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As I work out the kinks on the new site, you might have noticed that many comments are automatically held for moderation and that you are unable to comment “anonymously”. For now I plan to leave it like that, although many of you will have to figure out how to make $90 per hour from home without the helpful spam comments. If you are understandably concerned about privacy you can use a bogus email account, as long as it follows the standard email format of user name at domain dot com/org/whatever. From what I can tell, once I approve a comment from you (based on your IP address I think) future comments are automatically approved.

Let’s try to keep things relatively civil and productive, I don’t censor substantive comments but try to remember that while we aren’t all in the same place, we are all hopefully on the same side.


  1. Trout Stalker

    I too, am sitting this one out, been avoiding msm and politics since the magic negros 2nd win..literally quit watching and listening too, any/all msm mouthpieces.

    I served my time, being told that as a soldier, i was helping others and other countries, all bullshit.

    I expect this to be rigged too, far too much for the demorats to lose….

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Arthur,
    Your new site works perfectly on my iPhone.

    Something is triggering MalwareBytes on my desktop – it is blocking it due to “riskware”. Doesn’t say what the specific “RiskWare” is.

    Get same response on Chrome & Brave.

    Thought you need to know.

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