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New York Shitty

While I have never been to The Big Apple, I can’t imagine many places that are more undeservedly pretentious than New York City. To hear New Yorkers talk you would think NYC is the center of the universe, the only place anyone could ever want to live. Pardon me for pointing out that being trapped in a giant concrete maze with millions of unpleasant people isn’t what normal people dream about. I mean really, how can you truly live if you don’t get to experience “rowdies” engaged in some good natured shenanigans?

Gotta get me a pair of dem Honey Smacks boxers.
Anyway, not only is New York City our largest city but also one of our most diverse and as such it offers a fascinating glimpse into the power of diversity. For some reason the New York City Police provides a detailed demographic report of crime in the city each year. It must be a streak of contrariness that has them doing this while most municipalities do their best to hide crime demographics. The report is available online, Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City.
The NYPD even did us the favor if including an overview of the demographics of NYC in the report.

To summarize, the city is just shy of 31% White, a touch over 20% black, over 15% Asian and over 28% mestizo. Talk about diverse! How does that translate over to crime statistics? The results will shock you. 

First the big one, murder:

As you can guess, the 20% of blacks in NYC are suspects in almost 64% of murders. Our friends from south of the border, the mestizo population making up 28% of NYC, are responsible for almost exactly their proportion of murder at 28.5%. Whites and Asians are dramatically underrepresented at 4.8% and 2.8% and both groups are more likely to be victims of murder than to be suspects. We will see this pattern repeated. 

Next up, rape in the Big Apple:

Whites and Asians are higher percentages of the suspects here but still well below their racial percentage as a whole, while mestizos are significantly higher. I was surprised to see blacks at “only” 49% of the suspects but I was not surprised to see that they are only 37.7% of victims while Whites and Asians are much more likely to be victims than suspects. This is especially true for Whites who are 18% of rape victims and 11.3% of suspects meaning lots of White women raped by non-Whites, presumably blacks who are more likely to commit interracial violent crime than mestizos. 

How about robbery?

Here we see blacks even more overrepresented than in murders with 64.5% of robbery suspects being identified as blacks. Asians and Whites are once again far more likely to be victims that suspects, as are mestizos, while blacks are less than 30% of robbery victims. I assume this has a lot to do with robberies including a lot of small businesses that are more likely to be owned and operated by every race but blacks. 

Felonious assault and fatal as well as non-fatal shootings follow the same pattern.

Asians are 1.9% and Whites are 1.7% of shooting suspects, indicating that apart from blacks and mestizos, a New York City of just Whites and Asians would have almost no shootings at all. 

Check out the predictable states for yoofs/teens/rowdies:

New York schools are just holding pens for future (and current) criminals until they get old enough to earn a trip to Rikers. 

There is nothing new here of course but again it gives us a rare glimpse into what we already know: violent crime in America is overwhelmingly concentrated in the black and mestizo community. Without so much black and brown “diversity”, America’s cities would be the same sort of magnificent places they were in the first half of the 20th century. 
You can see why They work so hard to hide criminal racial demographics. 


  1. Anonymous

    Everyone has known this for decades.

    There are those that can handle the truth, those that can’t AND just want to Sweep it under the rug for Political or Social ….CREDIT.

  2. Anonymous

    1. Despite them breaking things down by race, I presume that is by self-identification. I guarantee that some portion of the Whites are actually Hispanic, and some portion of the Hispanic are half black (Dominicans).

    2. What portion of the Whites are actually FellowWhites – 40% or more?

  3. Arthur Sido

    I suspect that the sex assault numbers for mestizos and Asians are underreported for cultural reasons. Also that a lot of the "Whites" are some sort of Semites, either Jews or Middle Easterners who are usually categorized as White.

  4. Anonymous

    "Hispanic" is nearly as ambiguous a phrase as hu-White. There are marked differences between actual Spaniards from Spain, Argentinians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, El Salvadoreans. The only thing that seems to bind most of them together is their utter loathing of Cubans. Not sure why, but I suspect it is a status thing, as despite all its myriad other failings, Cuba manages to produce much more educated citizens than the rest.

    Having lived all my life until last year in New York (the 'burbs, not the city) I am very well-acquainted with Puerto Ricans and Central Americans. But until I moved to South Texas I never met a single person who identified as 'Mexican'. Down here, of course, we are awash in Jill Biden's border-jumping, drywall-humping, avocado-wrangling breakfast tacos. VERY different breed than up north. Slower, lazier, seemingly more cheerful. There was a significant ms-13 presence even up on tony Long Island. Down here, the "bad hispanics" congregate in south San Antonio. No gang issues around my area that I am aware of.

    But yeah, they are firmly in second place in the undesirability sweepstakes, albeit a good distance behind the dindus. If I could, I would promote the "Let's you an' him fight" gambit for taking out the trash, pitting the one group against the other. FWIW, I'd put my money on Ese and the cholos.

  5. Mike_C

    Great. Now let’s look at financial crimes. I don’t mean taking $50 from the cash register. I mean major crimes. Who wants to bet against there being “disproportionate representation” when it comes to financial malfeasance? Only it won’t be Black and Hispanic culprits. And again whites and Asians will be “underrepresented”.

  6. JNorth

    Face it, for statistics like these Jews don't mater outside of NYC, overall they are ~2% of the country and with their numbers in NYC and maybe a couple other big cities that means they are >1% everywhere else. I have met a grand total of one, in 49 years, same thing with Middle Easterners, the numbers of those are going up but that is also why we are now seeing the category of MENA (Middle East – North African).

  7. Mike Hendrix

    I was fortunate enough to have lived in NYC during the Giuliani glory years and it was one hell of a lot of fun, assuming you like cities at all. Which, at that time, I still did. Now? Meh, not so much.

  8. Zorost

    Because we are next. Spanics will be trying to replace us much more effectively than blacks ever could, and our own police will likely be preventing us from fighting back effectively.

  9. Anonymous

    "While I have never been to The Big Apple, I can't imagine many places that are more undeservedly pretentious than New York City. To hear New Yorkers talk you would think NYC is the center of the universe, the only place anyone could ever want to live."

    New Yorkers are certainly a special breed. I went to school in the suburbs of a very large American city and had a room-mate from Queens NYC. He was a firm believer in the superiority and toughness of city people over country boys. The feral urban gangs and lack of a rural equivalent were his proof of this. He regarded the center of that city as a "village", the suburbs where the school was located as "the country", and true countryside he would describe as "wasteland". His view on the unassailable merits of life in NYC could be boiled down to ; "you can get or do anything that you want 24hours a day". The true value of any of that in real world terms, or the fact that all that convenience required productivity out in the villages and the wasteland before being imported to the city escaped him completely. He may be an extreme case, but most big urban dwellers view the world this way to some extent. If the power goes out and stays out for a while, the vibrancy will put an end to this artificial world of his.

  10. saoirse

    @Anonymous 1:22 PM
    It's the Cuban exiles they can't stand not the black commies still on the island. To the chagrin of the other latrinos above, the former aligned themselves almost exclusively with the republicunts after Kennedy supposedly double-crossed them in the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
    Sucking up to the corporados made them filthy rich and gave them control of shithole Miami – this time to the chagrin of the jews and blacks.
    They're not more educated, just a lot more cunning and corrupt!
    Regardless of their affluence, they still belong in the hostile alien category especially now that they're cucking out like their pachyderm handlers.

  11. Anonymous

    I'm surprised no comments mentioned the colorful, sagging underwear of the dude in the photo. My (white) stepson used to sag his pants like this as a teen, which used to drive his mother and I crazy. Thank God he matured and now dresses normally.

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