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His Name Is Elijah DeWitt

The same horrible story told over and over. Elijah Dewitt was a star wide receiver at his high school in Georgia.

It sounds like the kid was pretty talented, even garnering attention from the University of Georgia. He was out with some friends at Dave & Buster’s when some sort of dispute occurred, as often happens with young men. Only it didn’t go down like it used to, maybe some shoving and name calling, perhaps even fists thrown. No, Elijah got into a dispute with two black teens and as so often is the case, they decided to shoot him in a fit of rage. The two yoofs, 18 year old Kemare Bryan and 19 year old Chandler Richardson, were arrested in South Carolina making a run for it and like the geniuses they are, they got caught.

A couple of bad-asses gunning down an unarmed kid. Why would they do that? It’s a mystery!

What Fox pretends to not realize is that two African kids don’t need a motive. The lack of impulse control and giddiness when committing violence and mayhem is all the reason they need. Both have the same dead eyes without even the slightest hint of human intelligence. If it wasn’t Elijah Dewitt, it would have been someone else they killed unless one of their fellow rowdies killed them first. 
The father of Elijah Dewitt immediately forgave the two teens that murdered his son in cold blood.

“You know, we don’t know the kids. We don’t know their backgrounds. We don’t know their story. They’re forgiven from me,” said Craig DeWitt, outside of his Jefferson house on Friday. “He [Elijah] was an amazing kid. He looked at every day as a gift, and he lived life definitely to the fullest,” said DeWitt.
Ok, well that is lovely and perhaps he is religiously obligated to do so. As for me, I don’t have an obligation to forgive these two pieces of shit. I just wish some other colored kids had capped them before they decided to shoot a White kid. Do you suppose that if two White teens had gunned down a black teen that the mama of the black teen would tearfully go on the news to forgive them? Not fucking likely. More likely she would be flanked by “civil rights lawyer” Benjamin Crump on one side and some bullshit black clergyman on the other, wearing a t-shirt with her kid’s picture on it, wailing about raycizms. 
Most people other than his loved ones will never hear about Elijah Dewitt and he will be forgotten quickly, flushed down the memory hole along with the other half million Whites who are the victims of violent crime at the hands of blacks every year. I didn’t know this kid but I am pretty sure he deserved better than a violent death at the hands of two black animals, breathing his last in the parking lot of a mall, all because we have allowed these people to rampage out of control for decades. 
Elijah DeWitt. Say his name.


  1. Anonymous

    I would not forgive an animal who killed my loved one. Elijah DeWitt's father is a virtue-broadcasting fool. Does he suppose that the two apes who capped his son are full of remorse?

    There is one, and only one thing I abhor more than dindus, and that is self-loathing Whites. Unfortunately, the wretches are everywhere.

  2. Anonymous

    Kid not even in the ground yet and his father is prostrating himself before the murderer's of his child. I can't even with this shit. Just like Mollie Tibbett's mother. Daughter is killed by an illegal and to prove just how non-anti immigrant she is, she invites an illegal to come and fucking live with her so they can finish high school.

  3. Anonymous

    Just came here to mention this and found you had already posted the story. The blacks killing a White is a daily occurrence. The damned father immediately forgiving them enrages me – as if his son's life counted for nothing. That is NOT Christian forgiveness, that is virtue signalling masquerading as piety.

  4. Anonymous

    It is not Christian forgiveness. It is submission. And not to God, but to the inversion. He is doing what he is conditioned to do.

    These displays of submission seem stark when proximate to such horrific acts and personal losses, but it is this starkness that is jarring – not the submission to the inversion itself. That is the problem.

    We hand our children over to moloch in all kinds of ways for years on end as long as the sacrifice is sufficiently incremental to afford us the ability to rationalize it as a net positive.

    The trade-offs of submitting to the evil domain and signaling our submission to the inversion yield us status, material comforts, and a multitude of social and economic fiat that is perfectly fine – even necessary, until suddenly for no reason at all the wrong place wrong time motives unknown happens and then of course we must forgive the evil counterparties because it is not the dusky devils we forgive but it is ourselves for living the lies instead of owning the discomforting truths.

    Because we cannot reconcile the tragic event without indicting ourselves for being complicit, for submitting our children to the wicked balance sheet in which all of our previous trades have been indebted, we turn to "christian" forgiveness out of the same cowardice that set-in motion the whole tragic story – and is the crux of the failing of the Church in general.

    The meek carry swords in which the meekness is a function of the sword being sheathed – or not. God forgives in his kingdom, on earth we are to strike the wicked down. Well in advance of that moment – and central to the discernment of that time is our practice in the suffering of rejecting the inverted, perverted world and its golden goats of progress.

    There is a great atrophy in this practice that also happens to reflect the barren spiritual mettle. More pain will visit us but in that some will awaken the will to liberate themselves from this submission. Readers of here and similar are well suited for this but none of us are precluded from the same reckoning that this father failed to account.

  5. Anonymous

    Gwinnett County, GA, where this occurred used to be 95% white. It was the fastest growing county in the country for several years. All white people getting out of Dekalb and Atlanta. The schools were among the best in the country. Subdivisions had swim teams and tennis teams and neighbors actually knew each other. It was safe, it was prosperous, and it was a great place to raise a family.

    Today, whites are a minority in Gwinnett – by far. It is turning to third world shitholia, and crime is out the roof. That boy is the THIRD teenager murdered in Gwinnett within four weeks. It used to be totally undeard of. The schools are battle grounds and guns are regularly confiscated.

    The bell curve of white flight has peaked.

    Any parent who would let their kid to to a mall in Gwinnett County is a fool, period. They are all filled with ferals. The murdered white boy's school in an outlying county was 9% black.

  6. Anonymous

    fuck that stupid shit. anyone who tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back. and remember this. they do not know how to fight as we know it. those days are long gone. fighting to them is stomping you on the ground. or stabbing you. or if all else fails shooting you.
    those youts, where hunting. yes . hunting others to prey on. it is what they do. what they have done for years in cities. and if you do manage to fight and win with one of them, they will come back with "friends" and weapons to end you.

  7. Anonymous

    Fuck forgiveness.
    Kill mine, I kill yours.
    Even if it goes all the way to the top.
    That is JUSTICE, not the feel-good bullshit doled out by a corrupt court system.


  8. Anonymous

    Sorry if it was one of my kids there would never be forgiveness from me. To forgive is God's job, as the parent of a victim it would be my job to arrange the meeting.


  9. Anonymous

    I could understand a parent forgiving his child's killer if it was after years of struggling with the anger and pain. I read about a woman some time ago, who was so consumed with the grief and anger in the years following her daughter's murder that she finally had to forgive the killer just so she could move on. Of course she never said the killer should therefore be freed from prison.

    To forgive immediately, right after losing someone precious to you, to me seems forced and fake. It definitely seems more like submission to evil than submission to God, as another poster above said.

  10. saoirse

    So many christ-insane fools doing damage control bleating about the kid's pussy father's forgiving of the nigs as not being a christian act – BULLSHIT – it is a major tenant of that mind virus, one that's castrated millions upon millions of white males over the centuries!
    Why doesn't some crusader ask the guy if he did it in accordance with his warped beliefs. He named his blond-haired light eyed son after a swarthy middle eastern desert rat so go figure before you spout your deus vult crap!

  11. Anonymous

    I am a Christian and I believe in forgiveness. I also believe in justice. Genesis 9:6, why do so many Christians not read God's Word. these two animals need to be strung up and have justice on their worthless butts.

  12. Zorost

    Well said.

    When asking "WWJD?", remember that flipping over tables and taking a whip to a bunch of bankers is amongst the possibilities.

    "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"
    –Matthew 10:34

  13. Anonymous

    Left that county a year ago the moment housing improved. 25 years I watched the sprawl spread like the plague. What's the saying, one year early is better than a day late. Last time I was at that mall many years ago, I felt uneasy and I was concealed. Never looked back.

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