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It is without question that America has descended into a largely lawless state but for most of us we don’t see it directly on a daily basis. Cops aren’t kicking down our doors (yet), roving bands of diversity aren’t ransacking our homes (yet). We bitch but we pay our taxes and stop for stop signs and return carts to the corral at the store. Where we are now is not the worst of it, not by a long shot. 

The precise tipping point is uncertain but certainly close, the point where the law is no longer in force in any meaningful sense for most of the country. 

Prepper types love our acronyms and this the acronym used to describe this sort of breakdown is WROL: Without Rule OLaw.

For the most part we can’t imagine life without the rule of law, without cops or firefighters showing up when we press three buttons on a small plastic box. We follow the rules because we are taught to follow them but also because we trust that most everyone else will also follow those rules. Of course there is a small segment of the populace that doesn’t and we call them criminals, expecting that the police will catch them and a jury of our peers will send them to jail to rot. The system mostly works, it really does. Compared to a lot of places in the world, it works nearly flawlessly. Although most people have some direct experience with minor criminal behavior, usually something minor being stolen, few of us have experienced a serious crime because the system mostly works. 

What happens when it doesn’t?

** A quick note for the gen-u-wine, certified “shooters” and assorted employees of Federal agencies. This is not intended as an incitement to action and is presented for entertainment purposes only regarding what life might be like following a collapse of the rule of law. The “rules of engagement” will change when the rule of law stops functioning. **

When the rule of law ceases to exist, and damn son we are close to that point now, the worst dregs of society won’t hesitate for even a moment before they kick off an orgy of theft, assault, rape and murder. They are already mostly out of control but when the rule of law ceases to function, it won’t be long before the chaos really kicks off.

This will of course be most pronounced in urban areas where the rule of law barely exists as it is. There will be a tipping point where the remaining cops will be overwhelmed and so outnumbered that they stop responding to calls at all. The ferals will sense this long before media reports it, the word will spread like wildfire among the ghetto-dwellers that they capped Da’Lishush and the cops never ever showed up. 

The important takeaway here is that the response time to WROL will be far shorter for people operating on the fringe of lawlessness or already over the line anyway compared to suburbanites and others who fall under the umbrella of “law abiding”. Those who hold up “The Law” like a talisman to keep them safe will take much longer to abandon that mindset and that delay might be fatal. 

The time to begin to change your mindset is before things go sideways. When the hordes are approaching is not the time for you to have a moral crisis. I keep banging this drum, the mantra of changing your emotional and mental framework now. 

For example, Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man put up a post with a provocative title:

“Be prepared to kill a child”

“Child” in this case is referring to feral yoofs/rowdies/teens. Peter quotes from the article he links….

Getting killed by a group of children is still getting killed.

Your children will never see you again.  You family will still lose you.

You don’t get a mulligan because your skull was caved in by a 15 year old instead of a 25 year old.

You must deal with the threat as it presents itself, and that threat may be a bunch of teens with hearts full of murder.

You might have to kill a child in self defense.

Be prepared for that reality.

Dead is dead and many teen “children” are as large as adults and utterly amoral. Too many people conflate a nice 12 year old suburban White kid in the school marching band with a 12 year old black or mestizo kid that has grown up in a violence-infused culture that glorifies and encourages random violence. Many of these young thugs-in-training have learned that “I want, I take” is the only rule and if you are strong enough or violent enough you can have whatever you want since they were old enough to understand such concepts. 

In a WROL situation, things like basic courtesy and rules for civil behavior change. In a Survival Blog post Letter Re: A Veteran Policeman’s Observations on The Golden Horde, the writer talks about the different waves of The Golden Horde fleeing the cities and a good rule of thumb:

When dealing with all of the above types, caution is the word. Never let them get even a glimpse of what you have. Never let them get past your outer barrier, be that a fence, abatis or boundary line. Its best to keep verbal contact to the barest minimum. A terse: “We have nothing, go away or we will shoot” is a good example. I have seen them be charming and seemingly harmless while edging into a fence gate or otherwise getting closer until they are in range to strike. You must always remember the 20 foot rule (Never let anyone get closer than 20 feet from you at any time).

I think 20 feet is not nearly far enough. Most urbanite ferals will be armed with handguns or maybe stolen rifles/shotguns they are unfamiliar with and even held sideways a Glock at 20 feet is dangerous. Much of it will be situational. A White family with small kids is one thing, a dozen urban ferals is something else entirely and should be warned off as soon as sighted and dealt with decisively if they don’t heed the warning. In fact the guy that wrote in this letter commented five years later and expanded his zone:

Even 30 feet is too close when people are desperate but I assume that anyone reading this knows that when we are in a WROL situation, waiting until certain groups get within 30 feet is unacceptably dangerous.

We mostly think about The Golden Horde fleeing the city and then wandering out to where we live once they strip the suburbs, and that makes sense. The reason for this post is to suggest you add to your mental preparation beyond just getting to a place where you can do what needs to be done when hungry hordes show up and also to consider a very specific sort of area study: who in your area of operation is likely to flip the switch and go rogue once the rule of law is suspended?

Without getting into specifics, there are definitely people who live in my area of operation that I will work with and provide protection to. Then again there are also, without getting into specifics, people I have already identified in my mind that are going to be immediately problematic.

For example, even out where we live there are a handful of sex offenders on the registry and several of them are listed as “violent sex offenders”. These aren’t guys who are flashers, they are rapists of some sort. My general policy is that while some criminals can be reformed, violent sex offenders almost never can be. These guys have likely been eyeballing young girls and children for months or years, waiting for an opportunity. What do you think a convicted rapist is going to do as soon as the fear of being sent back to jail disappears? 

Sex offenders are obvious. There are others, and I assume most people have them as well no matter where they live. The sketchy people, the guys you suspect of minor crimes like petty theft and vandalism but no one has caught them. There are a few of them around here, guys you wouldn’t trust any farther than you could throw them under ideal circumstances, but under WROL circumstances? They would turn in a hurry. 

Out in rural America there are unfortunately a fair number of people who are addicted to opioids or meth. When they can’t get their high easily, it is unlikely they will just say “oh well” and turn to painting or something. They will be far more prone to start hitting house after house looking for medicine cabinets with opioids. When they have broken into your home and are already inside, it is getting pretty late to do something. 

My point is that there are lots of people no matter where you live that are going to become immediately problematic as soon as calling 911 doesn’t result in cops showing up. It will require a new way of thinking and it is far better if you start to cultivate it now rather than once the wheels come off. 

Am I saying that you need to cap troublemakers before they can cause trouble when we live WROL? I am not saying that but I am also not NOT saying that. Specific prescriptions require knowledge of specific situations. A guy with a drug problem who is otherwise a decent dude might need to be given a stern warning and a reminder that one warning is all they get. A violent child rapist? Maybe he doesn’t get the first warning or he gets a notification delivered at 3000 fps. 

Start thinking now about your area of operations. Highlight people that are going to be immediate problems, those who have the potential to be problems due to a lack of preparedness and of course those who are like-minded and can be part of a team.

On the other hand, WROL is  double-edged sword….

When the rule of law goes away, frontier justice will replace it. I like this from a few years back at Instapundit:

Police don’t actually protect law-abiding citizens from criminals so much as they protect criminals from the much-rougher justice they’d get in the absence of a legal system.

Burglars would be hung from lampposts, and shoplifters would be beaten and tossed into the gutter if there were no police, as in fact happens in countries where there isn’t a reliable justice system and a civil-society culture that restrains vigilantism. Reminder to the criminal class: Ultimately, we’re not stuck in this country with you. You’re stuck in this country with us.

We don’t shove child molesters into woodchippers now because we trust the system to deal with them, even though it often fails to do so. That trust is fading fast and when it disappears, good men will have to do unpleasant things to deal with bad men. The bad men already feel they can act with near impunity and often are heard to comment “what are you going to do about it?”, knowing that generally the answer is nothing. We don’t do anything because the law would come after us. What most don’t seem to realize…

If you can get away with committing crimes, we can get away with meting out justice and skipping the public defender and jury trial. 

WROL cuts both ways. The cops won’t come when we call but they also won’t come when we pop some feral rowdies in the head.

There is a lot of pent up anger and frustration in the country at seeing criminals get away with their bullshit. The rowdies could get a quick and brief lesson in why our people were once feared the world over. 

Of course you need to compartmentalize this. Walking around all day thinking about capping bad people is not good for your mental health. Figure out what you might need to do and put it aside in your mind behind a “break glass in case of emergency” barrier. Like a fire extinguisher you hope you don’t have to use your new mental position but also like an extinguisher you better have it if there is a fire. 

A world under WROL is going to be ugly and unpleasant in many respects but on the other hand, we are on the verge of a one-sided WROL anyway, where the criminals operate without fear of the law but decent people get locked up for defending ourselves or for unauthorized sight-seeing in a public building. Whether we want it or not, it is coming and mental preparation is going to be just as critical as physical fitness and owning the right supplies.


  1. Anonymous

    9-1-1 is not the only public service destined to fail going forward due to the seismic change in demographics taking place. Assume that lack of interested, capable staff will eventually affect firefighters (particularly volunteers), EMT crews, utility workers and the like. In the private sector there are already serious shortages of competent plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, diesel mechanics, pilots, truck drivers, nurses.

    We are sprinting toward Idiocracy as the country turns more dun-colored. When YT disappears, so does the civilized society and the infrastructure that he alone developed and maintained. It is genuinely frightening to contemplate putting my life in the hands of a borderline retarded surgeon who went through medical skoo' on a bassetball scholarship. Or crossing over a bridge designed and built by a committee whose sole focus was on championing the exclusion of pale males from the project.

    Thinking about it now, I have never once in my life seen a non-White participate in any low-profile volunteer organization or project, be it beach cleanups, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, neighborhood watches, charity walks or after-school mentoring programs. All they ever seem to want to know is, What's in it for ME?

    They don't pitch in. They don't donate their time or money. Hell, they barely tip in a restaurant, despite demanding white glove service. When the SHTF it will be every feral for himself, and chaos will rein in short order. Remember that afternoon a few years back when the EBT system faltered for a few hours and it looked like the municipal zoo unlocked all the cages? Imagine that a thousand-fold.

  2. Anonymous

    yup. and forget about any idea of mercy. they have none, so neither should you.
    you best bet or safest is distance from them. if you see a mob coming or gang, group whatever you want to call them. shoot first from a distance. like 300 yards plus. at that range
    they will have no idea where you are. keep it that way. these "people" fight over toasters and tv on black Friday, what do you think they going to do over food ?
    any small town should and better set up a road block a couple of miles outside of their town. like a good ambush point. failure to do so will be you own undoing.
    roads, old rail lines, power line trails all should be guarded or watched over and a good
    QRF on standby at all times. a good read might be the old army book on booby traps
    to cover areas not watched over. think of the VC as teachers in that regard.

  3. Don Curton

    "we are on the verge of a one-sided WROL anyway, where the criminals operate without fear of the law but decent people get locked up for defending ourselves or for unauthorized sight-seeing in a public building."

    This right here. This is the mental barrier we'll have to get past. We don't strike back automatically because we stop and think of consequences – knowing that consequences for us will always be more severe than for, well, those others. One-sided WROL is here now.

  4. Anonymous

    When the cops stop responding to calls, EMS and fire will too. We (EMS and fire) already stage away at any questionable call until the cops swoop in and clear the scene. In fact, that is the second commandment of EMS training. So your house will burn and your wounds will go untended even in the first-flush of WROL time. The cops will be responding to the first incidents, and more will avalanche in as the scum realize the situation. Look at the momentum of riots. Be ready to fight your own fires and patch your own holes.

  5. Anonymous

    it is one of the main reason why I had to get out of that shithole philly has become.
    any white person there will never get a fair trial defending himself there.
    just not going to happen. and it has been like that for a couple of years now.

  6. Tactless Wookie

    Years ago in the fire service we learned a handy thing.

    The rule of thumb. Face an object.
    Extend your hand thumb up.
    Place thumb over object.
    If the object can still be seen,
    you are too close.

    My dad was a wise man. He told me: "Undo others before they undo you."

  7. Anonymous

    I'm not sure if being out in the boonies makes you safer. It can just as well make you more isolated and vulnerable. Location matters IMO not so much as an urban vs rural thing but more as a "who is around you" thing. It's not so much a question of whether or not you live in a city, but which city. Around what kind of people. What sort of values does your community have etc.

    Being out in the boonies does make you less likely to be vaporized in an exchange of warheads

  8. Anonymous

    what was the average age of the youts who trashed a wawa store a while back ? 12-15 maybe ?
    they know they will get away with it. know it. now what kind of mindset is that ?
    that is what you will be facing with the mob coming out of the shithole cities.
    they can get away with doing damn near anything they want too. by and large, they might be called stupid, but they are cunning as any feral critter. also remember they do this for entertainment as well. expect to see a lot more of that after the power goes out too and they get bored

  9. Anonymous

    I've tried putting that gospel out, you don't trust the critters, and most what I get are LOOKS. When it bursts forth in all it's glory, my teaching job will be a lot easier, albeit much more dangerous. Don't expect to survive WROL for long anyway, odds don't favor it. But y'know, you pays your money, and you takes your chances.

  10. Xzebek

    I'm glad you issued that disclaimer in your post.
    Although I expect that certified "shooters" will no longer be wasting their time reading posts and comments from the likes of us but will instead be out working on getting their 2 inch groups at a mile and a half down to inch and a half groups. 🙂
    I have a similar thought to the idea that, in certain circumstances, one has to be prepared to kill a child. Wd also might have to kill a Leo. I saw too may examples during the Fentanyl Floyd riots of people mildly resisting or defending themselves against rioters and the police who were standing there the whole time doing nothing to the rioters, swarmed and arrested those attempting to defend themselves. WROL is not only the police mo longer responding to criminal activity but also in actively taking the side of criminals. In my mind they are now no different than the miscreants and should be treated accordingly. If it becomes as dangerous to Leos to act against the otherwise law abiding as the actual criminals, perhaps they will stop following orders to do so. I would hope it never comes to this but it is something that I believe we should keep in mind.

  11. Anonymous

    @anon 10/6 1:08
    I'd wager if it gets that bad a lot (most?) cops will be headed home to save their family and ditch the uniform.
    Steve S6

  12. Anonymous

    You might say we have the situation we have BECAUSE we have failed to dispense real justice, we've allowed it to be suppressed by the corrupt "justice" system that actually works to protect the guilty. I already have a plan for SHTF, I suggest you do, too. Identify "problematics" early.
    The only other comment I'll add is that there won't be many who can actually travel when SHTF, fuel will be very scarce and these Cheeto tubs of lard couldn't make it to the next town. Besides, a whole lot of them have been euthanized with the slow acting jabs. Time is NOT on their side.

  13. Rick

    I learned a life lesson when I was in the 7th grade. The school bully challenged another student to a fight. That student was polite, likeable, not use to fighting.
    As he was putting his schoolbooks down and inquiring as to the rules of this fight, he got his face smashed in. The quickly another punch and a knee to the groin.
    The rule is there are no rules.

    Years later, my older brother reinforced that lesson. I saw him get jumped by two guys, one he had previously fought and won.
    I watched brother use moves we had been taught are out of bounds.
    In a fight, nothing is out of bounds.

  14. Anonymous

    You asked about Mr James Dakin of Bison preparedness. While I am certainly no internet wizard, I did some basic keyword searching and, for some strange reason, I kept being directed to the below link. Perhaps the deceased is James’ NOL (new old lady) he refers to in his writings? Maybe someone out there with better internet skills than myself can move the ball further down the field.



  15. Anonymous

    The link is about an Elko NV women who died in a vehicle accident back in June. This would have roughly corresponded to the same time Jim went dark.

  16. jl

    The woman in the crash was listed as 40 years old… Jim is 57ish, and his NOL was somewhat older than he. Being a gentleman, he never defined "somewhat older"
    It's mysterious situation.

  17. Anonymous

    Absolute truth! There are also plenty of "Blue Lives Matter" Cucks, Normies and Sheeple around. This is especially true in my A/O. I tend to STFU, observe, and plan. – DTW.

  18. Anonymous

    "And treat the Po-Po the way you treat ferals. If you don’t arrest them, don’t even think about arresting us"

    If they show up after the fact, remind them that you were holding back to conserve ammo when you wiped out this first batch, and that the only proper role left for someone pretending to official authority is to carry away the dead for disposal. Nothing else is open to discussion.

  19. Anonymous

    They will cut a swath through suburbia no doubt. But the low hanging fruit will still cost them, and it will only get harder as they go along. It is all an uphill battle for them as they lose people as they go and each town down the line is more prepared. At some point they will not be able to sustain going forward. They are not an organized army and the need to eat, refuel, treat wounds, shit, rest, resupply rations/water/ fuel, etc, will be beyond the dindu looter mob's abilities. Sustained fighting uses up ammo stocks and they cannot count on replacing what they need from battlefield pickup. I do not think the large mobs will get beyond 20 miles from major cities, not without breaking up into small groups of survivors. I think once that happens they try to go back to the urban area they left or they wander aimlessly until eliminated.

  20. Anonymous

    Yes, totally depends upon where you are. There are vast swathes of the deep south with rural dindus that are a majority. Deep lefty country has problems too. Remote areas near the Mexico border are already unsafe. Everyone has a slightly different problem or combination of likely problems. They all need to be considered and planned for.

  21. Zorost

    "On the other hand, WROL is double-edged sword….

    When the rule of law goes away, frontier justice will replace it."

    Pure cope. There is only a tiny chance that WROL will happen. Far more likely is that the government's grip will continue to tighten on those it considers a threat. Riling up feral yoofs so they can arrest the gun-owning Whites who shot them is precisely why they are allowing ferals outside of their containment zones.

    Our best hope is to get to work such that our local and state governments will enforce law and order, and fend off federal overreach. Anything else is engaging in fantasy that all our problems will magically disappear without the need to talk to our neighbors and get organized at a local and state level.

  22. Anonymous

    Arthur – I wrote him a short letter with his address and my return address written as legibly as possible. I thought, if he's still with us, out of curiousity, he'll open the letter and I won't get it back as, "returned to sender". So far, I haven't received anything back.

    I hope he's okay.

  23. Jaybo

    Alex has done some good writing in this piece. I would suggest we also think about the legal drugs that a 1/3 or our population are on. Over half of the newer anti depressant anti psychotic drugs our neighbors are taking have NOT been tested for immediate withdrawal symptoms. Considering that contrary to "Lilly Law" stating no problemo, we could well have a huge population of psycho zombies, that were normal yesterday. It should also be noted that many of the sex offenders are on these "medications" as part of their free status. Also if mass shootings media were honest literally ALL of the mass shootings are done by people on these "meds".

  24. Anonymous

    Many of the concerns about desperate drug zombies and starving people are valid enough concerns, but the time window for these problems is short. What I mean is that these problems are very likely to take care of themselves in short order. The drug addicted will either get through the withdrawl process or they will die. The starving will either find food or die, etc. People defending from desperate attackers must prepare to repel or defeat them all in the same manner. Survival depends upon having a clear head and using it. Those who are out of their minds and attempting to rob and kill in the emergency will not last long. That is not how the natural world works.
    I think we are fortunate in several respects anticipating a very near future descent into this abyss. The Northern Hemisphere is approaching winter. Many of the likely threats are warm climate creatures. As a general group, they are unfamiliar with geography and land navigation. There is a considerable lack of ability to speak and write English. They are generally poor to begin with and lack useful outdoor skills and equipment. Field sanitation? First aid? I would estimate next to none. The post collapse migration trends of our old urban savages as well as the new barbarian imports will be away from the rural and toward the urban. It will also tend to be from north to south and from high country to lowlands. They have been conditioned to look at urban areas as harbors of refuge where free necessities are distributed to those in want, The fact that the cities may well be burning or looted already will not likely change that other then convince them to move toward other cities. The rural white tweekers and methheads will mirror this trend. With the countryside on alert and inhospitable, they will move to urban zones looking for handouts with no strings attached.
    If all of the predicted chaos of economic ruin, fuel crisis, food shortage and famine, come to pass, the existing fat reserves of civilized society these types exist upon will be removed. There will be no replacing them. It only takes a few days without food to reduce the average person to a weakened life threatening state. From there, things will take their natural course. If we can get through the first wave of the crisis more or less intact, we will probably find that many of the bad actors in this drama will no longer be in the game.

  25. Anonymous

    This will first blood and then winnow their ranks until only those that are sly (I hesitate to use the word smart, means something different in this context I think) and learn fast will be left. These will quickly learn the value of numbers and organization. Some months in, any suburban areas that proved to be hardpoints to semi random violence will be razed by such groups. When a city and its suburbs are picked clean, they will start with rural areas.
    Rawles thought all of this out to its logical conclusion decades ago, bolstered by a study of how WROL has played out in especially African nations, and I think it is correct.

  26. Arthur Sido

    I agree with that, our current legal structure is based on a monoracial, high trust culture but it has been proven completely inadequate to deal with the "diverse" demographics.

  27. deb harvey

    have two observations
    husband was called to accompany a parole officer to court.
    driving there the officer told him one thing officers hate is to be assigned sex offenders in case load. he said they NEVER reform, it is just a matter of time before the next victims are claimed

    second observation; we lived in florida around 1979 [cannot remember date] when criminals rioted in part of miami/hollywood.
    we heard just tiny bits of what all happened as news was suppressed probably to protect tourism.
    we only got some knowledge because we knew a man with businesses in miami and he was well acquainted with police. [this man never went unarmed].
    the horrors which we heard, not even the tip of the iceberg, would curl your hair into knots.
    the entire darktown was destroyed, like wartime damage, tremendous fires.
    who suffered untold horrors and the loss of everything were the innocents. young families, widows, retirees.
    absolute horrors and that over 40 years go when there was still overall societal restraint
    you cannot afford to wait to identify intent.
    a couple of years ago when new jersey was hit by storms criminals dressed as utility workers, were welcomed into homes, and the rapery and other torture commenced .
    the criminals are predators, not really human, and probably laugh demonically a how easy it is to pick off the sitting ducks! think of them as people shaped, fanged reptiles, cold blood and all.
    do not be a duck.
    it is said that blm, but apparently not to them as they destroy each other with abandon,

    my 2 cents worth. be aware even in broad daylight especially if you are a woman, or a woman with young children–i could tell you some stories!
    be careful out there.

  28. deb harvey

    when we lived on oklahoma about 1976 a friend's husband taught dentistry at the med school of a major sports-first university
    the ball jockeys were put in med school classes to keep them eligible to play after undergrad courses had been exhausted
    our friend was called in by the dean because the ball payers were failing
    our friend said they have failed, they cannot be passed. they cannot be allowed into medical practice.
    the dean explained that they had to pass for the sake of sports.
    our friend refused.
    he was not going to be responsible for unleashing death and destruction upon future patients.
    he interviewed at tulane and was assured that never would tulane allow such incompetence to have the tulane reputation resting upon it
    he accepted their offer
    if tulane still has honorable standards you may trust your health to their graduates

  29. Arthur Sido

    Being in the boonies is not a sufficient criteria but it is necessary, if you are in an area with lots of people you are going to be in trouble but being out in the country helps a lot if you avoid the sort of riffraff you mentioned.

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