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Each Man Must Choose For Himself

I ran across a pretty powerful quote on a recent post from Paul Waggener, Viktoria. The whole post is good and I’ll return to it but this at the end really grabbed me by the emotional shorthairs. 

A brother of mine told me the other night that someone once told him:

“Don’t make your children put a coward’s bones in your grave.”

This is why it is so important for men to have families, to have a posterity to think about rather than simply focusing on themselves. Your legacy will mean nothing if there is no one to remember you. For your posterity, what will they think of you after your death? This is a question that consumes many fathers.
The true measure of a man is often not discovered until after his death. What good will that be if you have no one to remember your name and if you did nothing worth remembering? 
We stand on the cusp of decision time for each man. 
That hasn’t been the case, not for a long time in our culture, and we have suffered as men for it.
Throughout the history of White men, hard decisions have had to be made by hard men. The decision to sail across an ocean to an unknown land. The decision to leave the life of comfortable conformity to travel West across the continent. The decision to say no to princes and popes. The decision to take up arms, right or wrong, to defend your blood and your soil. The decision to do what they said could not be done. 
For the last 50 years or so, most White men have been able to quietly stand on the sidelines. Sure they saw what was happening but most were able to avoid being directly impacted by it through carefully choosing paths in life, moving to safe suburbs, working meaningless jobs that provided golden chains to keep you from discovering your own potential. 
We have been absentee landlords over the nations we created from blood and fire but as everyone knows, if you leave something unattended it simply means someone else will step in. Lesser men have filled in where we fled and made a disaster of what we created. We didn’t care simply because we could avoid it. Race riots and rampant crime in the city? We packed up and left. Corruption at every level of the government? We grumbled at our TV and radio while talking heads provided a pressure valve. Social degradation at every turn? We had our sportsball and annual crappy vacations to look forward to.
Our room to run away is at the limit.  
You can choose to draw inward more and more or you can choose to speak out. You can keep your head down in hopes that They you don’t attract their baleful eye or you can give the finger to that eye. You can choose the path of minimizing risk or you can risk everything. 
What you can’t do is not choose.
I don’t really care for the band Rush but in their song Freewill the lyrics convey an important truth:
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice
Floating through life like a leaf on a stream, carried along by the current until you die, is no longer a viable option. Quiet contentment is an act of violence in Their eyes. You simply being not unhappy grates on Them. Therefore They are going to force your hand and make you choose. We are already seeing this, most clearly of late in the vaccine mandates. Will you take a “vaccine” that you know nothing about because They said so? They tried shaming us and then threatening us, and for many people it worked. Many of our people blinked and did what they were told because that is what we have been conditioned to do. Bake the cake, wear the mask, get the jab, attend the drag queen story hour. It’s all about making you do what They tell you to do and each surrender costs a man a piece of his soul. 
If you thought the Covid mandates were bad, I’m sorry to tell you but that was just a taste. What is coming next? I am not sure but since nuclear war is apparently on the table, you can assume it will be awful. They got away with it, making people get something injected into them they didn’t want in order to save their jobs. Even worse, lots of weak people were clamoring for the jab despite having no real reason to get it. The whole Covid thing, it worked. People stayed home, they skipped family gatherings, they hid their faces behind ridiculous paper masks. When the next manufactured crisis comes, and it is coming and probably very soon, They think people will stumble over themselves to fall in line and They are right.
What will you do?
Standing up to Them the next time will mean more than inconvenience or being ostracized, it will mean more even than losing that shitty job you hate to go to. You will need to make a real choice this time and most people will choose the coward’s path. Those that don’t, the nails that stick up, will get the hammer. You will have to choose so you better get that idea straight in your head now. 
A choice is coming. No one will be able to choose for you. How will you be remembered when your bones are in the ground?


  1. robehr orinsky

    I used to consider myself as a prayer warrior but I find it is difficult to pray for a nation that is promoting such evils as this one . I find myself praying for judgement . The Cup of Trembling as David Wilkerson termed it .

  2. saoirse

    You're a prime example of the pious white man standing on the sideline mentioned above, content with pleading to an imaginary jew sky enforcer to do a job your gutless ass won't do!

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry. Refusing to follow popes has, on the whole, led us all the way through the Enlightenment (sic), to the French Revolution, to Communism, the destruction of the family, vulture capitalism, and right up to drag queen story hour. Now your money is the literal possession of Jewish Oligarchs, your children are undergoing sex change operations, and you are being turned out of your homes, cities, and country. Enjoy the bugs. Too bad they're so expensive that you can only afford "free range" ones.

    The worst punishment God has for man is to give him what he asks for….

  4. Anonymous

    The masks were a test. The shots were a test. Simple tests. Being an old ornery guy who distrusts authority, I refused both. When confronted (always by a white woman or effeminate white guy–never a POC) I confronted back–"honey if I had a face like yours I'd wear a mask too". When I met the rare fellow traveler in a grocery store, I'd look him in the eye and know I just met another free man. No one has to put up with this bullshit. It is a choice. And if you are RV'ing along with a "I'm spending my children's inheritance" sticker on the back bumper you are an empty-headed POS.

  5. Trumpeter

    Neither personal significance or insignificance will spare one or another of us. The firey trial through which we pass will illuminate us, for better or worse, down to the latest generations.

  6. Anonymous

    It still is not time yet. Channel Claire Wolfe. She made the statement years ago. I look at what is going on in my A/O as a time of prepping like crazy, staying vigilant, and keeping silent. Meekness is not weakness. Read or reread the Orlando Sentinel article by Charley Reese about the: "Truly Dangerous Man." Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig. – DTW.

  7. Anonymous

    I have to agree with the two comments above–here's the deal with the 'religious aspect' …modern Christianity is just a control method to emasculate you mentally into inaction. A great deal of these so-called modern day conservative Christians are waiting for Jesus to come floating out of the clouds with lasers shooting out of his eyes and ears. They are waiting to be 'raptured out' away from all their troubles. They are waiting for things that will never happen. They are waiting for Godot (see the stage play).

  8. Anonymous

    "modern Christianity is just a control method.". Key word there Anon is "modern". The faith of our fathers, true Christian faith, withstood Rome, converted the Norse, forged nations, and created the university, the teaching hospital, and the orphanage.

  9. Anonymous

    I am sorry. I do not. Here is the paragraph from the article: "The truly dangerous man does not wear camouflage fatigues or muscle shirts. He does not talk loudly or boast how tough he is, give demonstrations, or make threats. The truly dangerous man dresses inconspicuously and is soft-spoken, He walks away from most confrontations. The only time you learn that the truly dangerous man is mad at you is the split-second before you die, for he never fights. He only kills. The truly dangerous man knows that fighting is what children do and killing is what men do." – Charley Reese. The Orlando Sentinel, 03/28/1986. Their archives should have the whole article. It was a criticism of Ronnie Rayguns response to Ghaddafi's challenge against the US Navy in the Gulf of Sidra. Take care and stay safe.

  10. Anonymous

    God will intervene but He said we would have tribulation. Nobody here has done shit but be badass computer warriors. Decision time is coming the big talkers will be the guys hiding under the bridge

  11. Zorost

    "Judgment" in this context means God obliterating the nation. If He doesn't soon, He owes Soddom and Gomorrah an apology.

    That is about the extent of God taking direct and final action in the Bible. I cannot think of a single instance where He just waived a magic wand and the bad guys disappeared, allowing His people to claim victory with no effort.

    Get off your cucked fake-Christian ass or get out of the way and stop posting such weak drivel.

  12. Zorost

    That's the thing, they likely won't force us to action. They'll continue the slow creep until people like you are whining "why didn't someone else, someone besides me, DO something!?"

  13. a follower

    rober orinsky ,
    If you are reproached for the Name of Mashiak, you are blessed, because the Ruach of esteem and of Alahim rest upon you. On their part He is Blasphemed, but on your part He is praised.

  14. a follower

    Following popes ? You mean the "one true church," that is once again clearly divided? An "infallible" church that a large portion of members think they now have an anti- pope?
    That is not nor has ever been the one and True church.! This false church has also spawned many daughters, just as foretold! we have been warned! Praise Yahweh!

  15. a follower

    "This is why it is so important for men to have families, to have a posterity to think about rather than simply focusing on themselves. Your legacy will mean nothing if there is no one to remember you. For your posterity, what will they think of you after your death? This is a question that consumes many fathers."
    If you are consumed by worrying about your legacy, your posterity, ( as some are) there may be something wrong.
    Perhaps these thoughts will help or be of some guidance?

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