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Don’t get sick reason #17,314

The process for becoming a doctor is intentionally and necessarily difficult. From the very beginning and along every stage it was designed to wash out those without the aptitude and ability. Lots of kids show up at college thinking they are going to be a doctor, right up to the moment they hit the real pre-med classes and get crushed. The granddaddy of the washout classes is organic chemistry. Many a dream of becoming a wealthy surgeon went up in flames after Organic Chemistry 101. I didn’t take Organic Chemistry (or any sort of actual science classes) in college because while I don’t understand the first thing about OC, I know enough to realize that I would flunk any Organic Chem class in epic fashion. Two geology courses were the sum total of my sciences requirement. 
This being 2022, it is now the case that anyone who wants to become a doctor should be allowed to, especially if they are “Underrepresented in Medicine”, aka black or mestizo. Things like basic ability in the physical sciences, culminating in organic chemistry, shouldn’t hold one back from medical school. Enter New York University and 84 year old Maitland Jones Jr.

Jones has a B.S, M.S. and PhD from Yale. He formerly taught at Princeton and was most recently at NYU. He is a widely recognized expert in the field of organic chemistry but there is a problem: he expects his students to put in the work and master the material in order to pass his class. Not an issue, not in 2022.
82 students complained and got Jones fired because his organic chemistry class was just too hard.
(Hat tip: Doctor Samizdat)
As Steve Sailer points out

Organic chemistry is a crucial course for a college, since it serves as the chief weed-out course for pre-meds.

Again, I never took an Organic Chem class and couldn’t pass one even if I tried, and that helps explain why I didn’t follow in my dad’s footsteps and go into medicine. Sailer also asks the obvious question: what demographic made up the 82 whiners? 
The Not So Great Reset seems to be a general slacking off.

Strikingly, this article doesn’t bring up any Diversity angle, although I presume there was one to a moderate degree. An interesting question is whether a pay to play college like NYU has a greater or lesser Diversity Problem than richer colleges.
You can draw your own conclusions but suffice it to say, the problem with students not passing Organic Chemistry might have more to do with demographics than Maitland Jones Jr. being a big ol’ meanie. 
Meanwhile the American Medical Association (AMA), The American Academy Of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association are claiming that hospitals that perform genital mutilation of children have received “threats” and are asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to crack down on speech critical of “doctors” that cut off the penis of underage boys or perform double mastectomies on otherwise healthy teen girls that think they are boys. 
Three major medical associations have asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate and prosecute people who are threatening violence against children’s hospitals and physicians that provide gender-affirming health care.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association and the Children’s Hospital Association wrote to Garland on Monday. Their demands come amid a spate of threats against doctors and institutions that provide medical care for transgender kids, sometimes including hormones or surgery for older teens.

Children’s hospitals nationwide have substantially increased security and are working with law enforcement, while some providers now need constant security, the associations said.
Is there any evidence available to the public to support these claims of “threats”? Of course not. We just take their word for it. The article refers to mutilations as “gender-affirming care” and “evidence-based health care”. What is “evidence-based health care”? It is any “health care” that checks off the woke boxes and provides a nice income stream for hospitals. Like referring to the murdering of an unborn child as “women’s reproductive health”, “gender-affirming care” is code for carving into teenagers who are confused and unhappy, because teens never have been confused or unhappy in human history until now.
This comes in the wake of Matt Walsh exposing Vanderbilt University’s child disfigurement program and is clearly aimed at suppressing free speech by those who question why genital mutilation when performed in Africa is bad but when done in America is “health care”.
The medical field is quickly ceasing to have much to do with medicine at all.


  1. Anonymous

    Organic Chemistry in the chem/bio/pre-med realm and Thermodynamics in the engineering theater are notorious GPA killers. Having survived curricula in both areas while accumulating too many degrees, I know whereof I speak. I crawled out of exams in Organic and Thermo on all fours during my undergraduate years, my ears firmly pinned back, despite the all-nighters.

    This was way back in the days before rampant grade inflation, when a Gentleman's 'C' was nothing to be ashamed of. I took my lumps but found that I benefited most from those high-profile "weeding out" classes that separated the men (and very few women) from the little boys and girls. There was a literal stampede of failing students bearing down on the admin building to change majors following mid-terms each spring and fall, as it should be. We were not all cut out for STEM.

    Both younger son and his irritating, feminist wife earned graduate degrees at NYU, sonny-boy in the mental health field and DIL in Library "Science", whatever the hell that is. Ten years on, the boy is finally earning more in his chosen field than he did as a union-wage dishwasher toward the end of high school. DIL answers telephones for a pest control company. So much for the cachet of an "advanced" degree from NYU.

  2. Xzebek

    My mother was an ER nurse from the 1950s to 1990s in several large NYC hospitals. She often said that blacks who graduated med school in the 50s and EARLY 60s were among the best Drs she worked with. From then on she said that the quality of black Dr cratered. This coincided with race based school admissions dumbed down academic standards and quotas/affirmative action. Things have gotten worse and will continue to get worse as now Medicine Inc.has gone all in on wokeness , claiming that objective science and standards are white supremacy. Black doctors are going to no better than shamans and witch doctors. The smart move would be to stay clear of any minority MD as the quality ones who made it on merit have long since retired.

  3. Anonymous

    Organic chem isn't particularly hard. What it does take is tenacity to keep studying and keep working problems until the light turns on. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the semester after you covered a particular topic.

  4. Anonymous

    The other difficult chem class was quantitative analysis. Five credit corse; three days of lecture, two days of lab. We were held to professional standards. After the disaster of the first exam, I had to really buckle down. Finished with a B+ and was damn proud of it and looked upon as a god. After that Org chem was a breeze – highest grade on every exam and was asked to participate in honors lab and tutored many other students.
    These knowledge gleaned from these courses isn’t something I use on daily basis, but learning to roll up my sleeves and charge into something with max effort is.

  5. saoirse

    I keep doctors at arms length. If I had to go to one my selection criteria would be a white male that doesn't push the scamdemic agenda. Since most of them, including the ones that passed their chemistry classes, are kool aid drinkers, that leaves me with few choices. I'll gamble. Fuck Rockefeller medicine/Big Pharma and their woke agenda!

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