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Race Is Real

One of the most reliable indicators that someone isn’t a serious person, other than still wearing a mask or having their hair colored some silly shade, is when they say that race is just “skin color” or “melanin levels”, as if there is no other biological reality when it comes to race. That brings me to a great new video from American Renaissance:

Race is glaringly real to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of biology.


  1. Michael

    In my area of NH, we have very little diversity. But then again aside from seeing an occasional homeless person in Concord and police reports of Manchester things are pretty peaceful around here. Folks more often than not, hold doors for others and return Walmart carts. I picked this area after 20+ years US Army and many years as a travelling nurse so I knew a little about most of America.

    Maybe our homeless and diversity situation is lower than some because we don't coddle folks with generous welfare (You HAVE to find work to restore benefits) and nice homeless shelters so they generally head south to Mass. Our winters are often brutal with days long Nor'easters and neighbors help each other dig out from them. I've had neighbors with snowplows show up so I can carry my portable generator to a couple of seniors I worry about.

    All that said to say while there are way too many Africans doing ugly and stupid things in too many places, we accept anybody who is a good neighbor. And between shunning (Like NO Snowplow help, refusing to do handyman work and such) and sometimes the Bears eat troublemakers.

    And our police leave the bears alone.

    Trouble moves to Mass. We even have Megan's Law where police that play loose with the truth have to PROVE everything they report and say in court. Most questionable police find work in Mass.

    Sometimes you have to sweep your own street to keep things clean. Just don't brag about it, nobody likes a braggart.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, Arthur, can't watch it. I see way too many foolish White girls with dark companions today, and I KNOW where they are headed, even though they can't figure it out themselves until it is too late. There is a very, very good reason why 98% of inter-racial couples are White women with non-White men. We men were gifted with a natural wariness that the females of our species just didn't get. I can honestly say that I've never been even slightly attracted to darker-skinned women. Even someone as pale as Halle Berry or Candace Owens sends up red flags to this die-hard race realist. The one-drop rule is not merely a suggestion. It is dire warning.

  3. saoirse

    Very well said.
    Every mud shark has her much deserved day of reckoning!
    Almost wish her nigger screw would step aside and let the nearest concious white guy give her a few licks too.

  4. Xzebek

    Surveys of what men find attractive consistently place black women last. Which is why most mixed race (gag) couples are darkie man and white woman. Even their own kind don't find black women attractive.

  5. Anonymous

    Sounds good. Rhode Island is just an liberal shithole extension of Massachusetts, but more crowded. Family is the only thing preventing me from leaving.

  6. Cederq

    Refreshing someone speaks a truth we all subscribe to. One does not need a PhD to discern differences and understand empirical evidence of differences between the races. The Good Creator knew what he was doing by placing races where he placed them…

  7. Anonymous

    For many years I've been saying, "There is no more gullible creature on God's green earth than the white human female." Nobody had to teach me to say that. I learned it just from living a few decades and having eyes and ears.

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