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Lite Supremacy!

Charles Blow, New York Times token colored opinion writer and elite-level grifter, has discovered how to keep the “we be victimz and sheeit” racket going as Whites become a minority in our own country:

I have a theory about the future of America that I don’t want to come true.

It is a theory that worries me and that I have written about: that with the browning of America, white supremacy could simply be replaced by — or buffeted by — a form of “lite” supremacy, in which fairer-skin people perpetuate a modified anti-Blackness rather than eliminating it.
Bullshit he doesn’t want it to come true, in an America without “racism” he might have to get an actual job and I doubt he is qualified for much other than pimp or shift supervisor at Burger King. Blow is talking about the kerfuffle in Los Angeles when a recording of former L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez saying naughty things about blacks, including calling a little black boy a monkey, came to light last week.
The point he is trying to make is that lots of groups other than Whites participate in “White supremacy” or more specifically “anti-Black [sic] white [sic] supremacy”. More accurately, he is mad that other groups leverage racial and ethnic tribalism in a manner that is not directed strictly at Whites. Racial solidarity expressed in racial animus is OK but only when it is non-Whites against Whites. Chuck Blow is afeerd that the pecking order in America is still going to be lighter skinned down to darker skin. 
There is some precedent for this. In places like Brazil and Mexico there definitely seems to be a hierarchy driven mostly by skin darkness. The current President of Mexico is Andrés Manuel López Obrador and he could pass for a White guy who plays a little golf. Before him was Enrique Peña Nieto, also fairly light skinned. Felipe Calderón was before that and he is a little darker but looks Spanish. Jair Bolsonaro is the current President of Brazil and again looks pretty White as were his predecessors. What you don’t see in the Presidencies of these two places are any dark mestizo or Amerindian types. Brazil is about 43% “White” and Mexico is 47% “White” but the top spots in government seem to be dominated by them rather than the darker hued mestizos or pardo.
I am sure that has nothing to do with the more intelligent racial and ethnic groups being marked generally by lighter skin while the opposite end of the intelligence spectrum gets darker as average IQ drops.
Here is a thought for you Chuckie, maybe what we all have in common is that we don’t like the general behavior of blacks?
Everyone is sick to death of their whiny shit. They are only tolerated when it provides some political advantage but no one wants to be around them, not Whites (even liberal Whites), not mestizos, not Asians, not Jews. Hell, even the successful blacks want to stay clear of their average fellow blacks. 
The vast majority of blacks in America are descended from freed African slaves and have been here for centuries. It has been 159 years since the Emancipation Proclamation. Over 50 years since the “Civil Rights” movement and the passage of the various “Civil Rights” bills. Still by really any measure blacks continue to lag behind other races and in places where the gap has closed slightly, it is due more to dysgenic breeding by loser Whites than any improvement among blacks. 
Other racial and ethnic groups are faring much better despite being more recent arrivals. Jews have been immensely successful in America, even if we aren’t supposed to notice. East Asians as well. South Asians from India and Pakistan have some of the highest per capita incomes in America. Mestizos passed blacks as the largest minority race in America around the turn of the century and many are quite successful, especially as small business owners. I suspect many of the more recent mestizo arrivals are going to be far less interested in assimilation but even still they are comparatively more pleasant to live around. 
Even amid the “great” reshuffling of the American demographic mix, blacks still stand out for being the one race that lags behind everyone else while simultaneously blaming anyone and everyone but themselves. Charles Blow knows this but admitting it is bad for his hustle so now he shifts the blame to mestizos. It never ends. 


  1. jl

    "Charles Blow knows this but admitting it is bad for his hustle"

    It's been the same my entire life, only the names have changed. Nothing is ever good enough, /we/ never give "them" enough, it's a never ending tantrum of gimme more, more, more!! Or else…

    Fuck those guys. Never has more been bestowed on a less deserving populace, and our ROI continues to go negative. Why should we even keep bothering?

    The entire 'this is everyone's fault but ours' shtick has gotten mighty tired these days… It's high time these folks took a long look in the mirror and recognize that in the real world there are consequences for one's actions, and start acting accordingly.

  2. Anonymous

    Even a grifter like Charlie Blew-Lips has to see the writing on the wall. YT is indeed doomed in this country, as far as demographic dominance goes. But we are the only ones on the planet who kindly indulge blacks and their chronic dysfunction.

    Asians and hispanics don't feel responsible in the slightest for da turrible, turrible legacy of our former "peculiar institution". Few enough of today's Whites can claim lineage to the peak 1.6% of the population who owned slaves back in the bad old days. But ours is a big-hearted and easily-guilted society which has given WAY too much say to our most emotional and easily manipulated element, i.e. White women. Absent those malleable, sentimental ladies, blacks are up shit creek, paddle-less.

    East Asians are too polite to openly share their justified, racist views about blacks. But their fear of and disgust for dindus is palpable. I work with enough of them in the computer field to be familiar with their deep, but silent resentment for being the ferals' favorite whipping boys in recent years.

    Far more outspoken are the Indians (7-11, not Mohegan Sun) and Pakis, who share a mutual loathing with American-African pongids in a modernized version of massa and slave. Pajeet owns the Quickie Mart, gas station and liquor store that Shit'avious and La'Trina depend on in their shitty, self-sabotaged 'hoods, as no White man with an ounce of sense would dare set up shop there. But Pajeet is no fool and knows precisely who he is dealing with. When diapers and hair care products have to be kept behind lock and key and paid for in advance, just like those little airline bottles of Hennessey at the liquor store, it is all the evidence one needs to see that he knows the black man through and through.

    I will agree with one thing that Charlie Blew-Lips believes, to wit, it truly IS "the whole damned world against the black man". But they are the sole authors of that megalithic ill will, not mere victims of it, owing to their preternaturally vicious, anti-social behavior.

    Just like that other notoriously unpopular tribe (you know, the one that has been cordially invited to beat feet out of literally every country on earth where they have landed throughout recorded history) blacks will go on bleating like sheep about institutional racism, systemic oppression, blatant bigotry, yada, yada, yada, oy vey. The very last thing they should want is to be judged by the content of their character, vice the color of their skin.

  3. Anonymous

    There will NEVER be a America without Racism.
    Just a there will never be a America withiut crime.
    These people are FoS, across the board

  4. saoirse

    You speak of jews as if they were our allies in the battle against the muds – they aren't and you know it!
    On the contrary, they're the ones mainly responsible for creating, aiding and abetting "the mudslide" that has plagued every white country for decades – this you also are very well aware of.
    Why not take some time off from the daily "niggers are incorrigible" diatribes and post some "Hymies are slimy" news that exposes the root cause of most of our current debacles.

  5. Anonymous

    I doubt Blow (appropriate last name) is even qualified to be a manager at Burger King. Could reliably be expected to show up for work flipping burgers.
    Hierarchy according to skin color south of the US border?You betcha! Used to know a gal from Peru who described it to me. More of a caste system in practice.
    W/o enough quality Whites expect everything to deteriorate and break down. No advancements in science and technology. A slow race back to the stone age.

  6. Zorost

    The presidents of Mexico are almost always whiter than Jeb Bush's kids.

    I think TPTB have green-lighted US black genocide, as long as it's done by non-Whites (wouldn't want to give us ideas.) Blacks just aren't as useful to the Left as spics, since spics provide both chaos and cheap labor.

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