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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Episode 7,438

All of the elements are here at the Kennywood Phantom Fall Fest. Large crowds of people just hoping to have some fun. Bands of marauding teens looking for trouble. Fight that results in gunfire. Rinse. Repeat.
Police said the shooting escalated from an “altercation” between two groups of teenagers in front of one of the rides inside the park. 

During the course of the altercation, at least one drew a firearm and fired two shots. 

The suspected shooter was described as a Black [sic] teenage male wearing a black hoodie and a COVID mask. 
The most recent census data on Wikipedia is from 2000 and back then West Mifflin, Pennsylvania was close to 90% White. I am sure that has dropped in the meantime. It doesn’t matter because events like the Phantom Fall Fest are magnets for groups of “youths” to travel to and generally cause mayhem. What was the squabble that led to the fight and then the shooting? No one seems to know but it is safe to assume it wasn’t anything worth shooting someone about. 
We are at a point where people are going to stop going to public places where crowds gather and “teens” are drawn: malls, movie theaters, amusement parks, any kind of fun gatherings. Who wants to load up your kids to go to some crowded event where anything might set off one of the young fellas and cause them to start blasting?
It isn’t right that we can’t have nice gatherings but that is how it is regardless. Follow the sage advice of Ol’ Remus and avoid crowds. 


  1. Anonymous

    We are at a point where people are going to stop going to public places where crowds gather and "teens" are drawn:

    Going to stop? I swore off malls and theaters more than 20 years ago, and I wouldn't go to a theme park or a beach in season if you paid me. The dindus have been at this game of destroying anything "White" at least since the 1990s. It has only accelerated in the past few years as the ferals become more emboldened by lax enforcement of the laws. For them, anyway. Don't YOU dare go wilding, Mr. Whitebread.

    Serious question: Why are there no metal detectors at Kennywood's entrances? I can't even visit my local library without having to pass through one.

  2. Anonymous

    Almost 10 years ago a well meaning relative bought us season passes to an amusement park up here. Its near a city but over 2hrs from our house so its not close or easy to go to. Add in that the youngest was stroller bound and too little for 90% of the rides.

    The 1st time we made the outing too go I was in the 25 minute long line with kids for the log ride. Some middle eastern youths cut the line forcing past everyone. I said to them not to cut and a couple pulled knives on me. Since concealed carry isnt allowed in Canada I let them past. Security witnessed the incident and when i asked him why he did nothing he said if he kicked them out of the park they would come back in twice as big of group at closing time to jump him in the parking lot and it wasnt worth his life.

    There was dozens of these groups harrassing people, trying to steal womens purses. Etc
    We ended up leaving after only a couple hours and never used the passes again.


  3. Anonymous

    “The suspected shooter was described as a Black [sic] teenage male wearing a black hoodie and a COVID mask. ”

    Sadly….JUST as I figured.

  4. Arthur Sido

    Even in small Canadian towns I have observed these "immigrants and refugees" strutting around like they own the place because they know no one will do anything about it. In other news it looks like we will be able to travel to Canada again soon without being "vaccinated"

  5. Anonymous

    Leaks say the restriction is ending but the transport minister said its not. I suspect the leaks are to undermine the conservative parties platform and i'll believe it when it happens.

    The park is near a city.


  6. Anonymous

    Sometimes they get it, mostly not. Dayton (OH) mall years ago had a major yoot shoplifting issue. They banned teens without adult accompaniment. Enforced by hired police presence. Downtown Columbus (OH) mall had gang problems. People quit coming at night. Then after a shooting in the mall daytime they quit coming during the day. Mall closed down. Same story with Columbus Northland mall. Malls, etc and gangs. Every. Single. Time.
    Steve S6

  7. Anonymous

    yes, they do travel. one thing I made sure of before moving here was distance.
    figure about 200 miles range. from any large city and uphill. people do not like to walk uphill.
    the burbs are the new hunting ground for these assholes. and gas stations give them a twofer.
    they get wheels with gas, so now they can go hunting. make so mistake that is what they doing.
    hunting. and the fact of home invasions are now a proven tactic with them. you might want to up your fire power. I bought a semi auto shotgun for that reason, 7 plus 1. buckshot, mix of 00 and #4
    buckshot as well (more pellets) and then pickup the AR carbine.
    don't have the bucks to get a top of the line one, so pickup a CZ 712 as the Mossberg 930's are
    always sold out. from what I have seen about how they go down , it always seems to be at least 3 of them and as many as 5 or more. and as times get harder, we should expect them to travel even farther to get what they want. and remember this. they will have no mercy for you, so don't give them any either. the problem is outside of the big cities here in PA. people have no idea how fucked up these assholes are and what they can and will do. and that is a problem that they will use against them too. people are a bit too trusting sometimes.

  8. Greg

    I did violate Remus' rules to go to our county fair/rodeo here a few weeks ago. But our lily white town in the Oregon Outback ™ has very little in the way of feral "yoots". The ones who would be know very well that the cowboy and logging crowd here is tougher than they could ever be, except in the large numbers they don't have. It was also easy to be condition yellow at all times. There's no admission fee, so there's no perimeter fences with limited exits; parking is the only fee, except for the grandstands to the rodeos, concerts, and destruction derby (yup, still a thing here). The local sheriff and staff had as large a presence as they could muster, and concealed carry was evident if you know how to see it.
    I agree though with the trend. I will no longer go to any large city if I have a choice about it, and if I do have to go through I gas up well in advance, and don't exit the interstate until well past the urban environment.

  9. Xzebek

    I'm in northwest Montana so it's still safe and enjoyable to go to fairs, rodeos etc. The demographics plus constitutional carry make it quite safe and family friendly.
    Urban centers not so much. What will eventually happen there is a surge of Travis Bickles and Paul Kerseys. I hope so anyway. It will take too long for the chimps to kill each other off with holding pistols sideways and spraying. Sadly, too inefficient.

  10. Anonymous

    well, my plan is to open with the shotgun till empty then grab the AR carbine I have close by
    and the CZ has a magazine tube extended to hold 7 plus the one up the spout.

  11. Anonymous

    These were all cases of whether the mall management was too cheap or not to do anything. All three were nice malls originally. Dayton mall was Glimcher and they wouldn't put up with it. They also run Eastland Mall (Columbus again) which is in black and white trash part of town. Full time police (extra duty) presence paid for by Glimcher. The downtown and Northland (fallen neighborhood) malls were case of too cheap to provide police security and paid for it by losing anchors then other tenants as the customers quit going. Gradually then suddenly.

  12. Anonymous

    yes, I kind of figured it would be. and I have found I can unload the shotgun in a little over 1 minute too. not bad with slugs too either, put 5 in a 12 inch paper plate at 100 yards.
    but shooting at a target at 25 yards and all eight rounds on target that fast was good to know.

  13. Anonymous

    Kennywood Park is more properly located in Duquesne Pa across the river from Mayor John Fetterman's Braddock Pa and down the street from Homestead Pa.

  14. Anonymous

    If I ever need to cross into Canada in the future, I will be just walking across. Attempted apprehension would be unwise. I have it on good authority that borders are imaginary and do not exist. The same authority tells me that no people are illegal and we all have the right to migrate anywhere we want. Great unbroken country up there with unspoiled hunting and fishing as far as a man could walk in a lifetime, and nothing in the way except a few RCMP.

  15. Anonymous

    Yeah, the shotgun is a great counter ambush/low visibility/ home defense weapon. It punches outside its weight within reasonable range limits if loaded with suitable ammo. The biggest threat for the home defender is being taken unaware by multiple hostiles at night while sleeping. The shotgun gives the disorientated defender roused from his sleep a solid chance of evening the odds or better on the attackers. I too like the #4 buck for the denser pattern at longer range . Alternating #4 buck with 00 or slugs is like mini Claymore mine if you have bunched up hostiles or need to engage 1 or more motor vehicles.

  16. Anonymous

    Hmmm. Maybe it is regional. Are you seeing that consistently with younger ones? I look at that guy that was shot in the back in Philly the other night at 1AM. The guy who executed him after he passed by was aimlessly walking around looking for someone to shoot. As is often the case, the mask was not properly worn, which is contrary to covid Karen behavior of someone worried about the cooties. A young man walking alone outdoors on a deserted street with his mask half on would seem to have another purpose for it other than stopping the spread. I have also noticed that often times they will wear the mask improperly until they actually commit the crime, and even resume a relaxed mask posture after the fact, as if it only matters if you see their face at the moment of the crime. Comical. What I see in most of the crime video making the rounds suggests only identity concealment, but maybe I have a false impression from viewing them second hand. I don't see very many blacks in person now that I am in the backcountry for the duration. In any event, a black male with a covid mask on in a store or a dark street would be a red alert to me.

  17. Anonymous

    not sure about using slugs at first, but after the crowd is slowed or thinned down yes.
    and this is not my first rodeo with the brothers. between shit in philly and a few years with
    Sam, I know what and how to handle a problem like this. that said, I would love to get a couple of Legal claymores ! or maybe a automatic flamethrower setup of some kind ?

  18. Anonymous

    if you load your shotgun up with the following it works well, #4 buck, then 00 and #4 again until full gives you a good and dense pattern at 10-20 yards. local club and range is open 24/7
    and as long as you don't get stupid you can try out a lot of things there.
    funny story, one guy was loading those garden gromes or whatever they are called with
    Tannerite and hitting them to see the effects. seem like his plan was to place them in his front yard in case of something. he even had target placed around them to see the effects
    and at what range they worked best. his front yard is close to 100 yards from the road.
    nice guy though. he also reloads his own ammo for the most part and comes up with some
    interesting loads that he tried there.

  19. Anonymous

    Spot on. My wife and I grew up in the 80s, and there wasn't a widespread race relations problem. But, the problem has returned, post BHO.

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