

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