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It’s Going To Get Much Worse

Of all the bad news of late, this has the potential to be the worst aside from a nuclear war.

No diesel fuel, no trucks delivering food, no trains delivering coal, no tractors and combines working farm fields. Even a brief disruption could be catastrophic. Conventional wisdom says that most cities have only three days of food on hand, and if the trucks stop the food stops pretty damn quick. The empty shelves we saw during Covid will seem like a cornucopia in comparison. It isn’t just food, but medical supplies, toilet paper, baby formula and diapers. Everything. 
Did I mention it is getting colder in the U.S. and this would be the worst time for massive shortages, especially in energy?
Maybe this is overblown. Maybe not. Just make sure you understand that almost everything you depend on for day to day living relies on diesel fuel and if it runs out? Game on.


  1. Xzebek

    This would be a devastating scenario. And completely avoidable in this country though perhaps not in the short term. This nation can supply itself with energy that it needs into the far future from domestic and nearby sources. We need to extract all types of fossil fuels available. That can be started somewhat quickly. We need to build updated refineries. A somewhat longer proposition. And we need many regional nuclear power facilities. An ever longer timeline but it needs to start. The energy is there; it needs to be used. False environmental worries need to be put aside and American technology, engineering and construction need to be employed. If that is done the events envisioned in Tucker's monolog need not come to pass.

  2. Anonymous

    Diesel fuel prices in Australia are going through the roof right now too. Our left wing federal government is trying to “save the planet” by replacing “filthy diesel” with electric cars. Diesel is perfect for Australian rural areas, our outdoor lifestyle, 4WDs and our vaaaaaast distances between rural towns. Electric cars here are a laughing stock. Maybe one day but the infrastructure is nowhere near ready – unless you live in the very heart of the CBD of Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne.

    If electricity to run air conditioning is bad, overloading our power grids and killing the planet, why is electricity to run cars good ???

    As you & John Wilder have said – it’s all about C O N T R O L . . .

  3. Anonymous

    10's, 100's of thousands, perhaps millions of people dying as a result of having no heat is a feature, not a bug, of the globalists. Not one politician anywhere in the world is going to freeze to death along with their citizens.

  4. saoirse

    Doesn't anyone see through Tuck the Cuck's exclusively blaming the democraps and leaving out the republicunts – just prior to the mid-term slut fest?
    It's true we're in a crisis that is guaranteed to get worse. It's also true that both parties are aiding and abetting this race to the cliff and have no desire or testicular fortitude to implement the radical changes necessary.

  5. JackDup

    The fed is expected to control inflation with rate hikes, but I believe cheap and abundant diesel fuel would be a much quicker and simpler solution. If diesel runs out the price of everything is going to explode. The government will implement the stay home for 2 weeks thing again, only this time, it will be used to slow the consumption of fuel, of course, it won't stop there.

  6. Anonymous

    There seems to be a little scaremongering going on here. We aren't on pace to run out of diesel in 25 days like Tucker says. We just have a 25 day supply on hand, whereas normally it's like a 40something day supply (going from memory here). That doesn't mean we're running out in 25 days: between now and then more diesel fuel will continue to get produced. But it does mean we don't have as much cushion as normal and it's been moving in the wrong direction.

    Where they really have problem is in the northeastern US where they have prevented new pipelines from being built. They were importing Russian natural gas in Boston because they wouldn't allow a pipeline to be built from the Pennsylvania gas fields. Now there is no more Russian gas. The shortages in that region might be real. Down here on the gulf coast we should be fine A. It doesn't get exactly cold here and B. This is oil and gas infrastructure central

  7. Anonymous

    This. The 'shortage,' such that it is, is in the east/northeast of the country. Tons of trucks moving on the road through Texas and Arkansas. Between New York not allowing a pipeline to cross its sacred soil and the unbuilt line from Pennsylvania, New England is shite out of luck re LNG and heating oil this winter. Cue the world's smallest violin.

  8. Anonymous

    Diesel is the first by product of crude oil production fear porn or reality, I don't know but the remaining number of days keeps changing.

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