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Why The Left Can’t Meme And Why Memes Are So Effective


  1. Anonymous

    The left sucks at most things, why should this be any different? The left cannot laugh at itself therefore they can't meme for shit.

  2. Greg

    Thanks for posting this. In most cases, I have very little patience for podcasting. I get about one or two minutes in and I'm yelling "Gimme a freakin' transcript!" and quit wasting my time. This one is a bit different. The guy is very articulate and doesn't waste a breath. I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, and I'll likely have to listen to it again. It is that good. And isn't it one of Alinsky's rules that mockery is one of our most potent weapons?

  3. Zorost

    Great stuff.
    My analysis is that the reason the Left can't meme is very simple.

    The 3 rules of communication:
    1. Know your audience.
    2. Know your audience.
    3. Know your audience.

    As many have noticed, the Left always projects. As Jonathan Haidt has written in his book "The Righteous Mind" the Left only sees 2 of the 6 or so pillars of moral value, while the Right sees all of them to some degree.

    Taken together, this shows that the reason the Left can't meme is that their audience is always themselves, as they lack the capacity to put themselves in anyone else's mindset. Which is why the Right can create a meme with a target audience other than themselves, while Leftist memes are whatever word salad was going through the Leftists mind at the moment.

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