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Back in the heady days of 2016 when the meme wars were raging, a mostly unknown group was gaining sudden prominence on social media and the fight for hearts and minds. They claimed to be an alternative to the establishment Right and the label “alt-right” stuck. Everyone knows what happened next.

With the election victory of Donald Trump, the media began to immediately look for ways to paint Orange Man Bad as a literal Nazi. Right on cue we had “Hailgate” during a meeting with Richard Spencer, the media’s favorite cartoonish bad guy, raising a drink and proclaiming “Hail Victory” and that of course is the English version of a more famous saying “Sieg Heil” that was made famous by Moustache Man Bad’s followers in Germany. Shortly thereafter was Charlottesville and with that the “alt-right” imploded.

I place most of the blame on the very thing that made the alt-right a modest (but always overblown) force to begin with: prominent voices on social media with legions of followers. It worked OK when throwing meme bombs from Outer Darkness but when the “right” won in 2016? These people and many of their followers started to take themselves seriously.

Looking back over the alt-right landscape, you had closeted gay controlled opposition like Richard Spencer, very much not-closeted flamboyant faggot Milo Yiannopoulos, heterosexual egomaniacal Vox Day, Greg Johnson, another fag, who runs Counter-Currents, Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer fame and a handful of others. What they all had in common was that they made the movement mostly about their own personality. There were plenty of non-lunatic people like Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor, The Zman and Ramzpaul but they were lost in the shouting and memery.

The alt-right dissolved rather rapidly after Charlottesville. Spencer is some kind of quasi-Marxist China shill these days and no one pays much attention to him after he was briefly famous as the most hated man in America. Vox Day is still doing his blog and patting himself on the back for being right on everything. Milo is supposedly a born again Christian and has sworn off sucking cock. Yeah right. This left people who were more broadly on the dissident right, the term coined by John Derbyshire, without much of a centralized movement.

Into this void stepped Nick Fuentes, a half-Mexican guy who seems a little light in the loafers if you ask me. With his “America First” livestream and trolling both online and in real life (causing a ruckus at CPAC and ambushing Ben Shapiro at a TPUSA event), Fuentes became internet-famous pretty quickly although like many of the leading voices of the alt-right he doesn’t seem to have ever held a real job. His star kind of faded of late until….

Somewhat out of the blue, Fuentes showed up with Kanye West to visit Donald Trump in Florida. That has the normiecon media all in a frenzy because Fuentes is a “Holocaust denier” and “White supremacist”. The people at Breitbart have a serious case of the vapors over this, how can anyone say anything non-glowing about Our Greatest Ally?! Apparently Milo “who is definitely not gay anymore” Yiannopoulos is also somehow tangled up in this mess with Kanye running for President or whatever nonsense is going on there.

So what? The so what in this case is that it demonstrates again the futility of trying to create a viable, national dissident political movement. Look at two examples: Pat Buchanan and Steve King.

Buchanan might hold the Guinness world record for the most opportunities to say “I told you so”. There aren’t many prominent public thinkers who have been more reviled over the years while being shown to be correct so often for the very things they were criticized for. Thanks to the efforts of the neocons and the grifters at outlets like National Review, Buchanan has been marginalized within conservatism but to those that pay attention, virtually everything he warned us about has come to pass more or less as he said it would. It will be of little comfort to Pat as his days are nearing the end, having just turned 84, to know he was right as he watches our civilization rot away.

Steve King was a Congressman from a safe seat in Iowa who was little known outside of political circles until he made some politically incorrect comments in 2018. He was stripped of his committee assignments by his own damn party and then they primaried him in 2020. He lost to some douche bag empty suit normiecon named Randy Feenstra who was supported by the Republican party, Li’l Ben Shapiro, National Right To Life, etc. In other words the whole party and apparatus turned on him. Notice the Democrats don’t do this to their fringe members like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. King was the closest thing to a dissident right Republican figure and they crucified him to placate the Left, which bought them zero credit. At least now King is able to be even more open, he spoke at the recent American Renaissance conference.

In short, not only do political dissidents face enormous pressure from the political Left and the media, any truly right-wing political movement would be smothered in infancy by their own political party. At the same time, outside of the political apparatus right-wing politics on the national level is dominated by clowns, grifters, homos and the outright insane.

As a result, it simply reinforces the mantra for political dissidents: local, local, local. We aren’t going to win this fight at the ballot box or by convincing the majority of Americans that our cause is just. We are going to win at the local level, one neighbor, friend or family member at a time, building something resilient that will survive the coming storm. Putting our trust in Trump or Kanye or Fuentes, any of those clowns, is a recipe for disappointment at best or a lengthy jail term when they throw you under the bus at worst. Quit looking to celebrities with social media clout to save you, the only people that will see us through to the other side are the people we have real relationships with in real life.


  1. Sean

    Sage advice. You’d think by all the wreckage, folks would see the hazard, but no, they plunge for the first “saviour” they see, and plunk their money down. It’s like I tell my family, you have to answer for every good deed.

  2. Clown car driver

    Ah, yes the saviors of the huwhite race ; a Mexican cat-boy closeted homosexual, a raging homosexual Jew, and a Nigra. Great times to be alive, goyim. Great times. 300 million plus indeed.

  3. Max M Wiley

    Back in 2018, Michael Krieger over at Liberty Blitzkrieg talked about this same issue.
    I keep reminding people that a top-down structure is the hallmark of authoritarianism, regardless of the flavor. Something the opposite of that will necessarily be a bottom up movement. The problem is that the neo Bolsheviks have captured most of the upper structure of government, education, finance, and media and most dissent is captured and diverted. Meet the modern Panopticon. I don’t think this ends well.

  4. Horny the Clown

    Rump rangers all and the great 4-D chessmaster is getting played again.
    Anyone who calls them leaders has already lost.
    Maybe Kim will show off her tits or moon Trumpstein after he pardons some drug dealers!

    (honk honk!)

      • 3g4me

        Excellent post. And it is very notable just how much faggotry exists among these putative right ‘leaders.’ Homosexuality (the lifestyle, behavior, consequences) is antithetical to normal and traditional values. And no, stupid women, your ‘gay’ neighbors are most definitely NOT ‘nice’ people.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Normiecon, tens of millions strong, still falls prey to “the wish for kings,” the belief that some hero on a white horse is going to ride in and make it all better, if we just vote harder

    Basically, most people are pretty dumb. Politically, they are even dumber than they are in their daily lives. They don’t know how to fix the political system we have because THEY CANNOT EVEN SEE the political system we have.

    Locally it’s pretty depressing too. Most people I know around my neck of the woods fit this description. I need only gauge their Kremlin man bad opinions on the Ukraine war to see this. They are completely incapable of seeing that we are subjects of an empire, not citizens of a country.

    After everything that has happened in the last 6 years, if they still can’t see, they never will. I think I should know. About exactly 6 years ago, I was normiecon, who was suddenly and violently redpilled by the Russia hoax. Instantly, when that story broke, I realized the size and scope of the conspiracy, whether deliberate or emergent, that was necessary to pull that off. And that there was probably no hope within legal channels or media channels, since they owned those.

    I didn’t even own a gun. Nor did I especially care about Donald Trump one way or the other at that time. But when the Russia hoax story broke, I recognized it for the coup it was, and said to myself, “If I’m going to live in a country where they have coups, I should own guns,” and I went out and bought two. Now that’s up to 3. I’ve been thinking about 4.

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