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A New Fresh Hell Each Day

Who knew that a homosexual male couple would not be able to conceive a child?
The basic gist of the story is that these fags think that they should get IVF services despite neither of them having a uterus because it isn’t fair or something. Women can get IVF services covered under their health plan but not men, what an outrage! It would be like me arguing that I need coverage for a pap smear despite not having anything to pap or smear. I liked that there has been a lot of very hostile backlash to this story, it gives me a small sliver of hope.
That is how the story goes from The Guardian but as usual it is dishonest, like “love is love” and “we just want to get married” turned into drag queen story hour and men in girl’s locker rooms in just a few short years. It is a short walk from “we have a right to the city of New York paying for surrogacy services” to “we have a right to a womb of our choice to gestate children that we def won’t molest”. 
Think that sounds ridiculous? That is what people told us when we said 15 years ago that normalizing gay marriage was a slippery slope and look where we are now. We are just a hair away from normalizing and legalizing pedophilia, so please tell me how I am being alarmist. 
Degenerates were forced into the closet for a reason and the reason is that dudes sodomizing each other is the beginning, not the conclusion, of what their depravity will demand. There will always be a segment of perverts in any society and since no amount of degeneracy can make them happy, they will continue to try to force society to accommodate the newest perversion. 
Dealing with degenerates like these two is going to be a monumental task once we start to rebuild. We are going to need more woodchippers. 


  1. Xzebek

    Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.
    This is evidence that it is happening.
    I hope there is an off ramp, brake or reverse gear for the sane among us.

  2. Anonymous

    I said over and over when the gay marriage debate in my State led to SCOTUS that it was not about whether or not they could have a civil union; anyone who's gone through a divorce realizes that the civil side is just a business contract. What is was about is two-fold: first, literally forcing the normals to acknowledge approval and then second, softening up the prevailing culture for more. Jordan Peterson has some valid points in "Butchers and Liars".

    Jordan Peterson on transgenderism

  3. Anonymous

    It's not even the degenerates who are the real danger. They tend to self-destruct over time. It's those who tolerate and defend their degeneracy and perversion, even though they are not degenerates and perverts themselves. I have two DILs who are staunch liberals, both childless, but both confirmed monogamous heterosexual young ladies. They will gang up on me in their defense of biden, drag queen story hour, open immigration, student loan forgiveness and literally everything else that outrages those of us on the right.

    These are White women who had White middle-class upbringings, and they did NOT inherit their political leanings from their White, middle-class parents. Why they root for the other team against their own is a complete mystery to me, but I suspect incessant indoctrination, kindergarten through grad school at NYU. My sons know enough not to discuss politics with their old man. But their ladies are always on a dramatic crusade to save the world from dinosaurs like me.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, if I'm not mistaken, one of the central tenets of LGBTQE-I-E-I-O is that men can get pregnant. Since this came from the aforementioned community as received knowledge, their claim should be rejected out of hand.

  5. Anonymous

    No. As emphatically as necessary. If someone wants to volunteer or for hire fine, but not a right, not from the taxpayers.
    Steve S6

  6. Otis

    i thought we'd have right wing death squads by now…

    on the radio this morning they were talking about "gay" clubs, at taxpayers expense of course.

  7. Anonymous

    On the bright side, if you swing both ways you double your chances of getting a date and only 50 percent chance of paying.
    Backwoods Okie

  8. BigCountryExpat

    Teh Gheys -need- to at least attempt to reproduce… otherwise, eventually the whole buttsecks sickness would die out. I remember a few years back that they'd discovered the gene sequencing that showed which 'markers' for phaggotry in an in-utero bebe. The initial reaction was "See, we -are- born this way!" gave way to horror when it was also discovered that said sequencing could be 'tweeked' thereby eliminating said-twink (to use a play on words, sorry) and eliminate teh ghey. Funny how quickly they stopped discussing the whole 'gene editing' stuff shortly thereafter Aye?

  9. Anonymous

    This, THIS, not Christianity is Handmaid's Tale territory because these low life entitled jerks are arguing that some woman somewhere OWES them a baby. No. No, she doesn't.

  10. daniel_day

    "some woman somewhere owes them a baby" That's not the issue here.
    There's a well-established surrogate mother system, and whoever carries the poor bastard(s) to term for these jerks will be pretty well compensated. I doubt they'll have ANY problem finding a surrogate. Plenty of females out there will be proud! damn proud! to bear a child for these poor, beleaguered homosexuals. The issue is, they want you and me to pay the surrogate, as many times as it takes to get a viable pregnancy, for as many unfortunate bastards as they want to "father".

  11. Anonymous

    The uncivil and immoral are intentionally asking for this republic to rip it self apart because they are asking the right questions. THe US constitution is designed to govern a civil and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for any other. The any other have defrauded their way in to power and quickly working to dismantle the remaining shards of the entire civilized world.

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