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Kanye. Candace. Herschel. Clarence.

Clown world keeps on clowning.

Every so often a new tame black comes along to enflame the hearts of Boomer normiecons. These blacks are considered safe and are held up as talismans by normiecons because they believe doing so will ward off the evil whammy of being called “racist”. The tame black du jour is Kanye West, a mentally unstable narcissist rapper. Kanye recently wore a White Lives Matter t-shirt and did a lengthy interview with Tucker Carlson, which of course got some blacks but mostly a lot of Whites and “fellow Whites” all upset.

The Anti-White Defamation League has declared saying “White Lives Matter” is a “hate slogan” but then Kanye posted this exchange with Puff Daddy on Instagram…..

Oops! Now that is going to get you in trouble. Instagram deleted the post and locked down his account which only has 18.1 million followers. It might cause some confusion among Boomercons who believe Israel is Our Greatest Ally and refuse to recognize that Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats no matter how much Republicans pander to them.
On the other hand, Kanye also Tweeted this (before getting his account locked):

“I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” tweeted the rapper, who now goes by Ye. “The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

Oh, “black people are actually Jew”? Besides being illiterate, Kanye also seems to harbor some black Israelite nonsense. The guy is mentally unstable as most people that famous tend to be and that means an epic implosion of some sort isn’t far off. 
You can see it coming. Kanye will get bored with this latest shtick and go off on some other tangent. He isn’t based so much as loony. 
It won’t matter to normiecons. From Clarence Thomas (a legit legal scholar) to Herschel Walker (an imbecile) to Candace Owens (obvious grifter), there is nothing more precious to Boomers than being able to drop references to their favorite black talisman. Of course they never get any credit from the Left for doing so but they keep doing it over and over. It won’t be long until every significant Republican candidate is some sort of non-White chosen just to ward off the evil spirits of racism accusations. The only reason someone like Herschel Walker is being run for the United States Senate is that he is a) a former Georgia football star and b) he is black. That is the sum total of his qualifications. 
The only way to win the game of not being called a racist is to stop playing. An accusation of being racist should be met with a mocking reply of “Hey, thanks for noticing!”. It doesn’t matter how many black “conservatives” you follow on social media, you already lose as soon as you agree to the rules of their game. They are going to call you racist or homophobic or antisemitic or whatever anyway, there is no point wasting time and energy defending yourself from their charges. Taking people like Kanye and Herschel Walker seriously is degrading and counter-productive. Just stop it.


  1. Greg

    "The only way to win the game of not being called a racist is to stop playing." Thanks for the insight. Another online pundit who's written much of the same is Fred Reed. I have several of his books, and he's not afraid to voice unpopular opinions.

  2. Zorost

    100% agree about the racist thing. I try to point out to boomers that the Left doesn't call them racist because they actually think the boomer is racist. They call them racist because the boomer reacts to it; it isn't an observation, but a bullying tactic. Leftists don't actually care if someone is a racist, including themselves, which is why accusing them of being racist has no effect on them. No matter what you say or do, Leftists will keep calling someone a racist as long as it gets a fear-response from the target. You don't stop a bully by showing fear or by trying to convince them they are factually incorrect.

    "The only reason someone like Herschel Walker is being run for the United States Senate is that he is a) a former Georgia football star and b) he is black. That is the sum total of his qualifications."

    Still more qualified than Democrat candidates, who don't even need the ability to form a coherent sentence, or the ability to understand an interviewer without a speech-to-text interpreter. Or the ability to put their pants on correctly*. I'd guess this is because the ones really in charge realize politicians are no longer important, even as figureheads. Pols are simply part of the "bread and circuses" to keep the normies distracted.

    * :05-:11

    Note the belt loop in the middle of the front. No zipper. Front pockets to the rear.

  3. Zeltbahn

    Saw a greet tweet screengrab stating that racism is a construct of control used against white people.
    No fan of WEF Tulsi but one commentator said that even getting those terms such as antiwhite out there is a plus.
    At least you have black people is a the interesting times mock or curse in China.

  4. Anonymous

    Herschel's only qualification for office (and before him Vernon Jones) was the thrill Trump ("The Father of The Vaccine")
    got from the smoke ol' Hersch blew up his ass. Trunp seems to equate ass smoke with loyalty.

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