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Barn Moving Part Deux

I arrived a little late to the site this morning and missed them sliding the barn into place but here is what it looked like afterward. You can see the “bank” on the barn to the left of some of the pictures, especially the last one.


  1. Arthur Sido

    The frame was solid and yes I assume they are going to replace the siding with new but they are also building the rest of the barn and then a new house on site so the siding might have to wait

  2. lgc

    how did they push (pull?) the barn? I see that it sitting on big steel beams, but how did they move it "sideways" once it was sitting there?

  3. 4hawks

    This was really awesome, good photography too. With the right rigging of gutters and cisterns can you imagine the rain catchment available off that beast?(survival mode: Off) Wonder if they do this kind of magic in Wakanda?… : /

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