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What Is With Them And Funerals?

6 wounded in shooting outside funeral at Brighton Heights church

The church in question was the “Destiny of Faith” Church in Brighton Heights led by the “Reverend Doctor Brenda J. Gregg”. 

They have upwards of 15 staff and “elders” on the website, all of them black, including Bryanna J. Gregg who is listed as the “Creator and Manager of DOF Website”, and as an employee with the same last name as the “pastor” I am sure she is the daughter of Brenda Gregg and is drawing a paycheck to maintain their super complex website.
You can see the inside of the church during the livestream when the gunfire started: VIDEO: Livestream inside Pittsburgh funeral captures the moments shots were fired outside
Anyway, as is often the case, the funeral was for a black guy murdered in a different shooting. The homie in question was John James Hornezes Jr., killed a couple of weeks ago along with two women.

They were identified as 33-year-old Jacquelyn Mehalic and 59-year-old Betty Averytt.

A man who was shot was taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died. He was identified as 20-year-old John Hornezes.
I don’t understand. Not that I condone it, but rival criminal gangs shooting one another is sort of understandable but randomly shooting mourners at a funeral for someone you already shot? What the hell?


  1. JackDup

    The big shit stain on America. Expect the unexpected with these clowns. Many of them love wearing masks everywhere all the time, and it is not to keep them from getting COVID.

  2. 4hawks

    Good thing they didn't have a couple of frag grenades, or even a Molotov. I noticed the 'white' guy at the exit was holding it together fairly well, back to the structure, able to egress maybe? and scanning the room despite being masked up. What a shit show.

  3. Anonymous

    No need to wonder, Arthur. Your tag says it all: blacks doing black things. We civilized YTs just would not understand. Funeral. Chuck E Cheese. Air BnB. Fair grounds. Shopping mall. It's all a shooting gallery to the privileged race.

  4. Anonymous

    Jeez, this one's got it all. At least 20 shots fired, just 6 hits and no kills in a confined space (are they even trying?!?). And the original shootout that resulted in the funeral for the deceased being honored with this 21 gun salute featured two other victims, women just waiting at a bus stop nearby. They seem to hit everything but what they are supposedly aiming at.

    Despite their evident enthusiasm, dindus just don't seem to do violence well. All those videos of brawls in malls with flailing arms and legs, yet a curious lack of blood and casualties. They might as well be twerking at each other, for what little damage they manage to inflict on one another. Not meaning to brag or anything, but if I want someone shot or hurt, they are going to be shot or hurt. These buffoons can't even piss straight.

  5. Anonymous

    The very next story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette following this one was from yesterday, as 3 nappy haids were wounded in another shoot-'em-up on the dark side of town. Shotspotter counted 34 shots fired.

    34 shots. 3 wounded. No dead. Yeah, that's dindu math, racist to the bone.

  6. Don Curton

    White People – All right now, I'm comin' out. Any man I see out there, I'm gonna shoot him. Any sumbitch takes a shot at me, I'm not only gonna kill him, but I'm gonna kill his wife. All his friends. Burn his damn house down.

    Black People – All that and I'll go to your funeral and shoot everyone there too.

  7. Zorost

    I would theorize their penchant for shooting up funerals is related to their penchant for shooting up anything with the word "peace" in it. If you see an event called "march for peace", "jam for peace", "sit-in for peace", etc. stay the hell away because there will almost guaranteed be gunfire.

  8. Anonymous

    I would like to know the demographic make-up of those take-charge citizens who landed this wayward youth and pinned his arse to the pavement until the authorities arrived. Is it too much to hope that maybe, just maybe, they were swarthies as well? Nothing in this country is ever going to change until more-evolved negros clean up the mess made by their less-evolved brethren.

  9. Anonymous

    It makes sense. The Bible says he who loves him who begot loves the begotten and vice versa. So they hate the guy they killed and anyone who loved him. That's the tribal way. Liberalism only convinced whites to see each individual as an individual. Blacks still will hate anyone who loves someone they hate.

  10. Anonymous

    The difference is that if one of us planned on shooting from a moving car we'd practice, and knowing myself and my buddies, we'd end up practicing every foreseeable permutation of "shooting" (revolver, semi-auto, handgun, bullpup, carbine, rifle, not to mention caliber), "moving" (speed, distance, angle, stationary target or moving, etc), and "car" (sedan, truck, motorcycle, convertible), and probably derive a matrix of best selection based on situational variables.

  11. TechieDude

    Way back in the olden days, I had a customer that made/distributed caskets. This was in the down turn of '91 or so. I was chatting him up and he said nope, business was great, "… what with the niggers all killin' each other. And they don't buy cheap caskets either". 30 years ago, the line is still prescient.

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