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Definitely Not A False Flag A Month Before The Midterms

Active shooter in Raleigh, North Carolina and despite it going on right now basically we have a lovely, predictable description of the shooter:

The suspected shooter was thought to be a white teenage male with a long gun. No one is in custody.
Any bets on it being a Daniel Defense rifle?
Updates to follow.


  1. Anonymous

    Reading the media report, It is amazing how people sit terrified in their homes when there is a large LE response going on. There really is no excuse not to have a scanner that can get the local EMS services and use it in a case like this.

  2. saoirse

    And of course, if the narrative goes in the "white soopremaciss natzee" direction, you can count on every republicunt to gnash their teeth in condemnation instead of exposing it as another anti-white hit piece!

  3. Arthur Sido

    Oh and I saw this: "According to witnesses, Austin Thompson used a shotgun during his shooting spree, however, police did not confirm the type of weapon used in Thursday’s shooting." That explains in part why it disappeared.

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