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And we are live!

The website is up and running, some elements are obviously missing but the guys at Epik did an….epic job moving it over. My (not joking) hundreds of draft posts I have yet to complete all came over as did the comments. Epik is described on Wikipedia as follows:

Epik is a right-wing American domain registrar and web hosting company known for providing services to websites that host far-right, neo-Nazi, and other extremist materials. It has been described as a haven for the far-right because of its willingness to provide services to far-right websites that have been denied service by other Internet service providers.

Some of Epik’s notable clients have included social network Gab and the imageboard website 8chan. In 2021, the Parler social network moved its domain registration to Epik when it was denied hosting and other web services after it was used to help plan the 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol. Epik has also provided hosting and registrar services to, formerly, an independent far-right forum that has served as the successor for the r/The_Donald subreddit that was banned in June 2020.

Far-right, neo-Nazi and other extremist material? That sounds right up my alley! Of course Epik would also gladly host far-Left pages as well, cuz that is what “free speech” means.

As I mentioned I need to figure out how to navigate on WordPress but it looks pretty intuitive so far. I expect some hiccups for a bit while I figure things out but at least I won’t wake up one morning to find that Google has delisted my page. Many thanks and kudos to Jaime Jacob and the crew at Epik, it cost a few shekels but was worth every penny.


  1. Bustednuckles

    Good On ya.
    I did the same thing last year but went with BlueHost.
    The WordPress platform takes some serious getting used to, it doesn’t have many features I wish it did and way too many I don’t want.
    It is also VERY prone to giving you fits because it updates constantly without testing the update’s effect on your installed widgets and causes all kinds of headaches, including crashing your site.
    You will be getting to know the Geeks at your hosting site on a first name basis.
    STILL better than Blogger or the WordPress Hosting deleting your blog in the middle of the night without warning or recourse.
    Bastards all of them.
    Best of luck and I will be adding the new site to the Blogroll over at my place.

  2. Mr. Mayo

    Good on ya, and the folks at Epik as well. WordPress is a huge pile of suck – I started using it in the early days when I could hack on it myself in PHP, but now it’s way too complicated. Kudos especially for using a theme that still displays in my locked-down browser. I’ll have to let another good-guy blogger know that it’s possible, since his site is huge source of frustration for him.

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