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Always Their Own Worst Enemy

All of the White supremacists and general White racists in America could never do the harm to the black community that they inflict on themselves.

Washington, D.C. man who helped pass criminal code overhaul shot and killed

Criminal justice reform always means one thing: letting black criminals out of jail sooner whereupon they promptly commit more crimes.

A criminal justice reform advocate who helped pass sweeping changes to the criminal code including reducing sentences for those convicted of crimes in Washington, D.C., was shot and killed in the city last Tuesday, just hours before the city council passed the bill.

Kelvin Blowe, 32, worked as a policy and advocacy associate at DC Justice Lab and testified before the DC city council about reforming the city’s justice system.

Around 5:25 a.m. on Nov. 15, he was on the way home from his job as a security guard when he was shot and killed in the southeastern part of the city…..

….The city council passed the criminal justice overhaul hours after his death. If it is signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, then it will get rid of most mandatory minimum sentences, expand who is eligible for jury trials, and reduce maximum penalties for burglaries, carjackings and robberies, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Blowe was a former felon and a Marine Corps vet. His efforts to “reform” the justice system amounts to putting more of the kind of people who murdered him back on the streets quicker and thus reducing the disincentive to committing crimes that jail is supposed to provide. He is held up as a sort of folk hero but when you read this story originally at the Washington Post, the story of how Kelvin Blowe died gets more complicated.

Blowe never got to see the results of his advocacy. He was fatally shot early Tuesday by a gunman who, according to police, emerged from a stolen car after a crash with Blowe. Authorities said they believe Blowe also possessed a weapon, as they recovered a gun next to his body….

Police said he was driving a blue Chevrolet Malibu and slowed to turn left off Southern Avenue when the driver of a stolen silver Lexus tried to pass him on the left and swerved over the double yellow line. The two vehicles collided. A police spokesman said that Blowe approached the Lexus and that an armed occupant got out and shot him.

It was unclear what kind of interaction — if any — occurred immediately after the crash between Blowe and the people in the Lexus. Police said a gun was found next to Blowe’s body; his uncle, Keith R. Johnson, said a detective told him that it had not been fired and that it was unclear whether he pointed it at or threatened the occupant of the Lexus. The people in the Lexus fled and have not been found. Blowe’s family said they did not know he had a weapon.

A car crash with a stolen car and Mr. Blowe “approached” the other car, but a gun was found next to his body, unfired, so obviously we all understand it was his gun. The language is critical “it was unclear what kind of interaction” occurred but Mr. Blowe was armed with a handgun, that he almost certainly was carrying illegally as he is a felon, and was approaching the other vehicle. Did he have the gun in his hand? I am always carrying but I carry in a secure holster so even if I was shot, the firearm would almost certainly still be in the holster, not next to my body.

We can speculate endlessly here and I think most of us would draw the same likely conclusions about what happened after the car crash. That isn’t the main point I am making, rather the primary issue here is that we have someone who pushed for criminals to be released more rapidly from jail, making the D.C. criminal justice system more toothless than it already is, is then killed by criminals who were in a stolen car and furthermore was killed while almost certainly illegally carrying a firearm. Someone convinced Kelvin Blowe that this made sense and now a new law has been passed that will push criminals back out on the streets. We aren’t talking about just “minor” drug offenses or jaywalking but serious offenses including reducing the maximum sentences for crimes like carjacking and robbery.

We were supposed to see Kelvin Blowe as typical of felons, a guy who got in trouble, a veteran no less, but seemed to be turning his life around (I would carry in D.C. even illegally because that place is a shooting gallery in certain ‘hoods). The law that was just passed is based on this but it is based on a lie. Kelvin Blowe isn’t typical, he is an exception and for every Kelvin Blowe there are hundreds of black guys who are in and out of prison for their lifetime until some other black guy kills them or they commit a serious enough crime to get sentence for life. The community that Blowe is supposed to be representing is the same community that is terrorized by career black criminals who now face less prison time in the unlikely event they are arrested and convicted in the first place. Is that “justice”? Does that demonstrate the black lives matter?

Of course not. It is inevitable that many people, mostly blacks, will be victimized by criminals that ought to be in jail but were let out early in the name of Kelvin Blowe and his “criminal justice reform”. As always is the case, the worst enemy of the black community are blacks themselves although their “allies” are a close second.


  1. MrFoxPlease

    I’m sure if the good Mr. Blowe were still with us he’d be rioting if his murderer were harmed by the police upon apprehension.

  2. Xzebek

    Does anyone want to engage in a wager, for a large sum of money, that that the “shooter” of Mr. Blowe (who I’m sure was not “certified”) is a legal CCW holder and NRA member?
    I hope so, because I have my eye on a few new rifles and could use the funding!

  3. I Love My Tribe

    Reminds me of the letter to the KKK so called urban legend.
    The Soros prosecutors are part of the Anarcho-Tyranny after the rule of law got deleted by the historic pen and phone.
    They (Uniparty) will go full South Africa if not stopped.

  4. anon

    Joggers will jog.
    Kelvin was one, so was his killer.
    “He was turning his life around” is bullshit they say of every single one.
    They will always be violent, impulsive, and stupid. Don’t let the exceptions fool you as even though they might be smarter than their brethren they share the same genes and their spawn, mix breeds or pure, always will revert to the means.
    We would be best off with none of them. No Sorwells, no Blowes, none.

  5. 3g4me

    Off topic, but apparently a young man from Indiana fulfilled his ‘lifetime dream’ of visiting New York and was murdered by a black. From Vox (who’s generally an arrogant ahole, but that doesn’t make him wrong) who speculates either he was a clueless lib or a homosexual.

    “Ethan Williams, a 20-year-old White kid from Indiana, was shot dead by William Freeman, a Black 26-year-old, while Ethan was sitting on the stoop of the Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) Airbnb he had rented to fulfill his “lifelong dream” of visiting New York City.

    Listen, I try as hard as I can not to “victim blame” in events like this. I try to keep the blame appropriately focused on those at the top who have inflicted the conditions of our degraded society upon us. And while there’s no doubt that the institutional blackout on crime statistics – and all other observable reality – contributes to errors in judgment like the ones that led to Ethan Williams’ murder, the question must be asked:

    What the fuck was a White kid from Indiana doing sitting on a stoop in Bushwick???

    This isn’t a lack of situational awareness – this is a lack of civilizational awareness.

  6. Xzebek

    It continues. A multiple fatality shooting at a Walmart in Virginia. Early reports are shooter is dead but it’s an early report. Let’s see how this plays out and how it gets reported.

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