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Winter Is Coming

The first mention of the “S” word in our forecast since last winter.

It could be a very dark and deadly winter. Prepare accordingly. 


  1. MN Steel

    Saw some up here this morning putting the house alarms out.

    No accumulation, way too unfrozen for that, but making me glad I've almost got everything under shelter or in it's place for once.

    Now if I get the plow-truck running soon, I'll beat last year by over a month, because the battery has "12-4-21" carved in the top.

    Might get an inch tonight, but that'll just make everything a little more muddy.

  2. JNorth

    It started snowing up here on Monday and while it hasn't been continuous it hasn't gotten warm enough for it all to melt either. This is about a week early from most years but nowhere near a record.

  3. Anonymous

    Normally snow comes early october and stays till spring. This year we are still sitting at 25C and its midle of October and they say no snow till November now.


  4. Xzebek

    I'm very fond of the snow up here in NW Montana. Plenty of firewood and several layers of backup electricity power. And what's better than hunting and skiing season!?

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