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Big Country Expat seems to have been nuked from orbit. He has a back-up, I’ll update links soon.


  1. Anonymous

    Maybe someone finally whacked him upside the head with the clue bat about his rather thinly vieled "poasts" regarding the situation with his grand kid.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    I enjoy reading his uniquely styled musings, and sympathize with most of the problems that he's up against, but damn is the dude an industrial electromagnet for misfortune and bullshit. I know some people like that, and while some drama is self inflcited by various and sundry life choices, BCE sure does get the shit end the stick way more than he should. At least to my perception. Obviously I have no inside track, just what I read in his posts for the past 18 months or so since I found his (now shitcanned) blog.

    I really hope he can maintain his health (challenged as it already is) and sanity long enough to work through the "granbebe" scenario to a satisfactory outcome, but lately everytime I've checked in on his joint, he seems primed for a coronary. I wish I had some great insight or helpful knowledge to impart, but I really don't.

    He is neck deep in govt bullshite now with the custody battle, and I've no personal frame of reference for that particular op. The one thing I can offer (unsolicitied, and not likely wanted) is that he needs to find another non-public outlet to let off the steam. He is his own worst enemy by airing the dirty laundry and (well deserved) criticisms in an open forum. Asking for advice may be ok, but anything that tweaks the people who hold the keys to resolving the situation at hand is counter productive to his desired goals.

    And believe me, I get being saddled with a bad temper and the helplessness of fighting an authority that is against you from the get go, but unless one is at the point where all hope is lost and decides to say "fuck it!" (which is a point of no return) some decorum needs to be maintained. The toes you step on today may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous

    Some of his posts were informative, and occasionally mildly amusing. But all the drama, drama, drama, the begging and especially the "wink-wink, nudge-nudge, I'm so dot-mil mobbed-up I can't even talk about all I've done" got old REAL quick. Hey, hero, if you are such a certifiable badass, how come you aren't making big bucks in private security? Guy couldn't even hold down a telemarketer job without stuffing his boot in his mouth and getting himself shit-canned.

  4. Mike Wallens

    It's interesting that there are so many here trashing him. He had a lot of drama but no one has to read anything they dont want to read. At least the guy said something and it was usually interesting.

  5. Anonymous

    C'mon! He had to nuke his blog or he'd never get anywhere close to custody of the kid. His rantings were a bit annoying to me, but to a lefty judge in family court!?!

    Thank God that he has his priorities straight. Family before fame.

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