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Back From Canuckistan

Spent the weekend in rural southern Ontario with some Amish friends, more or less here…

Crossing the U.S.-Canada border is getting back to the way it used to be, mostly mild hassles because most of the Amish don’t have any actual ID. I have to show a passport but they get away with their birth certificates. 
I’ve mentioned before how much I like the area, thanks to some of the dumb Canadian laws that in this case maybe aren’t so dumb there are lots of medium sized farms. Unlike the U.S. where you have to constantly get bigger and bigger, Ontario has farms that have a few hundred dairy cows or a half dozen hog barns. Farming is still a way of life for large numbers of people instead of just for a few mega-farms.
Speaking of being back, Big Country is back with his new site: The Outlaw Intrepid Reporter. If you had his old site bookmarked, update your link. 
As a reminder to those unfamiliar with how the internet works, if you like his stuff you can click the link and read this new blog. If you don’t? You are under no obligation to visit his new site, just as you didn’t have to read the old one. 
Back to our regularly scheduled hate speech and WrongThink starting tomorrow when I recover, the Amish women were up laughing and making a ruckus until past 2 AM last night so I am dog tired.


  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, Canada dropped all the mandates on October 1st for Americans going into Canada. I think the U.S. is still requiring Canadians to have proof of the jab, though.

  2. Arthur Sido

    As of now non-citizens still are supposed to have proof of "vaccination" to get into the U.S. (unless you are an illegal from Mexico) but the border patrol seems pretty inconsistent on enforcing that

  3. madmarc

    Its not that big a deal. You are required to have it but none of the border guards I encounter ever ask for it. I really dont think the majority give a damn, they might ask if you've been jabbed but dont ask for proof. Unless of course you are a smart ass to them. Then all bets are off. Be scrupulously polite at the border.

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