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A Dark Horse Entry

Brought to my attention by a reader, how could I have missed this one? A Vincent Lamar Oliver Jr. at the ripe old age of 14 is wanted for murdering two women in Dothan, Alabama.

According to a press release, the suspect has been identified as 14-year-old Vincent Lamar Oliver Jr., of Dothan. Authorities say Oliver is wanted for two counts of capital murder.

The teen has been accused in the murders of 21-year-old Jasmine Danielle Bean, and 20-year-old Ja’Lexius Lashon Wells.

Bean and Wells were both shot to death in a Dothan home Sunday night, where police believe there was a gathering at the home.

Police add that Oliver has active juvenile pickup orders of attempted assault first-degree and one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle, both of which occurred in July 2022.

He done shot Ja’Lexius! Even better, the little punk was already wanted for shooting into a car. He also has quiet the portfolio of pics holding handguns and wearing faggy looking bracelets.

Such a badass he needs three guns for his two hands!

Somehow it is my fault that this little n-word has access to at least three handguns and that he apparently enjoys long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain and shooting black girls.

14 years old and already wanted for two murders, and he has already been on the lam for months two years before he can legally drive a car. I mean, he has been wanted by authorities since July for crying out loud, so someone is sheltering the kid or the cops in Dothan are the worst in the country.

I assume when he is finally caught, hopefully before capping more Laquishas, he will be tried as an adult and get sent to the big house for life because what the hell is this kid going to be like as an adult? What a hopeless situation and unfortunately for the rest of us it impacts us financially and criminally as our cities turn into warzones and we are endlessly held up for more and more of the fruits of our labor to support their violent behavior.


  1. Shillelagh Pog

    We’re 4 generations into this shit lifestyle…nothing will change until it’s defunded entirely, and they die off naturally, or otherwise.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    This is one time where I don’t really blame the young man. He was just doing what the culture he grew up in taught him to do, valuing what it taught him to idolize, emulating the rap lyrics that were no doubt a constant blaring presence in his life.

    I would know what it’s like to be vilified for being true to one’s upbringing. When I was a kid, so called white nationalism, so called Christian nationalism, was just ordinary US citizenship. I was immersed in it. Nowadays I hear it makes me the bad guy.

    So you go on with your bad self Vincent Lamar. You be you. Haters gonna hate

  3. saoirse

    “hopefully before capping more Laquisha”
    Who gives a shit how many of his own he caps?? Maybe the cops in Dothan don’t want to find him!

  4. 4hawks

    Somewhere in Elysium there is a Roman Centurion that is pissed at missing out on the name Ja’Lexius. : / In the original story I could almost feel the hesitancy to bring this one kid crime spree out in the news. He obviously has ‘dumb luck’ – Mexican carrying a Glock, or 2 or 3 next to that big gay -ass Rodeo looking belt buckle with the square edges. Off in the distance I hear Barrack Obama blubbering ‘ If I had a son.’

  5. anon

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a chink-made glockswitch from aliexpress on at least one, if not all of them.
    Don’t worry, the ATF will burn alive evil white supremacists for even thinking they have rights and won’t hurt the little niglets.
    The govt is controlled by our enemies and they feed and breed niggers as a tool against us, one they can dispose of later.

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