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Liberalism Really Is A Mental Disorder

The real question, does believing in Leftist tripe make you insane or are only people that are already emotionally and intellectually damaged beyond repair attracted to liberalism? 


  1. Historic Brawndo Czar

    Mental midget mediocrities who really do believe the press.
    Just saw some ballwashing fanboys and girls article about Dr. Drapes or Jill.
    It won't be Long Marchers or the economy to wipe it all out, it will be stupidity.

  2. Anonymous

    When in doubt over the Chicken or the egg, have both. Fried. The real takeaway – and the persistent blind spot for the normie right man, is that it is not about the issues, or the policies, or a particular law or taking head candidate, but rather the indulgence of the leftoid hivemind and its fragile station in their fleeting, manufactured anti-reality that underpins their ever-shifting social order or relativism.

    In this, the leftist mind – be it broken already or trapped in the wheel of progress to be broken soon enough, is animated through a kaleidoscope of reality. We share part of this world with them, but this should not be mistaken for common ground or common human experience.

    While they can find enough truth to make out shapes and colors that we also see, it is a twisted mess in their minds and can never be made whole into the same picture we see. To attempt to find common ground is to grant them validation of this twisted view as reality, which grants them control over the very premise of every idea, which is the whole point of their world. To mitigate the natural entropy of their anti-reality. To ease or vent their dissonance. To have a source of narcissistic supply. To be provided an object of projection. And to control the "narrative", Quite literally a story they are making up as they go along to indulge their longing for death.

    This is part of why ridicule and social shaming techniques along with various other game-like tactics melt their minds. You can't take them seriously other than as a threat. You can't reason with a walking amygdala. And to your question, that is the power and the danger of a system that appeals to the hindbrain while enticing the ego to protect those feelz at all costs. Everyone is susceptible. Some more than others.

    One of the things that "covid" has shown me is that the nature of leftism can easy be cloaked in "normal", "conservative", "right" minded people because the culture at-large, all its institutions, and the economic incentives (and threatpoints) are anchored in leftist social hierarchy.

    So, while people may reject "the socialists" or "the democrats" etc. they will staunchly defend their own personal social standing in the same ways a true leftist will, because they all answer to the same system and its values, de facto or otherwise. They may not tantrum, but they do rationalize their submission to the anti-reality – and that incremental submission of normie man is the real danger of leftism that is allowed to flourish.

  3. saoirse

    And when these shitlibs are teamed up with the christian, jew and muslim nutjobs, plus the covidian "science" worshippers, plus bread-and-circuses disciples (lots of overlap here too) you have a massive flood of willful ignorance about to break every dam and levee in every white country on earth.
    If you haven't done so yet: To the lifeboats!

  4. Anonymous

    Who cares about the evil insanity of the left? It is so ubiquitous that the left being evil pedophist is tautological.

    My question is when is the right gonna stop being the abject cowards they are? I despise the cowards on the right more than evil left.
    If the measure of a man is what he is willing to get in the street and fight for then the rights stands for nothing. NOTHING.

  5. Zorost

    One of the most common pathologies of the Left, so common it seems to be a requirement, is a near-complete inability to see higher orders of effect. Basically, asking yourself "and then what happens?" until you think you've come to the end state or near enough.
    whenever a Leftists says we need to raise the minimum wage to $15, ask them why not $1,000. They instinctively know it's ridiculous, but can't explain why it's bad, or why $15 might be bad for the same reasons but less pronounced. It's pure deer-in-headlights. They simply can't predict cause/effect even for something as simple as the supply/demand curve, or inflation.

    At least for the lower tiers, it's not that they are evil, it's that they can be made to believe almost anything. The problem is that those in control of the levers to make people believe things (education, media) are almost all evil.

  6. Anonymous

    Anyone know what happened to Dive Medic? As of 1500 CST his blog is down. I know heโ€™s been having major medical issues with his grandson.

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