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One Of Those Days

When the night before your main vehicle has an issue, in this case the cable running from the gear shift to the transmission so I couldn’t take my van out of park, you are going to have a sketchy day and boy did I yesterday. Fortunately we have a spare 15 passenger van so I was able to keep rolling but there was a lot going on and a busy evening so I didn’t even open up the website until this morning. Today should be (knocks on wood) quieter. 

Famous last words. 


  1. Anonymous

    Had that problem. Took it to (had it towed to) a mechanic who just kinda lengthened the cable instead of replacing it, if I remember right how he explained it. 7 years later it still works.

  2. saoirse

    Redundancy. Two is one and one is none. Back up everything, especially the critical stuff. Hopefully the adage "it comes in threes" does not come to fruition for you. I've had it happen way too many times!

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