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The Mall Of (No Longer) America

Back in the day, the mall was a magical place. Our local mall was the Southwyck Mall, kind of a dump but it was close. It was the gathering point for most of the local schools because there simply wasn’t anywhere else to go. It had everything: a movie theater, a record store, some places to eat, a Spencer Gifts with funny crap to buy and of course lots of girls from other schools you could check out but never actually talk to. There was something very egalitarian about it, rich kids and poor kids alike could show up and wander around.

The opening scene of Fast Times at Ridgemont High really captured what it was like. Even in the movie the only blacks you see were outside of the mall and The Go-Go’s We Got The Beat is classic early 80s music.

Unfortunately the egalitarianism of the Southwyck Mall was it’s downfall. I wrote about this in 2019: Exiled From The Cities We Built….

It also had a bus stop and that became a problem. It was a given when I was a teen that Friday night at Southwyck was “white night” and Saturday night was “black night”, something confirmed by the city of Toledo itself. So we just didn’t go to Southwyck on Saturday night. I don’t recall any actual incidents of racially motivated violence but we just stayed away. That perception of crime and violence helped drive customers away from Southwyck and eventually the mall closed in 2008, although it was essentially dead long before that. Being a place you stayed away from on Saturday night didn’t kill the mall by itself but when there were other, safer places to shop it certainly didn’t help. Crowds of young people are fine as long as they are not menacing the adult shoppers who were actually spending money.

Needless to say, I am not a mall shopper these days but yesterday I took some young Amish ladies to the mall as one has a birthday coming up and I went in to keep an eye on them. 

Nothing does more to convince me that we are on the verge of collapse quite like spending some time among the public. 

It was quite the mixed bag. You had a number of groups of Amish girls walking past Muslim women with colorful headscarves, a fair number of older Whites along with various mestizos. A few blacks but not as many as you might expect. But the people that were there? The obesity, cringe and freakishness was stunning. Not a few morbidly obese younger White girls wearing inappropriate clothing for their size and I had to think: what are they going to look like in 10-12 years when they hit their mid 30s? Some younger White guys wearing dorky clothing, one guy had a “Straight Our Of Azkaban” patch. A mestizo girl wearing an enormous pink princess dress like she was in a Disney movie. An enormous water buffalo of a black mom, wearing all red “Air Jordan” gear when she couldn’t get an inch off the ground without the aid of a crane, with her little future felon in tow, also wearing very expensive clothing. 

In a time of crisis I estimate 90% of the people I saw yesterday wouldn’t survive more than a week. They were simply soft and weak, not just physically but I suspect mentally as well, the result of generation after generation of people who faced no real challenges and hardship. The “rugged individualism” of American lore is long gone and what replaced it is not a healthy nationalism but rather a weak collectivist dependency. 

It isn’t just cultural, the people who live here now are genetically weaker. The smart and strong have fewer children, the weak and stupid have many, and the state subsidizes these imbeciles to ensure they reach adulthood where they can begin to reproduce uncontrollably, further degrading the gene pool. It isn’t just demographic change, although that is responsible for a lot of the problem, but also dysgenic reproduction from Whites. 

As someone commented recently and I was reminded of yesterday at the mall, we are in desperate need of some chlorine to clean up the gene pool.


  1. Anonymous

    I grew up right outside of Toledo (Erie, Mi) but booked out a long time ago. I recall Southwyke Mall but can’t remember where it was. At the time Toledo had 3 or 4 malls. Last time I was the there most were gone. It seems as if the only businesses in town were oversized hospitals and medical office parks. It is dreadful. I describe the town today as a medical plantation were poor people with government checks are farmed by the medical industry.

  2. Anonymous

    When forced to be out in public, my constant refrain (sometimes silent, oftentimes muttered aloud) is "I want you all to die and improve the world's gene pool." Blacks, mestizos, mohammedans, orientals, pajeets, purple haired fatties, old farts in masks, etc.. As a White woman I am generally outnumbered by a factor of 10 up to 25 to one when out and about, and the civnat notion that I ought to regard these alien, parasitic freaks as 'my countrymen' and 'fellow citizens' is patently absurd. While I don't discount those who say any sort of collapse or civil conflict would be miserable for all, I feel AINO deserves it in spades, and if any decent remnant is to survive for the future then a collapse cannot come soon enough.

  3. Xzebek

    There was a great "hang out" mall where I grew up on Long Island. Roosevelt Field where Lindbergh took off to Europe. It was exactly like the mall you describe and just like the one in Fast Times. Then, more and more bus routes started going there and then a couple stores catering to "urban " styles and tastes opened. You know exactly what happened then; what was once a great place became the ape house at the zoo.

  4. Anonymous

    I, too, grew up on Long Island, but further east, so that my hangout of choice was the Sunrise mall in Massapequa. It was a magical place for White teens back in the late 70s and 80s. I don't recall any racial trouble back then, as it seemed that blacks had no business being there.

    Many years later there was a great hue and cry from those living nearby when it was announced that Walmart would open a store in the mall. No one said so outright, but the reason for concern was that it would pull in blacks and wreck the place. Nothing ruins a public facility faster, once they swarm in like locusts.

  5. Arthur Sido

    In the 1980s if blacks had caused trouble they would have gotten the shit beat out of them, White guys still knew how to fight back then and the average black yoofs weren't all carrying stolen Glocks.

  6. Anonymous

    "Nothing does more to convince me that we are on the verge of collapse quite like spending some time among the public." — so well put.

    Arthur, having been in Columbus you may recall Tuttle Mall, in the Dublin area (upper middle class to just plain rich white, excepting the odd black basketball player or such). Went there for something, don't recall what, maybe 4-5 year ago before we moved out of OH-HI-OH. Don't know where the monied whites are shopping but it wasn't there anymore. Seemed the Muslims took over to the point even the Chinese in the food court advertised their menu as halal. Did not recognize the place.

    Steve S6

  7. Causeforalarm

    I agree with xzebek and anonymous, I grew up near the sunrise mall and been too the zoo called Roosevelt field. It’s sad to see what society as a whole has become. I also loved the movie fast times at ridgemont high (still do) the mall was similar back then. Checking out chicks , finding out what hardcore bands we’re playing that weekend. All gone. We slowly watched the malls turn into third worldlike airports. I can barely stomach going out into society without wanting to puke

  8. Big Ruckus D

    So too are "light rail" type public transport systems in cities that have them. The premier mall in my fair city is so afflicted. A station for the train system was built right across the street from it years ago, bringing the future – and present – felons of (no longer) America right to the front door step of the place to commit theft of merchandise, vehicles, car jackings and just regular old gansta style shootings (guns held high and sideways just like in the movies).

    Now the place is already effectively a no-go zone for white women (with any brains) who are rolling solo, and I certainly wouldn't go there as protective detail for one, as there is nothing there I need, excepting and abundance of worthy targets. Denial still keeps it busy and profitable, for now. Given the obvious trajectory of demographics, crime rates, and lack of proper apllication of law enforcement/deterrence, it's probably already locked into it's death spiral.

    What is especially amusing is that said mall is smack in the middle of one of the most upscale and well-to-do suburbs in town, heavily populated by upper class white liberals, who were much of the driving force for getting the train system built (with emphasis on this particular station, no less) and so their enlightened civic planning has brought the shit right into their own domain.

    Sometimes you can sense their seething resentment at having scored such an own goal, bespoiling their own backyards. But they still will never abandon the performative moralizing of speaking the plattitudes and shibboleth of diversity being our strength, and racism being the worst mortal sin of all violations against the narrative. Aw well, better they get shot than me. I can't pretend to care any more, bring on the collapse and let the culling of the herd commence.

  9. Anonymous

    The explosion of tattoos really baffles me. I've never, or almost never*, seen one that I thought improved a person's appearance, yet they are everywhere now. Seemingly on everybody.

    I battle with my weight nowadays but I'm in my 50s so I guess it goes with the territory kind of. The number of morbidly obese folks in their 20s and 30s I see lately is something else. Tattooed morbidly obese young people. You get the sense somebody will be looking at pictures of them in history books someday.

    Speaking of history books, there "collapse" has a way of looking like an event, something that happened one day or one week, but in real time, it takes decades. Sometimes even centuries.

    The USA is beyond saving. Even if all immigration, not just illegal but all, was stopped right now, today, it is already too late. The demographics are at this point irreversible. The Great Replacement has already succeeded. And it's not just about replacement. You don't have to look very hard to see mentally degenerate, drug addled, morbidly obese, tattooed white people. All you can do is try and save yourself. Prior to the wuflu insanity I had serious thoughts of expatriating to escape, but that event revealed that there's nowhere, or almost nowhere in the world to run to where I'd have better prospects than red state America.

    *I just happened to be watching Escape from New York the other day and saw Snake Plissken's snake tattoo on his belly and thought it looked kinda cool. Which brought to mind Nick Nolte's tattoo in the movie Weeds. That's why I had to say almost never. But those tattoos were done by Hollywood makeup artists.

  10. Zorost

    The truly scary thing to realize is that there probably won't be a collapse.
    The kinds of people in charge now will likely still be in charge 50 and 100 years from now. There might be a break-up into regions, but the Diadochi will still be swamp creatures who do not care about real America or White people.

    This could change, but it would require action.

  11. Anonymous

    I would imagine the south side of ShitCongo will get quite spicy during the shitstorm. You can already feel the way the shit clings to the air. We are in for a shitblizzard Randy.

  12. Anonymous

    Idiocracy was far too blue pilled..We are reaching the same levels quickly in decades, not hundreds of years as the movie projects…

  13. Anonymous

    That's what collapse usually is. It's not like we wake up one day and everything is gone. Things just get slowly, steadily, inexorably worse.

  14. Anonymous

    Reading all the comments I can say that most of you missed the really great nights out cruising the drive-ins, checking out the cars and girls, hanging out together. It was before anyone knew about malls. No race mixing like I see everywhere today. Just sit out in the parking lot (waiting for the wife) and watch what goes in and out of a mall entrance or big box store these days. Both disgusting and entertaining at the same time. The coming hard times will thin this herd.

  15. Anonymous

    I have lived and traveled much over the last decade in Central and S. America and the Malls there are bustling with healthy happy go lucky types kinda like the Ridgemont High video. Of course, it's a homogeneous crowd (latino) and shop owners watch over their goods closely when people are browsing, but other than that it seems quite a throwback to America in the 80's? Homogeneity is a nations greatest strength, NOT diversity.

  16. Anonymous

    You are right. It will be slow atrophy – we are already in the midst of it. Rome didn’t fall, it decayed over the third to fifth centuries.

  17. Anonymous

    Last week I went to a mall here in Columbus, OH. I quickly remembered why I never go to malls. It was so depressing. So many of the better shops from the past were gone. The place is moribund, like the economy. It will probably be a ghost town or a place to barter after everything falls apart. Walking through an anchor store, I noticed most all the merchandise was cheap looking. Surrounded by junk. This place was a thriving mall at one time, where you could do most all of your Christmas shopping and enjoy the decorations and music. People must be shopping on line, that is if they have any money to spend. The people were similar to what you described. Didn't even see any of the older folk doing their forced march mall walking. All the down escalators were out or service. There is a more upscale mall on the east end of town that may be faring better. A preview of things to come.

  18. norwood

    I prepared for decades for the collapse which never came in my prime. A blessing and a curse. Old and slightly infirm now, my days of fantasizing about being a high speed death machine are long over….or an organizer for that matter. Here in NW CT there's little interest in MAG's. The last time I was in a big mall was the Manchester Mall and that was 25 years ago. It was a happening place but already the black plague was creeping in with their smirks, dead eye stares and outlandish expositions. I take comfort knowing that I won't make it past 3 months without my meds when sporty time arrives in earnest, so I will spend my life dear before I fade.

  19. Anonymous

    You just described Westland mall there, but 20 or so years ago. Been closed a long time now and lot's of building code issues. Hell may finally have got torn down. Haven't been there in a handful of years. It's a pattern.
    Steve S6

  20. Anonymous

    Lots of meat, in both the post and comments. Talk about a trip down memory lane, when I read the word Spencer's.

    My state has had two suburban malls that were thriving in the 80s, when I was a teen. Both still exist, and are actually doing OK. A larger mall was built in the capital city some 20 years ago, and that mall has been the site of several violent crimes.

  21. TechieDude

    Same as ours back in Virginia, the railstop ruined it. Got "Vibrant" with honest to god hookers hanging out.

    The one in Plano shut down and was leveled. Never went in except to the watch specialty store. The others are all high end so only monied nigros are allowed.

  22. robehr orinsky

    I don't even bother getting out of the car when I take the squaw to the Mall . I put on a good Christian station and just let the Lord minister to me . Simultaneously I cannot help but notice Yashica and her ten little ones fingering the EBT card on their way to glory . Three young whales glance my way to see if I'm looking at their butts when they stroll by shaking the very pavement as if a Brontosaurus Rex was approaching . It is getting hard not to pray for judgement for America so I close my eyes behind the dark sunglasses and meditate on a better world where I am not a Pilgrim .

  23. Anonymous

    Wow. This one really struck a chord, apparently. Most of the /ourside/ sites will up the comment totals with an occasional gratuitous post about 80s pop music. That's just a given. But the response to this thread is impressive.

    It would seem that shopping malls were and are a metaphor for the fading White America we are watching disappear before our wondering eyes, swept away in a relentless tide of brown ooze. Like movie theaters and county fairs, their very existence relies on the basic civility of patrons to enjoy the facilities and NOT destroy the fragile edifices.

    Scare the monied White women away and your business venture will collapse. Blacks swiftly fill the voids they create. Quad erat demonstrandum.

  24. saoirse

    Malls are the perverse epicenters of every city and suburb on the downhill slide, which is most all of them now. Unlike the urban ghettos, you can see an assortment of freaks from all races prancing around in the hellish halogen glow like the damned in Dante's Purgatorio. The only use for these sewers is for confirming that "civilized society" is no more. Escaping to rural areas is the only way to regroup and survive!

  25. Anonymous

    I, too, have fond feelings of going to the mall as a teen, and I, also, was very entertained by "Fast Times."

    But now, alas, I have to regard it as one step closer to the end.

    Back then, I was completely immoral – just following the lead of the teen culture. The movie was also immoral, encouraging poor behavior, promiscuity, and abortion. But I did not know better. Now I do, but it is too late.

    I'd rather live in Bedford Falls, with small businesses, family-oriented lifestyles, and honest people. I guess we can't really have that anymore. There is always a (((Potter))) looking sharp to remake our town into his (((Pottersville.)))

    I mean, really, who are those who manage our music, manage our movies, manage our malls, and create the trends we follow?

  26. Anonymous

    I grew up in Gwinnett county, GA. Went to Gwinnett place mall growing up. It was great. Gwinnett was great too. Now it’s a complete shithole and everyone I grew up there with that is still keep in touch with has left. The mall went the same way the others y’all describe. It eventually shut down, and since it’s just sitting there, they used it to film all the mall scenes in ‘stranger things’. That whole area got overrun first by Mexicans and other assorted foreigners, and last I checked it was a lot of blacks as well. One thing you won’t see though – white people. I confess I can’t confirm this recently because I haven’t been back there in years and have no plans to, but that’s how it was and there’s no way in hell it’s gotten better.


  27. Anonymous

    “Diversity” has…Destroyed America.
    3rd World.. is 3rd World.
    And We Are, Different.

    I do not GAS what they claim or enact with “Law”

  28. Anonymous

    Lots of truth spoken here today. Shepherd Mall when I was a teen drove by it a few months ago, uggh. Alas the bell curve never changes.

    Bear Claw

  29. Glypto Dropem

    Malls are NOT a place to go any more, armed or not. When the tribes of urban jungle dwellers collide and the mayhem ensues, no one is safe.

    The closest I get to going in a mall is a small mostly empty one near me that has a Subway with an exterior entrance/exit. Last time I was there I peaked out in the mall area, and saw mostly shuttered storefronts and only a few people. I don't think its going to be around much longer.

  30. Anonymous

    I remember Southwyck Mall- even remember when it opened. It was a big deal for those of us from more rural areas.

    For many of us, it was the first time we saw feral savages and their behavior. To notice such was racist.

  31. Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of the “blackout tattoo”. Why would anyone ever do that unless they want to be a black. Serious mental illness on display today.

  32. Anonymous

    Spencer’s was gross. It became the place all the girls got vibrators and dildos in high school. Probably best to board that place up.

  33. Anonymous

    Answer: Jews. Not a coincidence that they are less than 2% of the population but overwhelmingly represented in Hollywood and media. Look up some actors/actresses and check their background on Wikipedia.

  34. Anonymous

    Oh great “profit97” be back. Looks like the troll Jew be out again selling dey ethnic scams to half wit clowns. I mean how stupid do you have to be to be…

  35. 4hawks

    +1 for doing escort detail in the jungle, I get it. Where I am has exactly the same symptoms and probably the same diagnosis. Ah, record stores and movie theatres with bargain matinees. I'm reading some of Bison's old posts from 2016 or so and they are scary- The grandpappy prepper ones.

  36. 4hawks

    This post sounds like where I was brought up…mostly now kaput or a dangerous husk of itself . 'Nothing does more to convince me that we are on the verge of a collapse quite like spending time among the public.'= Quote of the day. +1 doing escort detail for precious cargo into the jungle, I get it.

  37. Anonymous

    It was not the mall that was great about America. It was and used to be the civil and moral people that did that. It is also the missing ingredient needed to get back there.

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