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Lyte Poasting

This two week stretch has been circled on the calendar all year, it’s the end of the Amish wedding season and there are three weddings this week, starting this morning, and then four next week. Several of them involve families we know so it is going to be crazy, I rolled out of the house at 5:30 this morning and my day is locked down from now until around 8 PM. 

While the border with Canada technically still requires proof of vaccination to get into the U.S., some Canadian Amish made it across, while others were turned away. They sort of Zerg rushed the border and plenty of them found border agents who are apathetic enough to not care or perhaps realize how stupid it is and let them in. The guy getting married today has a Canadian mother who was killed almost three years ago in a car wreck (Just That Fast) and a lot of her family hasn’t been able to visit their American relations since the beginning of the “pandemic”. 
So posting might be light, I have 6-7 posts almost done that I might finish up but otherwise it will be sparse. 


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