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Deism: The United States Of Unbelief

Although demographic replacement is the most obvious seismic change in America, being so visibly obvious, with the breakneck increase in accepted sexual degeneracy keeping pace in a close second, there is another change in our nation that is mirrored across the formerly White Western world: the utter collapse of public, organized religion. More specifically Christianity. Pew Research recently released a very large study of religious trends and it is not good news for organized religion (although that doesn’t mean it is all bad news for Christianity). 

There was a time when almost everyone expressed some sort of affiliation with Christianity. In 1972, the year after I was born, a survey was started that asked about religious affiliation. As of that first survey better than 90% of Americans identified with Christianity. As everyone knows that affiliation has been slumping but most people don’t realize quite how much nor how precipitously it has diminished  since the 1990s. 

To make matters a little worse, that 63% likely still includes double digit percentages of people who claim a Christian affiliation but haven’t been to church in many years and don’t have any attachment to the faith apart from a family connection. From my experience after decades in the Christian church, I can say with an enormous level of confidence that most “Christians” in America know very little about their professed faith and what they do know is wrong. It is a cultural identifier, something to give them some sort of identity and deflect the proselytization of the zealous. They don’t read their Bible or attend services and only pray when something really bad is going on. 

The real percentage of people that actually believe and practice the Christian faith is probably closer to 25%, and that is being really generous. Christianity is supposed to be a whole-life transformative faith (“You must be born again”), not something you pull out of your back pocket when things are crappy and you need some comfort. That is true for very few people.

The pace of the decline is going to only accelerate and ironically for many Christians on /ourside/ it would have declined a lot faster already without mass immigration. 
Unlike a lot of people who were once fervent Christians that subsequently walked away, I don’t have any interest in trying to convince other people to leave their faith. There can be a utility to a cultural Christian faith although the history of that cultural Christian religion in the West has been spotty at best. Still I would rather live among people who have a moral foundation built on cultural Christianity than one with Islam, Hinduism or Judaism as the source. 
Regardless, the end of America as a majority culturally Christian nation is at hand and practically speaking we passed that point years ago. That has some important ramifications for /ourside/ but none are more critical than this:

Our survival as a people will require that we stop dividing ourselves on religious grounds.

I have zero tolerance for those who claim that the only way forward is to embrace Christian nationalism nor for those that demand that we can only move forward if we reject Christianity entirely. Those that seek to divide us because we believe differently from each other are no better than our overt enemies, and in some ways are worse. I was incredibly aggravated in August when Gab published a grotesque essay by some weirdo going by the name Chris Hume with a handful of followers on Gab that decried “pagan nationalism”: Unbelief is Destructive. That’s Why Pagan Nationalism is So Dangerous
I archived the essay to avoid giving the original any clicks because it is so dumb. 
Andrew Torba created and runs Gab and has done some great things for free speech, providing a platform for dissidents that you can’t get anywhere else. He also posts stuff like this:

Someone better get Jesus on the horn because America is pretty much dead at this point. On the other hand, since we are all equally “children of God”, why would Jesus prefer a White America over a multi-racial America? 
As I said, I have no beef with the Christian faith in general despite my leaving all organized religion. What I do have an issue with is causing division among Whites based on what we do or don’t believe about God/gods. As adherence to Christianity rapidly fades in America, this is going to be even more important. We are widely outnumbered globally and are soon going to be outnumbered locally, and only by being unified as a people do we have any chance of surviving. Believe what you want, go where you will on Sunday morning or don’t go anywhere at all. It doesn’t matter to me. Only our survival does. 
Anyone seeking to divide our people based on religious beliefs is weakening us and is therefore at enmity with those seeking our survival. Only together can we hope to survive.


  1. saoirse

    Instead of wasting my time going into depth I'll ask:
    1: How many christians would really fight side-by-side with us pagans?
    Note that I said as equals!
    2: How many pagans believe that, should this joint effort be successful in defeating the freaks, those same christians won't try and destroy us – again, as they are so fond of doing?

  2. Anonymous

    I consider myself christian even though i was raised RC.i pray, debate scripture with my christian friends, have read the bible and reread it every few years. I dont consider myself devoit but practicing and active. Were i live there is a Anglican church and i took part precovid in the local social and church functions even though i was not a regular attender at services.

    My wife is a practicing pagan. We had some interesting discussions prior to dating. Its been over 20 years of marriage now, we are the most stable couple i know. We have raised 4 kids who have a very good grounding in both our faiths. One considers themselves christian, one pagan, one is angry and the youngest has not made a decision yet.

    I have no issue with most pagans and gladly fight alongside them, as long as they are not pushing the sexual deviancy of the left, or are actual satanist… yes i know pagans are not satanists but like other groups the bad apples tend to get lumped in with the not crazies by the media.

    So yes i would fight beside a pagan and have been training with one.. Though i am much more proficient with the halbred than the sword and shield… so i may be that extra step away so i have swing room.


  3. deb harvey

    about 40 years go i was in the shower on a beautiful perfect autumn day when God spoke to me.
    'america is no longer a Christian nation.'
    i know most are in-name-only Christians and lot of unkind people are darkening church doorways every Sonday.
    but the rest were solid though relatively few
    there has never been a huge number of the solid so not surprising that so many said 'unaffiliated' when asked, as there is now no social stigma to being agnostic or atheist.
    but the moral core is now eroded.
    Christian or not, society benefits from the adherence to the Christian moral core and code
    we see the demonic results today

  4. Zorost

    As long as someone is pro-White and White I can work with them.
    Anyone preaching something other than that isn't really pro-White, they are pro-Whatever gives them likes and subs.

  5. Anonymous

    As a Catholic I also identify as a pagan. Mostly because we sacrifice some Jewish dude and feast on his literal flesh every mass. I must admit I’m not a theologian, I’m forced to go by my wife. The Jews across the street, I assume, have a giant swimming pool where they split the red water and walk the through. Personally I prefer my long pig, the little wafer biscuits are delicious.

  6. Anonymous

    Our Lord set up a "universal" church (define: catholic?). I have to giggle a bit when someone who is against "organized religion" expresses shock or dismay at the fact that the faith is not passed on, people who claim to be Christian do no know their faith, or that "christianity" is fading.

    On the other hand, we live in a fallen world, and there is no stopping the onslaught. "Science" says we came from apes, and we're in an insignificant planet at the outskirts of the universe, and there is no God. So, get you anal sex, your vaccination, your guns, and fight against those who do not look like you!

    Good times.

    But maybe keep an open mind. True science shows that the Earth is in the center of the universe, that there is no goo-to-you evolution, and the black race are (complicit) victims of an economic and cultural genocide imposed upon them by TPTB.

  7. Anonymous

    Won’t be long before a huge percentage of the population comes to understand that “there’s no atheists in foxholes

  8. Anonymous

    Christianity never had any "moral core". That's the twaddle they peddle to the ignorant faithful; those too emotionally bound to unreality to look at the sordid past. Try reading "Christianity's Criminal History" by Karlheinz Deschner or visit "The West's Darkest Hour" website to find out what you've been missing.

  9. Jim Wetzel

    I really don't care what effect Christianity, or the lack thereof, has on "America." I think that the mind's honor requires that you believe that which you evaluate as being true, and disbelieve that which you don't. I find the claims of Christianity convincing, and so I believe them and live (imperfectly) accordingly.

    The USA, like all man-made arrangements, is temporary (and, in its present form, seems very close to its sell-by date). You and I are, for better or worse, eternal. It's clear to me which is more important. While we are sojourners in this life, a tolerable society in which to live is, indeed, a blessing; and I am willing to fight, kill, and die to secure tolerable conditions for my people. I suppose I'm "particular" in whom I'm willing to fight alongside, in the sense that I'm interested in what post-fight conditions they want to attain. Their spiritual beliefs — within pretty wide limits, including "none" — do not concern me.

  10. Anonymous

    "Christianity" in the U.S. is Declining, because it is being Destroyed from Within; the 501c 'Tax Exemption" forces all larger 'churches' to 'worship mammon' and be Silent about the role of 'government' in the Moral Degradation of society. That, and the vast majority of 'churches' are run by Schofield-Babble jew-worshipers who endlessly promote the Idea that a "Good Christian" MUST support the zionist state of israel.

    My view of the whole issue is that White Men who 'worship' the 'god' of the jews (yahweh, moloch) are nothing more than Brainwashed Race-Traitors, who have been fed jewish propaganda for so many generations that they are incapable of even discerning that the 'religion' of the Sand-Niggers is simply inapplicable to them, and is being used by the (((originators))) of 'christianity' to Destroy the White Race.

  11. Anonymous

    "since we are all equally "children of God","

    No we are not all children of God, You only become that when you are saved.

  12. a follower

    Another thought. All of this in fighting, calling each others beliefs and or non beliefs.
    What if it is something else, something more.
    Are we not told His church is first to judgement?
    i do not believe standing with the pagans is the answer. Standing with the pagans and welcoming them as is is more of what caused the problem to begin with. This is how Babylon and or Sodom and Gomorrah came to be.
    True Christians, (Christ like, and or working on it) must become set-apart, in the world, not of the world. Many of us have failed.

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