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So Elon Musk officially takes over Twitter today. What does that mean?
As of right now, no one knows. What I hope to see is Twitter restoring all of the old accounts that were banned for hurting the feelings of some emotional lightweight and leashing the purple haired freaks that banned right-wing accounts for any reason or no reason at all. As you might know, my original account using my real name was banned a long time ago for referring to a TV personality as a bimbo.

Meanwhile lefties feel not only free but encouraged to say the most revolting things imaginable and get away with it. This “bishop”, Talbert Swan, says this sort of crap about “Whiteness”, code for “non-groveling White people” about once a month, and has been reported thousands of times, and nothing happens.

If I tweeted that “blackness is an unrelenting, violent, ignorant, force of evil” on Twitter? I would get the perma-ban hammer for the 6th time. I don’t care what a dimwit like Talbert Swan says, being insulted by him is like being screamed at by a petulant child being sent to bed without supper. He lacks even the most rudimentary knowledge on any topic. In fact I would encourage him to keep tweeting this stuff but I also know that if Twitter allows free speech from /ourside/ again, he will have a meltdown because he isn’t smart enough to defend his positions in an open discourse. 
I don’t really trust Elon Musk. He isn’t really on /ourside/ other than on a few issues like free speech. Dr. Robert Malone wrote a post a while back looking at some of the ulterior motives Musk might have for buying Twitter besides allowing shitposting to be great again: Musk’s Dangerous Vision for Twitter
The big issue is that Musk apparently sees Twitter as a gateway to creating a “super-app”:
Musk’s bigger plan for Twitter is to turn it into a “super app” that “acts as an operating system for people’s digital lives.”
As Dr. Malone points out (I’m paraphrasing), would that mean that if you say nigger on Twitter, you could lose your access to your “digital life”? 
Musk has been a little cagey about his intentions re: free speech on Twitter:

Again, my hope is that what that means is you can say almost anything you want but you can also tailor your account algorithm to avoid scary thoughts. It doesn’t take much work to do this anyway, on Gab for example I have a customized feed to only show me the accounts I want to see rather than the randos I followed back. 
Of course there is also the issue of free speech being fairly open in America but in places like England the cops will literally arrest you for mild trolling. 
The Left is losing their collective shit, this is a good round-up: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover makes the left lose it: ‘It’s like the gates of hell opened’
I just laughed and laughed. 
Is this a good thing, Musk taking over Twitter? We will have to see, his firing of the Indian folks running the platform right out of the gate is a good start. I would love to see Twitter go back to being more of a Wild West platform like Gab but that isn’t likely to happen. All I know is that as someone old enough to remember when the Left was endlessly yammering about freedom of speech and expression, it is delicious to see them freaking out about people speaking…freely.


  1. Anonymous

    I never had a twatter account before and I won't have one now. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I am sure Musk isn't doing this just to be a champion of free speech.

    What we will see eventually is an end to online anonymity. It has already eroded. I'm not sure that's all bad. Much of the bad behavior that has gone on online would never have happened if people's real names were affixed to it. Sort of like how in the real physical world you don't act like a jackass (at least not deliberately or often) because you care about your reputation and about not getting punched in the nose.

    But the dark side of the end to online anonymity, and the real purpose to ending it, is to connect all your online activity to your personal ESG score aka social credit score, which will be connected to your CBDC account.

    Musk's goal for Twitter appears to me to be making it one of the building blocks for all that

  2. Anonymous

    The turnabout on the "hypocrisy" of leftist globocorp is pyrrhic. Like waiting for the woke/broke to actually happen. Useful idiots are a dime a dozen. He sends some pajeet commies packing and it feelz good man but there are legions of other mercenaries and "white" "tech" workers ready to grind for the devil.

    It is likely just the blue checkmark giving way to something far more sinister. Otherwise he would not be allowed to play with this new toy. Musk for all his shitlord-lite preening, Joeprah blunt fallating, and nerdworld trolling has accepted the ring. They may not have him snorting adrenachrome off of newborn african orphans, but they have him.

    His regulatory capture rent seeking face-man carnival barking transhumanist public risk private profit opportunistic ponzi shiling has made him the richest man in Babylon. Let that sink in. My dissident brothers and me in dirt county can't get the richest whites in town to shave their muh profits by 10% off a used tractor but somehow elon prints billions from the ether with his super-genius right minded heart of gold.

    Even if somehow he has gone rogue and they can't bring him down without revealing the bigger lies that underpin his other endeavors, giving ground that no longer matters (Twitter etc) would be a great way to keep normie and even pipe-hitting dissident technocrat "libertarian" ball cuppers on the reservation aka "winning" for another five years of online self-pleasuring about the democrats being the real racists and we all bleed red.

    Grown men should have nothing to do with twitters and the like. "But we need to reach the kids/normie/fence sitters etc." bullchit. You need to find five capable and awake guys in your county that would take a bullet for you and vice versa and figure out how to draw an income without selling your own grandkids down the river so you can get that $90k never-never truck with the punisher sticker in the rear window. I guess I am in a foul mood. Happy friday Dissidents!

  3. Glypto Dropem

    My Twitter account @glyptodropem has been locked out since mid-September by a complaint from an asshole SJW for using the trending (at the time) hashtag #Gaypox. Glypto Dropem is a nom de plume with no connection to my real identity, but Twitter keeps asking for my mobile number to send a verification text to in order to unlock my account. Glypto Dropem does not have a mobile phone, therefore I sent a sternly worded email to Twitter support telling them I have no mobile phone, and demanding they unlock my account immediately. I will resend this message every day until I get the proper response.

  4. saoirse

    Musk, like all other billionaires, is a psychopath. They coexist on a pedestal made of greed. Despite the superficial display of "positive vibes" his long-term plans for people like us have no benevolent outcome.

  5. Xzebek

    We should welcome any good news from any source. The current (apparent) changes at Twitter are good for the free speech side. I don't have any social media accounts and never have. Despite that, I view the anti speech totalitarians that were running Twitter being tossed out as a positive. One problem with "our" side is a refusal to acknowledge victories or even steps towards victories. And we should be able to accept benefits from lukewarm or even temporary allies. I saw the same thing after the Dobbs decision and I don't understand it. Too many on our side want to hole up like hermits complaining that there can be no positive civic engagement or persuasion. Thinking that loading magazines in one's basement (while important) is the only way to prepare to win the war for this country is short sighted and defeatist.

  6. Anonymous

    Who gives a toss about twatter – it’s virtually all bots & AI from what I can see. Push away from the keyboard.

    If you simply can’t push away, start your own micro blog. It’s frigging hard work – especially if you don’t use blogger etc but it’s all yours. Unless the tld gets deregistered or banned by govt level tech, it’s pretty hard to stop.

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