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Fluster Cuck Incoming

Big Country getting nuked has me a little spooked so I am pulling the trigger on moving my website to a new domain host/registrar. It will move me off of the blogger platform and away from Google as my registrar and onto a private host using WordPress, it should all come over relatively seamlessly but I am sure I will need to monkey around with the format and such. They said all of the old comments will migrate over as well, we will see. It only seems a matter of time before I get launched into the sun if I stay on Google so it is time to move on. 

I am not sure what the timing of the move will look like but if the page isn’t working, don’t panic.


  1. Seamrog

    I think it must be satisfying to be banned for nothing more than an opinion.

    Make them kick you off.

    Have the backup ready, but make them pull that lever…

  2. Anonymous

    WordPress has deplatformed people for wrongthink too

    Probably the only thing protecting you now is you haven't gotten big enough to get attention

  3. Mike Hendrix

    DUDE! Two words: Hosting Matters. I've known Stacy Tabb, whose company HM is, for twenty years, and she's definitely One Of Us. The chances of Stace ever nuking a blogger for being too far Right is so infinitesimally small it can't even be detected by an electron microscope.

  4. Anonymous

    Fake boring stories about hosting some weird S&M sex party in your backyard shed with a bunch of local hoo-ahhs 🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻

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