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Defund The UN

The fact that no Republican President ever got us out of this globalist farce tells you all you need to know about how useless the GOP truly is.

The UN should have been defunded, the diplomats expelled and the building in NY torn down decades ago. It is a festering boil on the American landscape, dedicated to the genocide of the very Whites who created it in the first place.


  1. Anonymous

    Republicants – by their *lack* of actions you shall know them.
    Everything we face today happened on their watch at some point. Even many/most that are currently in office.
    Steve S6

  2. Anonymous

    It's possible this is one of those keep your friends close and your enemies closer situations. Not disputing any of your nice plain, accurate language about the UN, not at all, but what would they get up to if we abdicated our position in it, gave up our veto, and left them to their own devices.

    The problem of demographic replacement in the United States isn't a UN caused problem. It is a problem caused by the US regime itself. They are completely on the same page with the UN on this matter. Moreover, it's accurate to say that they are directing the UN on this issue, not the other way around. Everybody in DC, just like everybody at UN HQ, wants you and yours replaced.

    The biggest problem with the UN is that they let anybody join. But one of the most problematic member states is the USA itself.

  3. saoirse

    Not only give them the boot, stop sending foreign aid to those ingrate fucks. Deport all the shitlibs and the bleeding christ-insane with them.

  4. Greg

    I still remember, as a kid in the 50's and 60's, seeing the John Birch Society bumper stickers about "Get us out of the UN", and how we thought they were weird as we were being propagandized about collecting for UNICEF. The word I'd use now is not weird, but prescient.

  5. Anonymous

    "Oh, those kooks, the Birchers"?
    they were right 30 years ago.
    "Conspiracy theory" has sure been a long time in the making.
    I liked in the movie "Heavy Metal" where the UN building had been turned into low-rent housing.


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