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If you can’t defend it, you don’t own it.


  1. Anonymous

    I went to Aldi a couple of months ago and bought some cases of veggies, soup and other stuff. While waiting in the checkout line a woman made the comment " If anything happens I'm coming to your house." I replied if you show up uninvited at my house you might end up in the stew pot with some of these veggies. She went to another line.
    Yeah. There are people that their SHTF plan is someone else is going to take care of them or they'll kill you and take it.
    Harden you mind ,body, soul.

  2. Anonymous

    I got real tired of hearing that shit from others. if anything happens I coming over bullshit.
    had a co worker who once took her kids to mouse land. spent like 5 plus grand doing it.
    about a month later she asked me if I could lend her some money to pay her taxes (??)
    she got pissed when I told her to show them her pictures of the vacation in mouse land.
    so, yea. a whole lot of people do not know where I live these past 6 years now.
    I warned a friend of mine after he bought himself a new HD bike. you got any food stored up ?
    he said well, I told him you come down here starving, I going to tell to lick your damn chrome pipes if you are. he stocked up his basement after that. you have to be hard with some folks
    and please do not come at me with 'it's for the children shit" . god I hate that bullshit line.
    so, you fucking stupid and now you expect me to feed your kids because you bought a stupid flat screen or something else worthless instead of getting food ?

  3. Zorost

    Why is this such a popular fantasy with you people? I'm honestly curious. What need does it fulfil?

    I highly doubt this happened. I frequently see people with carts full of food at the store. Including stacks of cans and a big bag of flour. That's what families do, it's completely normal. I buy in bulk because I'm cheap, and no one has ever made any comment about my groceries.

    If anyone is marking you as a prepper and a high value target because of your behavior at Aldi's, you are a retard who needs to change their behavior.

  4. Zorost

    "I got real tired of hearing that shit from others."

    How stupid are you people that you are constantly being marked as an easy target of high value? Are you in "urban greyman camo" that you bought from some grifter site, perhaps a jumpsuit with backpack, combat boots, and machete, creeping down the aisles of the Piggly Wiggly thinking that you are totally blending in? Try sweat pants, T-shirt, and sneakers.

    In my many decades of grocery shopping, often buying in bulk because I'm cheap, I have never had anyone comment on my groceries, much less threaten to come to my house to kill me in the event of a Mad Max event. WTF are you people doing that you invite such conversations, assuming that such convos are even happening. Reminds me of those Leftist tweets about how their 6 old just delivered a speech about the negative downstream effects of Trump's economic plan.

  5. Anonymous

    The first I ever heard that was about 5 or 6 years ago. I was on a training break at a firearms training school, a big one, and chatting with the RM. This was a rifle class but he also taught shotgun. The conversation got around to grid down situations and the cost of things and he said, "when the balloon goes up, everything costs 30 cents." 223 was a lot cheaper then. Mind you, this was the range master. I hoped he was kidding but now I'm not so sure.

  6. Anonymous

    As you remarked above, it's their fantasy. Like leftists desperate to root out White supremecists in their corn flakes, they just WANT it to be so. I sure do notice what others have in their carts in the Piggy Wiggly, especially when it's a butt-load of chips and candy and sugary drinks pushed along by some waddling landwhale with an EBT card. But never once have I commented to an anonymous stranger on their purchases.

    Mad-preppers are not very much different than vegans or cross-fitters in their eagerness to impress others with their "superiority". So they make up elaborate fantasies about shutting down rubes, indulging the humble-brag shite they so desperately wish could happen. All the while identifying themselves as soft targets. Smart. Real smart. Way to stay under that radar, Bubba.

    Do your thing, whatever that is. Just do it QUIETLY. No one else cares what "thing" you are doing, and making a grand show of it only makes you a mark.

  7. Anonymous

    I've heard that (I'll take yours… food, BOB, whatever) from a couple of Special Forces vets (decades apart mind you). I read somewhere that the SF training entails working away from the supply chain and having to field requisition supplies. From a legitimate enemy is one thing, but from countrymen shouldn't even be funny.

    As for the "it's for the kids" argument, sorry folks but your kids are probably worthless in a SHTF and are more easily replaced than supplies. Children first is contra survival unless they can work towards the group survival. Child bearing age adults are number one, seniors with skills/knowledge are number 2, working age kids 3. Younger kids don't even rank in a survival situation. Tough, but if feeding and caring for them jeopardizes the first three rankings you're doing it wrong and will find out the hard way.

    Steve S6

  8. Anonymous

    "If you can't defend it, you don't own it". Can't or won't. For reference see Heritage American culture. Christianity. Patriarchy. And so on. The mandate of necessity seems to be rather elastic. "I will just come to your house" is just an extension of the attitudes that lost us the culture war, i.e. it is not the means but the will.

    Of all the awake people I encounter there remains a tiny fraction that are actually working to build-up real life community bonds, overlapping skills and resources, and mutually beneficial and reliant social infrastructure if that means they must reject some cozy aspect of the cloud.

    There is, however, a lot of "I will just shoot the commies in the face" banter over dick measuring various stockpiles and holiness posturing over which particular item or strategery is best in the current day, all while they continue to draw paychecks and profits from various evil corps, middlemanning, hustling, and sales gigs profiteering off of the various principles they claim to despise.

    Lots of end of the world porn but very little about how we rise up from the ashes as a People. Anyhow, I have an SF brother in my immediate family and another close friend with the stack of shoulder patches and neither one seems overly concerned about the future beyond their ammo stack. One did, however, tell his lol'ing neighbor after she said "if anything happens, we will just come over here!" that "if you show up on my land I would drop you at 200 yards" and he is not the lol type so the meme is real. Turns out killing the Patriarchy left a mark.

    I have a few prudent piles in the cellar. A little of this or that. But my wife and I both struggle to make money without selling out our principles or our people. We struggle to meet like-minded people who are not just physically prepared but mentally and spiritually and socially prepared – not for the end, but rather to start working today to give our grandkids some shade to sit beneath. These are not subtle differences.

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Zorost. I've read all your comments to this thread and you seem to think that everyone goes out of there way to advertise they are a prepper. Most peppers I know are very low key. No cammie, gun stickers on their truck, etc. Don't know what neck of the woods you live in but I run across people everyday who can't seem to mind their own business. Most people are nosey. Seeing what you're doing, buying, listening to what you say. If you have a cart heaped with nothing but cans goods most folks are going to probably put 2 and 2 together. They might be polite enough to mind there own business. The times we have been living in for the last couple of years have opened up some people's eyes. The woman who made the comment to me may have thought she was being cute. My reply was not ment to be mean. To was ment to tell her she might want to put the cookies back and rethink her shopping habits. I really don't care if you believe me or not. But I'd suggest you don't call people you don't know a liar or a retard to their face.

  10. Anonymous

    I'd save the kids under 5 before just about anyone over 65 (and I'm old myself). The medical care and resources the old and sick require are immense and ultimately wasted. Children under 5 – despite the influence of genetics and as long as they are White – can usually be raised to be productive and right-thinking people. Age 5-11 they become intensely cliquey and into the social pecking order, and age 12-18 they are pretty much batshite crazy and already trained to be useless eaters like their parents.

  11. Zorost

    "Happens about 20% of the time I have a big load."

    So why do you keep buying food by the big load? Make 2 trips. Go to different stores. The very first time someone pinged you as a prepper you should have changed up your grocery buying habits. Not keep doing the same retarded thing for FORTY FUCKING YEARS!!!

    Do you get such a big thrill from people identifying you as a big bad prepper that it negates the huge negatives of people thinking you are a dangerous kook whose house they are going to first if their kids get hungry?

  12. Zorost

    Great comment.

    "Lots of end of the world porn but very little about how we rise up from the ashes as a People."

    This drives me nuts. Many have a plan to survive 1 year… but then what? It's like their mind just blanks, and assumes that in spite of all their prophecies of utter collapse that their 401k's will be reinstated after 1 year, and the grocery store lights will suddenly pop on and the shelves will magically fill.

    Especially since an actual full-blown collapse has almost no chance of happening; the government in some form will exist, even if it's just a governor or general trying to impose order. If you aren't able to influence that by being hooked into a strong local network, that 1 year of preps will keep your family alive just long enough to be put to work in the New Order.

    So many of the apocalypse porn assumes that the only people who survive will be self-reliant people with an AR in 1 hand, a Bible in the other, and the Constitution in a 3rd hand. Yet historically those are not the people most likely to survive: the people in charge afterwards were generally people who were in charge of something before, then their enforcers, then the large mass of people desperate for Order at any cost that are put to work by the former. Records are spotty, but there didn't seem to be much voting or discussion of the Inherent Rights of Man during the Euro Dark Age or the many Chinese Warlord Eras.

  13. EasyCo.

    You must have brain damage because you make no sense.

    You harp on this thing that people want to be know as a "big bad prepper".

    I'll tell you again, nosy women stick their noses in what isn't their business.

    Never got accused of being a survivalist, just "why" did I need all that?

    As for coming to my home, how could they do that?

    I didn't write it down for them, so how would they know?

    Face it,loser, your the one wanting attention here.

  14. Zorost

    anon1: "if anything happens I coming over bullshit."
    Zorost: "I have never had anyone comment on my groceries, much less threaten to come to my house to kill me in the event of a Mad Max event."
    anon2: "So they make up elaborate fantasies about shutting down rubes, indulging the humble-brag shite"
    EasyCo: "No, you two idiots, it does actually happen."

    So yes, you were talking about people coming over to kill you in mad max to take your stuff. Anon1 said it happens, I and anon2 made fun of both of him for claiming it happens, then you agreed with anon1 that it happens, now you are walking back your statement to not seem to stupid.

    That's fine, just own your mistake and move on, learning from the experience. If you really are drawing attention to yourself by buying massive amounts of food in 1 trip, then stop buying massive amounts of food in 1 trip. It's sad that after 40 years you are still making the same mistake, but I've learned that some people are like that, and there isn't much that can be done about it.

  15. Anonymous

    Just going by observations in my locale, the grasshoppers far outnumber the ants, and when panic sets in and catches them unawares, they will behave as locusts. Desperate people do desperate things and hunger is a powerful motivator.

  16. Arthur Sido

    I have said before that there isn't a limit on what I would do to feed my family, and most men are the same way. Seeing your kids starving to death would motivate a lot of people to do unthinkable stuff.

  17. MN Steel

    Zorost must live in a city where he can go get 3 cans of food from every corner bodega so he's not targetted for hoarding.

    People that live over a half-hour from a well-stocked store tend to buy a lot of things at one time because gas is expensive, time can't be replaced, and more trips means more dealing with people, traffic, and whatever kind of superhero/superprepper/shooter of world renown Zorost represents.

    Be funny is he was posting from Tge Villages.

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