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Windstorm. Popcorn Fart. You Know The Drill.

Another school shooting that is disappearing at blistering speed.

In addition to the two people killed, a student and an adult, four other students were wounded and the gunman is also dead after the cops did an anti-Uvalde and went in to stop him. Fourteen minutes from the first call to a dead shooter.
The shooting occurred at a St Louis magnet school with a cumbersome name: Central Visual and Performing Arts High School and the shooter was a former student. Fun fact about the school: “Founded in 1853, Central High School is the oldest public high school west of the Mississippi River, although it has moved several times and merged with a magnet school in 1984.”. 
You might have seen this story briefly yesterday but then it dropped off the radar and you can guess why. It has one tiny mention on CNN’s landing page about the very rapid police response time and on Fox News it doesn’t appear at all as of this writing. 

St Louis is about 43% black but the school is over 72% black with over 80% of students on free or reduced lunch. I am guessing most of the “performing arts” at the school involve rapping or twerking. The school is also a borderline penitentiary: 

St. Louis Schools Superintendent Kelvin Adams said seven security guards were in the school at the time of the attack, each stationed at an entrance of the locked building. One of the guards noticed the gunman trying unsuccessfully to get in at a locked door. The guard notified school officials, who contacted police.
Seven security guards? My high school had exactly zero security guards and somehow no one was ever shot.

I knew what was coming and sure enough we got a name and then a yearbook photo of the student. His name was Orlando Harris and sho nuff….

Well that is a cheerful looking fella. With those dead eyes it was probably only a matter of time before he shot someone. I have seen serial killer mugshots with more charisma. There have allegedly been 40 school shootings this year but you probably only heard about Uvalde mostly because the rest of the school shootings were committed by the wrong sort of perp, like Dead Eyes Harris above. 

This story is just about gone 24 hours after it went down and within 48 hours no one will be hearing anything about it, probably not even in St. Louis, but it won’t take long before another disgruntled dead-eyed black kid shoots someone at a school.


  1. saoirse

    Expect the usual suspects to whine about how fast the cops responded when it was a black man doin da shootin and dey killed dat boy buts dey don't kills dem white shootahs! Dat be rayciss!!

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Demoncrats: "we need a fresh school shooting right before the midterms."
    Ill tempered hoodrat: "I finna air this bitch out!"
    Demoncrats: "FUUUUUUCK! Not like that!"

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Indeed there is. As to the angle raised by saoirse, I'll add another regarding the uncharacteristicly rapid police response: how wouldv"e it looked if the local constabulary pulled a Uvalde on a warehouse full of gud boyz who dindonuffin' and wuz getting dey lives on track to launch rockets and sheeeit?

    Can't allow a large death toll there, hence the remarkable effectiveness of the po-leece in shutting it down. Besides, had they let him rack up a higher score, that would have endangered the chances of other future criminals getting to demonstrate their craft, hopefully on some deserving cracker.

  4. Greg

    There was a Lucianne story earlier about how fast it'll disappear from the enemedia. I wasn't interested enough to read the whole thing, but this line caught my eye: "Had mental issues. Facebook wall plastered with guns and weapons and cash. " Again, I'm not interested enough to look, but might there be a DD long gun in there? Another MKUltra windup toy triggered? I always ask the Alex Jones question: "What psychotropic meds was he on, and WHEN did he stop taking them?"

  5. lgc

    I'm sure the cop shop is on speed dial from the school. And i'm sure that the cops are there EVERY DAY for something or another. and I doubt that the shooter (or vics) were unknown to the cops.

  6. Anonymous

    What is required now is a strong, authoritative response from the White House on the state of crime in the country today, and particularly violent crime in vulnerable, predominantly black communities. Oh, wait…shucks. I forgot who occupies that White House.

    Completely OT, but has anyone ever seen the Pedo-in-Chief sniff a blaq girl's nappy 'do? Why isn't the Militant Unified Hatemongering Diversity & Inclusion Complex (MUH DIC) shrieking about being excluded like that?

  7. Xzebek

    Ya as soon as I heard the name I knew it was a chimp and would get little to no play in the media. His killed to wounded ratio wasn't bad for a hood rat. The media and democrats (birm) are praying for a white, Maga
    certified "shooter" to go on a rampage , hoping it will affect the election. Time is short but I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happens.

  8. JackDup

    If Obama had a son.

    CNN's home page, no mention of this anymore, lots of stories on Ukraine, Trump Jan 6, a story about the first non binary, and first transgender music award winner, etc.

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